So you decided to visit Disney World, you’ve read the guide books and maybe even contacted a Disney World vacation planning specialist (like Mike here on this blog, using a Disney planner doesn’t cost you anything and often will save you time and stress during your planning process; if you haven’t reserved your vacation details, you really should reach out to Mike). However, I think that in order to envision the whole vacation, the Walt Disney World vacation planning DVD is one of the best tools available to you. The DVD brings life to the ride descriptions in a way a guide book never could.

I have been to Disney World 17 times and yet I order a vacation planning DVD every year. I love seeing everything that’s new at Disney World since my last visit. It also helps excite me for the upcoming visit (and is a great way to show younger kids some of the things to expect to see and do on your next vacation).

The DVD is broken up by theme park but it also covers the hotels, water parks, restaurants and other recreational activities. The basic feel of the DVD is fairly consistent year to year but how the information is presented usually changes regularly. For example, recently there were 4 people on the DVD. There was a mother that addressed the best Disney experiences for families, there was the “thrill seeker” who covered the thrill rides at Disney World, there was the “calm and relaxed” guy who shows you have best to rest and relax on your vacation and there was the general tips woman (she was also the host of the DVD) who covered anything else.

The DVD comes with written information as well which is a valuable planning tool as you can refer back to it. As everyone is different, it’s a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of what you want to see and do at Disney World as you go through the vacation planning process. Even the best vacation planner will be able to better assist you if you have an idea of the type of things you wish to see and do during your trip. So, make sure you get your copy of the Disney World planning DVD and help planning!



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