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34 Responses to “Who Wants to win a $100 Disney Gift Card?”

  1. My best memory was when we were watching the fireworks and my young son said “I will never forget this”. It made me cry.

  2. My favorite memory was picking up our children from school and driving to Orlando from PA. The look on my children’s face as we approached the Welcome To The Happiest Place On Earth Sign was priceless and forever etched in my mind and in my heart. As we walked up Main Street their eyes where as big as saucers…. It took us awhile to save up for this first trip but I would give anything to relive those precious memories again!

    • We are taking our children for the first time in Oct. My dad will be 4 1/2…son will be 17 months. My daughter thinks we have to take daddy to the airport for a business trip…little does she know! I can’t wait to make memories like yours!

    • We are taking our children for the first time in Oct. My dd will be 4 1/2…ds will be 17 months. My daughter thinks we have to take daddy to the airport for a business trip…little does she know! I can’t wait to make memories like yours!

  3. My favorite memory was when I was really in a grumpy mood when I was 5…snow white came over and surprised me with an ice cream…she told me princesses never frown…that was 31 years ago.

  4. My favorite memory was going to WDW in February of this year with my best friend. I went to WDW when I was 3 and this was (FINALLY) my second trip back….I ran the Disney Princess half marathon-my first half!! I not only conquered 13.1 miles, but did it in the Happiest Place on Earth! Running through the castle brought tears to my eyes!! I would love to go back again soon….my friend and I talk about planning another trip…and hopefully around another race!!

  5. My favorite magical memory is of our very first trip to WDW in 1989. Nothing could be more magical.

  6. My favorite magical memory is that of my daughter’s expression when she saw Cinderella Castle for the first time! She was a month shy of 3, all dressed in her Cinderella gown & tiara, headed to the Magic Kingdom for breakfast at CRT. When we entered the gate and walked around Town Square to where you can see the Castle at the end of Main Street, USA, she just stared wide-eyed, jaw-dropped, and squealed, “It’s REAL!!!!” Priceless!

  7. My favorite memory is the first sight of Cinderella’s Castle. It brings tears to my eyes. Watching my daughter see it for the first time was an amazing memory.

  8. Taking my kids for the first time next month so I am hoping for many new magical memories!

  9. My favorite Magical Memory is opening the Animal Kingdom with my family! I also so enjoyed watching my children enter the Magic Kingdom for the first time!

  10. Last year was the first time we took our kids to WDW and realizing that my husband had never been either. They all asked me to plan our next trip before we arrived home. We had a great time.

  11. My favorite magical memory is the first time we watched a Disney parade and my son who was 3 then was waving so cutely at each character with crooked wave.

  12. We don’t have any magical memories at Disneyworld or Disneyland yet. We have never been there as a family. I would really love to take all 4 of our children there soon.
    Ross Olson

  13. My favorite Magical Memory in Walt Disney World was when we went on our honeymoon.

    We went to go see Mickey in the Town Square Theater. My husband and I waited at the door to be led into his dressing room. With a knock at the door, I asked, “Who is it?” and almost like it had been in a movie, Mickey Mouse opened the door, waived hello and gestured to give him my hand. I put my hand in his and he walked me into dressing room to find Minnie also waiting for us. Like a little kid, I turned to my husband and giddily pointed at my hand being held by Mickey and mouthed, “He’s taking us in….Mickey is holding my hand!!”

    Once we started our meet and greet, Minnie admired my ring and asked when she would be receiving hers. Mickey pretended to ignore her. Then we asked to get a photo with my husband proposing to me and Mickey doing the same to Minnie. Without even finishing my sentence, Mickey grabbed my hand and knelt down into position. My husband ended up proposing to Minnie and Mickey to me. I have the photo in our house and loved every minute we had that magical week.

    We also got a giant cookie from the main street bakery as a honeymoon gift.

  14. My favorite magical memory is always walking down Main Street with my family! I cry each time! :)

  15. My favorite magical memory is seeing my son get so excited to meet Mickey and Minnie. The smile on his face is something I’ll never forget. And just for back up I have the most precious photos of the experience. He even kissed Minnie’s nose :-)

  16. My fav magical memory is when I my son and I stayed 11 days, slpit between AKL Jambo (Kidani wasnt build yet) and POP. We had such an amazing time.

  17. My favorite Disney memory was MVMCP during our trip for our anniversary & my 40th birthday. We did a lot of meet and greets but my favorite was when the cast member opened the line at the end of the night to let us meet CInderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine and the step-sisters. They were so much fun and made a huge fuss over the ring my husband got me for my birthday! It’s one of my favorite pictures along with the one of us with the Seven Dwarves!

  18. One of my favorite Disney memories, was when my family went to Disneyland last January! I had worked in Walt Disney world several times, but what makes it more special is being able to the time with my family.

  19. My favorite memory is going with my family and new husband on his first trip to disney and seeing how much fun he had. weve done it every year since

  20. Seeing Disney world through my daughter’s eyes last year. Can’t wait to do it again in 26 days!!

  21. My most magical memory was seeing my daughter’s face light up the very first time we saw Cinderella’s castle!

  22. My most magical memory is seeing Cinderella’s castle for the first time. I can’t wait to see that on my daughters’ faces when we go in October!

  23. My favorite Magical Memory is our first time at the Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue. The kids LOVED it!

  24. my favorite magical memory was meeting Princess jasmine. She talked to me for about 10 minutes about life in Agrabah is. She even had aladdin sing me Happy Birthday :)