Morocco Pavilion

Today’s edition of my look at the countries of the World Showcase takes us to Morocco!  Last time we looked at Japan, so Morocco is next in line.  This little pavilion is home to some really great sites and sounds and tastes, so let’s dive right in!

Have you ever turned a corner and came across something totally unexpected?  That exact thing happened to us in Morocco!  We were looking at the shops, turned a corner, and who do you think was there waiting for guests to visit with them?  Jasmine and the Genie!  There was NO LINE, and we were able to get autographs, photos, and spent about ten minutes talking with them!  Out of all of that came this incredible photo, one of my all time favorite shots.

Sophie and Jasmine, sharing a “girl moment”

Jasmine was so incredible for Sophie, she just stayed there and let my little princess have all the time she needed.  Sophie later told us that she was telling Princess Jasmine about the Jasmine costume she was going to get later on in our trip.  That costume was the only thing that Sophie wanted, and she got it, and loved it for months after.  It was her Halloween costume that year.

But back to Morocco.  The pavilion is home to Restaurant Marrakesh, a table service restaurant that we have never eaten at before.  When you have picky eaters like Sophie and I are, sometimes you just don’t get to try some of the restaurants.  If you’ve eaten there, please comment and tell me what is good to eat there!  Another often talked about restaurant that is located there is the counter service restaurant “Tangierine Cafe”.  Lou Mongello has often talked about how good that quick service restaurant is, although we haven’t experienced it either.

For entertainment, you can enjoy belly dancers during dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh, but you can also enjoy the sounds of Mo’Rockin, a six person band that performs in Morocco.  We’ve only heard a little bit of their music, and I’m sure it changes, so check them out if you can and let me know what you think of them!

Morocco also has some great shops where you can find those one of a kind souvenirs!

Although Morocco doesn’t boast that awesome ride or movie, it does have quite a bit going on, and I will never forget that day when Princess Jasmine spent all that time with my Princess!

In my next stop, we are going to take an in depth look at France!  See you next time!



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5 Responses to “World Showcase: Morocco Pavilion”

  1. I love the photo with Jasmine – so precious!

    I must admit that Morocco is one pavilion I have never taken the time to walk through and we have never dined there. I will have to make an effort on our next trip!

  2. Hey picky eater – you should try Marakesh! It's delicious!! And you can get fairly simple meals (chicken with rice or couscous) and it's just flavored really well! The counter service isn't that impressive, but it's a nice, healthy alternative, but not the best of that style food in the area. Try it! I dare you :)
    And GREAT story about your daughter!

  3. Morocco is my favorite Pavilion! For theming, nothing touches it. And it's fun to try to photograph Mo'Rockin without the belly dancer in the frame. I've tried, but every shot still seems to have her in it!

    Go figure.

  4. We are on the same disney wavelength! I just wrote about Teppan Edo in Japan and am thinking of going for Marrakesh next! Its great there!!! I also love the Aladdin characters interaction! One of my favorite Disney moments happened when my husband and I were talking to Aladdin and Jasmine!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! I can't wait for our trip in June when I can revisit some of these places again! Tomorrow is 140 days away!