Under-Appreciated Attractions
Under-Appreciated Attractions

Under-Appreciated Attractions at Animal Kingdom

Today we are continuing our look at our picks for the most under-appreciated attractions at each of the Walt Disney World parks. Our last post was on the under-appreciated attractions at Epcot. Today, we look at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

under-appreciated attractions

As always, today Sophie starts us out. Picking an attraction that is under appreciated at Animal Kingdom to me is kind of hard, and I think it was for Sophie as well, because she chose Festival of the Lion King. This is one of the incredible shows that you can see at Walt Disney World, and this one has almost a Cirque-du-SoleisĀ® feel to it! The performers, the trampolines, and so on really give this a positive, excited feel. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out!

under-appreciated attractions
Pocahontas with Sophie at Rafiki’s Planet Watch!

For Cindy, her choice was Rafiki’s Planet Watch. When we visited last November, we were saddened because we knew that the attraction had been closed down. However, we learned on March 19th that Rafiki’s Planet Watch was going to re-open! Not only that, in the Conversation Station, they are putting in The Animation Experience! All of this opens up on July 11, 2019! This is very exciting for us because we hated that the Animation Experience was leaving Hollywood Studios, so knowing that it is being moved over here is a big deal for our family!

under-appreciated attractions

Lastly, my choice for most under-appreciated attraction goes to Primeval Whirl. This spinning roller-coaster is a lot of fun, like Goofy’s Flight School out at Disney’s California Adventure park, and I think the reason I like it is because it took a long time before Sophie was tall enough to ride it. She waited so patiently to be tall enough, and finally when we were able to ride it, we really enjoyed it. The unpredictable nature of the way the car spins and all the dips just makes it a great ride for us!

So tell me, what are your choices for under-appreciated attractions? Let us know in the comments, and if you are interested in finding out more information on what a Walt Disney World vacation would cost for your family, read below. Thanks for stopping by!

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