Reflections of China

86 Days: Reflections of China

Reflections of China

Reflections of China – our choice for Day 86 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday!!!  Today is Day 86 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown, and for today, we’re heading over to Epcot’s World Showcase to talk about the 2nd of the CircleVision 360 movies.  This one is located in the China Pavilion, and is aptly named Reflections of China.

I like Reflections of China because it provides a glimmer of what life in China is like — or, perhaps, was like — in the days of yesteryear, before everything became so politically motivated.  However, because China is so restrictive towards Western culture, the film is dated, and feels like it could benefit from an update to the movie.  However, that doesn’t seem very likely in today’s day and age.  So, instead, we are stuck with what we’ve got, but despite that, I truly do enjoy taking a look at Reflections of China.

I think that, for me, it’s the ability to immerse myself in the culture of a country and learn more about it that makes the World Showcase such a great place to visit.  Where else can you travel and visit 11 countries all in one day, eat local food, speak with people native to that country, and pickup on the cultures of that country?

Have you ever seen Reflections of China?  If so, what did you think of it?  Or, if you haven’t, why not?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by today!  If you haven’t seen Reflections of China, do yourself a favor and see it once — you might find that it was more enjoyable than you thought it would be!

Eight Weeks

Our Favorite Disney Memories – 2000

Walt Disney World welcomes you -- and I welcome you to share in our Favorite Disney Memories!

Walt Disney World welcomes you — and I welcome you to share in our Favorite Disney Memories!

Hello everyone, and thank you for coming by as we start our new series focusing on our Favorite Disney Memories!  Yesterday we kicked off the series, so today, we are taking a look at the first time I went to Walt Disney World with who would become my wife Cindy.  That year was 2000, the dates were July 3rd and 4th, and we went to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot on our short little getaway.  Here are our favorite Disney memories, both mine and Cindy’s.  Enjoy!

Cindy’s Favorite Disney Memory

When I asked Cindy about this trip back in 2000, she made a note that we have been going to Walt Disney World together for 13 years now!  It seems incredible that it was so long ago that Cindy and I went on that trip — we had travelled with my parents to my grandparents house so that Cindy could meet them — and they could meet her — so while we were there we decided to take time to spend a couple of days at Walt Disney World.  Believe it or not, this was Cindy’s very first trip to Disney — and as she told me the other day, the thing that really stood out to her is how incredible it all was.  She knew all about the Magic Kingdom, of course — to those that have never been before, quite often they think Walt Disney World is the Magic Kingdom and nothing else!  What she didn’t know, though, was that Epcot was a separate park, and that it was so cool!

We reflected on the time that day when we were in line for Test Track, and this Mom and her two kids were in line with us.  We had been waiting and waiting, and it was finally almost our turn, when all of a sudden one of the kids had to go to the bathroom really badly.  Since we had been talking, and they had gotten to know us, the Mom asked us if we would take her son on the ride with us while she took her daughter to the bathroom.  We did that, met up with them afterwards, and her son had the best time riding Test Track that day.

In the end, Cindy’s memory from that trip comes down to that Test Track ride, soaking in all that we could of Walt Disney World, and learning that I am terrified of the sound of fireworks — something I have learned to overcome with ear plugs!

Mike’s Favorite Disney Memory

Thinking back over the 13 years since that trip, the thing that stands out most of all for me from that trip is being able to share with the love of my life all that Walt Disney World has to offer, and explaining all the nuances that make up the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  While we didn’t spend time in every park, we did hit the big two, and for me, my favorite at the time was definitely Epcot.  I loved walking through World Showcase with her, I loved experiencing all these things through her eyes, and lastly, I loved how the Disney Magic was in full swing because, despite it being July 3rd and 4th, 2000 — the first July 4th in the new millennia — the parks weren’t really all that busy!  Walt knew I had someone special with me on that trip, and he was determined to make sure that Cindy would enjoy that first trip as much as possible!

I hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane as we explored our favorite Disney memories from the year 2000.  Next week, we are going to take a look at January, 2001 — just six months later, when, as a newly married and pregnant couple, we would spend a weekend at Disney eating our way around Disney!  I hope you’ll come back and enjoy my memories from that trip as well!

Have a wonderful day, and until next week, please, take a few moments and tell me your favorite Disney memory from any trip you want to recall!  Just leave it in the comments, and thanks!

Disney Memories Guest Post


Today I’ve got a special assignment — my friend Hayden asked if I could help her with a technical difficulty she is having, and to get an accurate idea of what is going on, I’ve got a guest post up on her site!  Come visit me and read about one of my all time favorite Disney Memories, when we had a chance encounter with Princess Jasmine and the Genie in the Moroccan Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase!

So, please check out My Favorite Disney Memory — over at Disney with Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers!  While I have told this story before on this site, it lends itself for a retelling because it focuses on one of the things that really makes Disney, Disney — the uncanny ability they have to create a Disney Memory out of nothing!

Hayden, the offer is always open if you want to write a guest post here — just let me know, and thanks for having me!

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

This rose was on the walk way leading towards World Showcase past the Imagination! Pavilion

This rose was close to his yellow buddy above

Hello friends, usually today would be about memorable meals but while looking through my Disney pictures (as I often do when I have free time and am looking for a Disney fix), I was reminded that one of the things Mickey had mentioned was that he hadn’t been to Disney World during the flower show (to save time and typing, for the rest of this post I will be referring to the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival as the flower show). Plus I figure that maybe this may help people “on the fence” decide if they want to go during the flower show (in 2013, it runs from March 6 through May 19. I have shared more pictures then I usually do but these are some of my favorite Disney pictures I have taken. For more information, you can head over to the Disney World site.

As you may have guessed, this guy was over near The Seas with Nemo and Friends

I am a big fan of the landscapers of Disney and the topiary work never fails to impress but during the flower show, the work is over the top amazing. There are special presentations such as flower arranging demonstrations as well as the Flower Power concerts (featuring performances by 1960s and 1970s acts. The one I specifically remember was Davy Jones when I was there). I hadn’t specifically set out to journey to Disney World for the flower show; my daughter Kym and I were headed there to celebrate Kym’s birthday (as it’s in March, it just happened to work out nicely).

If you can’t place the location, the building in the back is the American Adventure (this topiary was placed at the entrance of World Showcase)

Disney World is never for doing things on a small scale and the flower show is no exception. In addition to the flowers and topiary sculptures, there was a section set up as Princess Tiana’s garden. There was also a pixie garden (for Tinkerbell and her friends) and lots of unexpected surprises. While I still probably wouldn’t plan a trip just for the flower show, if my Disney vacation is at the same time as the flower show I know I would enjoy myself while there.

These little guys from Fantasia looked so life like, I almost expected them to start dancing

I expected this lady to join in a dance with our mushroom buddies above

I have to say that this Lady and the Tramp was probably one of the best topiary scenes I have seen in Epcot

Disney In Pictures: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Disney In Pictures, the weekly series that invites you to share your Disney photos with us!  This week we are focusing on Epcot’s World Showcase as we invite you to share your favorite World Showcase Pavilion!  The  World Showcase is one of my favorite parts of Walt Disney World, and I look forward to seeing what you have to share with us, so let’s get started! Read More