For us, our Disney Side all starts with Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Wordless Wednesday post for this week!  Today we are taking a look at our DisneySide, that side of our personalities that just screams Disney!  I actually wrote about this in a post I wrote for the Magical Blogorail back in January, and in that post, I shared these words that I think truly sum up my #DisneySide the best:

I think you can see that my DisneySide has blossomed into what some would call an obsession!  As for me, though, I think it is just a true love for all that Walt Disney brought to this world that we live in, and the legacy that he left in 1966.  In a nutshell, I guess my DisneySide is my attempt to keep the ideals that Walt Disney lived his life by in my life, and to instill that love of life and the simple things into the life of my family so that they can continue to pass it along.  Thank you for stopping by, and remember to make every day a Disney Day!

Rather than rehash that post, though, I’m going to expand on that closing paragraph, and share in photos what my DisneySide is truly all about.  I hope you enjoy these photos and can feel the Disney Magic that went into these shots as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.  Tell me, what does your DisneySide entail?


Our daughter Sophie is the true embodiment of our Disney Side. Here she is dancing with Donald Duck!


Sophie enjoying the day with her Meemaw and sitting on Minnie’s Couch!


My Disney Side shined when Sophie and I danced at Biergarten!


Sophie and her Disney Side shine through and through with this picture of two of the Dapper Dans and her cousin Anna Jane!


Our DisneySide was in full force on June 19, 2008, the day that Sophie and her BFF got to spend the day together at the Magic Kingdom!


Lastly, Sophie’s DisneySide was in full force when she spoke with Princess Jasmine. Here she is telling her a secret about a certain costume she wanted to buy!

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