Here is a great example of a hidden Mickey found on a hotel carpet

Hello again readers, I promised you information on hidden Mickeys and here it is. I am including some of my other favorite Disney details that add to the magic.

If you are not familiar with the Mickey silhouette, it is a large circle (Mickey’s head) with 2 smaller circles (which are his ears). Disney Imagineers have had fun over  the years placing hidden Mickeys throughout the many attractions in the “World” as well as hotels and numerous other places at Disney World. Hidden Mickey “hunting” has become so popular that there are books and websites dedicated to hidden Mickeys.

{Editor’s Note: Another site that has a great collection of Hidden Mickey’s is my friend Jonathan’s site Mouse and Memos.  Go check it out!  You can create an account, use the site for trip planning, record Hidden Mickey’s that you find, and more!}

Some hidden Mickeys are seasonal such as this one created with holiday wreaths.

I think my favorite hidden Mickey in the theme parks can be found in “The Haunted Mansion” over in the Magic Kingdom. While on the ride, you will come to a dining room seen with ghosts dancing next to a table laid out for dinner. There is a dish with two saucers that create the Mickey silhouette.

But Disney details don’t begin and end with hidden Mickeys, Walt Disney World is full of subtle details that you may not notice but they contribute to that Disney Magic.

One of my favorite Disney hotels is the Port Orleans French Quarter. Now, a hotel based on New Orleans French Quarter certainly lends itself to details. Behind the arrival/departure desks there is a mural painted on the walls which has musical notes on it. If you actually played the notes, you would have the opening strains of “When the Saints Go Marching In”! As you meander through the resort, the cobblestone paths recreate the streets in New Orleans and the street lights have very little speakers in them that play jazz music – not so loudly that it intrudes into your thoughts, just loud enough to register if you are paying attention. Even the budget hotels get in on the detail bonanza. At Pop! Century, they offer hustle lessons and the lobby has displays for each decade repressed at the resort.

This headdress is in the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge where it fits with the overall theme of the hotel

One final example of the Disney details is that when you look up at this pirate on Pirates of the Caribbean, it looks like he has actual hair on his leg! It wouldn’t break the illusion if the “hair” wasn’t added but it seems to enhance this pirates life-like appearance.

I have been to Disney many times but have learned that if you keep your eyes open, you will always find something new and different to excite you! Do you have a favorite Hidden Mickey or special detail you look forward to seeing when you are at Walt Disney World? Happy hunting for hidden Mickeys and interesting details everyone.



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  1. Last time we were at MK, in June, the Haunted Mansion hidden Mickey (saucers & plate) weren’t there? Are they back again?