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Mike has been a Disney fan since his first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1979 when he was 11 years old. Since that first trip, he has seen parks open, lands close, and attractions come and go, but one thing remains the same, his love for Disney is as strong as ever.

His Disney adventures caused him to start My Dreams of Disney because he wanted to document for his family and friends all of the special Disney Memories he has enjoyed with his family, and since that first post in 2010, Mike's hobby has become his passion!

Now a Travel Consultant with Pixie Vacations for over nine years, Mike has helped many of his readers plan and have incredible Disney vacations of their own. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Also, connect with us on our Pixie Vacations by Mike Ellis Facebook page to submit a quote request or learn more about all of your possible vacation destinations!

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  1. Cara

    For the reason you shared about Walt Disney World feeling like you truly enter into another world I prefer WDW to Disneyland. However in fairness the time I visited Disneyland I went while my husband was at a work conference and took my 18 month old son so I was unable to experience some of the great experiences it has to offer.

    • mickey
      Mike Ellis

      Thanks Cara for your comments. I am flying back home today and one thing I would amend would be that if you have the opportunity to go back for the 60th birthday celebration I highly recommend it!

  2. kim051172

    Love the article! I agree. When people ask me which I like better, I do tell them, “It depends.” I love that I can walk from park to park at Disneyland and love that Walt Disney World has so much more to offer. I also agree on your attraction picks.

  3. Caseylk – Casey Kolb lives with her husband and 5 daughters in North Texas. A self-proclaimed “Disneyholic”, most everyone who knows her believes she has Disney on the brain 24/7. She’s been to Walt Disney World during just about every stage of life, including in her childhood, honeymoon, and multiple trips as her family size grew to 5 girls! Whew! Casey has in-depth experience in vacationing at Disney Destinations with special needs, as her princesses run the gamut of Autism Spectrum Disorder, albinism and food allergies. Disney Cruise Line is also an obsession for her family and it has even become the theme for her and her husband's room. Casey has a dream to work at Walt Disney World during retirement! She simply can't get enough of all aspects of Disney.

    I think overall I prefer Walt Disney World but there is one thing about Disneyland I can’t get past there. Walt walked there and participated there. That’s something pretty special

  4. Heidi Strawser – central PA
    Heidi Strawser

    I’m almost positive that I will always prefer WDW simply because it feels like “home” to me. However, that being said, I really, really want to visit Disneyland at least once, just to see!

    Is Jack Sparrow part of the Disneyland Pirates attraction?

    • mickey
      Mike Ellis

      Hey Heidi! You need to visit Disneyland at least once, and if you can make it work during your California trip this year, do so. It is absolutely incredible the things they have done for #Disneyland60. Also, yes, Jack Sparrow is part of the Pirates attraction at Disneyland, but isn’t quite as involved as #WDW. Thanks!

  5. tripswithtykes – SF Bay Area, CA
    Leslie H (tripswithtykes)

    Love your perspective on the various rides. As for the intangible, the history factor you mention at Disneyland does it for me. (I’m a history geek though!)

  6. Dis-LEE

    Your point that WDW is a total destination while DL is a short visit option is right on. So which is best depends on what vacation you have time for.

    • mickey
      Mike Ellis

      Absolutely true, Lee, that’s the biggest factor in determining which location to visit in my opinion. Thanks for commenting!

  7. distherapy
    Didi Marie

    Fresh from your Disneyland 60 adventure, I couldn’t wait to read this post Mike. This “contest” certainly is a daunting one- thank goodness there are only winners! I think we now need to travel to EVERY Disney Park around the world for a fully fair comparison. Game?!

  8. Pixie Brenda

    Great article, Mike. Walt Disney World has been my “second home” for so long that it will always be my favorite but you are spot on about the ride differences and I LOVE being where Walt actually walked as I would follow his footsteps anywhere.

  9. Mary at Capturing Magical Memories – Houston, TX – Hi! I'm Mary and my blog is I am also the wife of a Disney Travel Agent, a mom to 2 boys, a full-time career mom, a budding graphic designer on the side. In the little free time that is left I love to learn about photography. We currently live in Houston, TX and own Disney Vacation Club.

    I agree with you that I have soft spots for both versions of an attraction. As much as I love the extra time in Pirate at Disneyland I really do like the queue at Disney World.

  10. roemottola

    Mike, sorry for taking so long to get to this! So here’s my two cents. Three out of four attractions listed below I prefer Disneyland over WDW. Definitely Pirates. Definitely Space and Big Thunder. I also can’t get over the nostalgia factor. I cried most of the time I was at Disneyland and it wasn’t because I spilled my ice cream! Nonetheless WDW is my home and that’s what it all boils down to. WDW is fully immersive. All sorts of families can stay and enjoy themselves. You can’t lose.


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