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I can swim. I don’t like swimming. So I don’t usually hang around the pools while on my Disney vacations. However, I do enjoy the theming and so usually end up taking dozens of pictures for my ever-growing photographic collection. But don’t worry, I don’t take pics of people in the pools! That would just be creepy.

I wondered what I could contribute to this topic when it first came up, but then remembered a special moment my wife and I had while visiting the gift shop at The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. This is what I saw out of the side window near the rear of the store:


Just tipping to just finishing up…

This splash pad, themed after Alice in Wonderland (hence the big hat), was pretty cool (pun intended). It took quite some time to fill up, but when it did:


Slash down!

It was a cooler day so not many kids braved the deluge and chose to watch the big splash from a safe distance. But I think it’s clear that if someone did stand underneath the hat when it tipped, they’d get very wet!

This fun spot opened in September of 2012. The splash area features several waterfalls, two slides, and a central play area for the kids. Some of the special water effects take place on a timer, while others are operated by kids pulling on pull-cords and turning valves. In traditional Disney style, the design of the playground is highly detailed with images of Alice, the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and friends. There are various tea cups and tea kettles spraying water, and the Mad Hatter’s hat turns over periodically to dump its contents onto the unsuspecting children playing below. Thanks to DisZine for this little synopsis.

So if jumping into a pool isn’t your thing, why not try a good old fashion soaking courtesy of the Mad Hatters 10/6 size hat!

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24 Responses to “Magical Blogorail: Top Disney Resort Swimming Pools”

  1. I’m not much of a swimmer either, Lee! But, I have to say that the Mad Hatter theme is really cool! I don’t think I’d actually stand UNDER it, but it certainly looks like fun – especially on a hot Florida day!

  2. I just spotted this same site while visiting the GF last August.. and thought “How “ccol” ;) is that!”

  3. What a classic Disney moment- capturing magic when (and where) you least expect it! I’ve walked past the splash several times, but always when the weather was chilly. What fun it would be to get dumped on during an Orlando summer day. (Or even just watch the dumping.) The Mad Hatter theming is ingenious- and devious!

  4. I love the mad hatter theme! So much fun, though it looks like it could be almost painful to stand right under the hat when it empties. That is a lot of water!

  5. My kids love splash zones and water playgrounds like that! I bet they’d have a great time at the Grand Floridian pool!

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