Hello everyone, today I want to address some of the other things I try to tell people when planning a Disney trip. Everyone remembers to think about the “must do” rides, shows and meals and people will tell you about where to stay as well (you can find many articles here at My Dreams of Disney, my wonderful co-contributors are great about sharing these tips)  but often we forget the not so fun aspects of any trips but Disney does a great job of covering these details for you.  I am talking about first aid and similar occurrences today.

I have allergies, if you don’t suffer from allergies you would think that shouldn’t matter but it does. Living in New England, I tend to “forget” my allergies in the winter. That means that allergy medication can be forgotten when I head to Walt Disney World. More times than I care to admit, I have found myself wandering the different stores looking for allergy medication. I didn’t know that if you don’t see something on the shelves, you should ask. As space is limited, some items are kept beneath the counter so it is wise to ask a Cast Member; it may be available even if you don’t see it.

It is important to also know that First Aid is located at the Baby Care Center at each theme park. I have turned to the First Aid staff for assistance with allergy issues more than once (they will have the over the counter medication you need if you can’t find it in any of the shops). Of course, they are useful for more than that. First Aid is great for assistance with band-aids (for those blisters you get from walking), they are helpful with sunburns and it’s the first place I think of if I am fighting motion sickness (not often for me except the first time I rode the more extreme version of Mission: Space).

The Baby Care Center is the place to be if you are a nursing mother and prefer a quiet, private place to nurse. It’s also great for a quiet meal for a baby that likes their baby food warmed or you prefer a more home-like highchair (as opposed to the wooden restaurant style highchairs available around the parks). One word of warning, diapers and formula (like most items) tend to be more pricey if you buy them on Disney property so if you need these items, I suggest that you pack plenty (more than you think you will need, better safe than sorry).

Do you have any tips I missed or something you like to share with Disney fans? I’d love to hear from you.



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