The Photography of the Disneyland Mobile Guide

Disneyland Mobile Guide - Splash - Castle

When it comes to the Disneyland Mobile Guide by TimeStream Software, what really sets it apart in my opinion is the incredible photography that you will find in the app. There are some really intricate shots there, ones that the photographer had to coax Disney into allowing him to get, and they are interspersed throughout the app.  In this post, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites, and allow you to see them for yourself!

Griffith_Park_Bench_&_Walt_Walking_through_Castle-Disneyland Mobile Guide In so many ways, the park bench above is the reason that Disneyland — and later on Walt Disney World — existed in the first place.  This park bench is from Griffith Park, and was the park bench where Walt Disney would sit while his girls rode the Merry-Go-Round and wondered why there wasn’t a park where the parents could have fun with the kids, instead of waiting for them.  It was then that the dream that would become Disneyland took root.

Park_Bench_Plaque-Disneyland Mobile Guide The next picture I wish to share with you isn’t a snazzy one — but it could certainly serve you well if you are travelling across the country — or even the world — and wanted to get an idea of what kind of accommodations you have waiting for you.  It’s pictures like this one that help you get the idea that the Disneyland Mobile Guide isn’t just for when you are in the Park — it’s also a useful Disney Planning Tool!

This room is from Paradise Pier

This room is from Paradise Pier

One of the greatest attractions at any of the Disney parks, in my opinion, is The Haunted Mansion.  What I find incredible is how different the buildings at Walt Disney World and Disneyland look from one another!  I can’t wait until I’m able to take in The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland for myself!

Haunted Mansion - Night - XV-Disneyland Mobile Guide

The Haunted Mansion, located in the New Orleans Square part of Disneyland.

The last picture I wish to share with you is of the Disneyland Railroad.  Why a simple picture of a train, you ask?  Well, if you look closely at the photo, you’ll see that there is a little gate that is open, and that the train tracks are to the photographer’s right.  This section of the train is normally off limits, but TimeStream was able to get permission to take this shot of the train where Guests are not normally allowed to go.  It’s this level of detail that sets Disneyland Mobile Guide apart from other Disney apps in my opinion!

E.P. Ripley IV-Disneyland Mobile Guide


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Mousekejournals — The American Adventure

Today I’m posting over at my friend Jon’s site Mousekejournals!  He is running a series on the countries of Epcot’s World Showcase, and I volunteered to write about The American Adventure!  Head on over and give it a read, and tell me what you think about it.  Thanks everyone!

Walt Disney World – Staying On Property vs. Off Property.

By Theresa.

Hello everyone, one of the first decisions to be made when planning a Walt Disney World vacation is whether or not to stay on Disney property. There are many factors to consider.  I will start off by telling you that personally, I prefer to stay at Disney hotels but will stay off property as well.

The first question is what do you want to see? Now if this is your first trip to Orlando, I will usually follow-up this question quickly with who is making the trip with you. This is important because while younger children will be easily entertained by visiting the Disney parks, older children and teens may want the added amusements of Universal Orlando parks and/or Sea World. However, I will usually suggest that a first trip be “strictly” Disney as it’s exhausting trying to fit Disney and Universal into the same trip if you have not been to either and want to see everything.

The next question is have you thought about transportation in Orlando? Disney does a great job of moving their guests around beginning with the journey from the airport. Disney resort guests can use Disney’s “Magical Express” which takes you from the airport to your hotel. My favorite feature about this service is that not only are they moving you but they move your luggage for you; in fact you don’t even need to hit baggage claim when you land. The only downfall to that is that typically your luggage arrives in your room a while after you actually check in.  However, this can be remedied by putting your most pressing necessities into your carry-on luggage. This also works in reverse as Disney resorts have an airline check in counter near their bell services site so that you check in for your flight, give your luggage to the staff and you needn’t worry about your luggage until you collect it at baggage claim when you land at your destination airport. This is also a great feature if you have a later flight and you want to hit your favorite park or do some shopping before you head home, just remember that you won’t be able to access your luggage so place any needed items into a small backpack or a purse. Disney also runs buses/boats and the Disney monorail to transport guests from their hotel to the parks. Off property guest transportation options are to rent a car (remember that there is a fee to park at both Disney and Universal Orlando) or use the hotel shuttle network. Mears Transportation can move you between your hotel and the airport (for a fee) and most hotels offer schedules shuttle service.

More importantly, Disney offers many perks to their on-site guests that I think make up for the higher room costs. A great perk are the “Extra Magic” hours. Each day a Disney park opens an hour early or stays open later. This reduces the number of guests in the park and cuts down on ride waits. Another extra is that rather than carry your purchases around with you throughout the day, you can have items delivered to your hotel room (it can take up to 24 hours for the delivery so you don’t want to use this perk on your last day). Hotel guests can also package their hotel stay with park tickets and even meals which are then added to your room key creating a lot less items that you need to carry and keep track of. Lastly, Disney hotels are clean, comfortable and themed. You will find that the many small details at each hotel will keep you interested and alert.

Let us know if there is something you’d like to know that we haven’t covered! Enjoy your Disney dreams and keep thinking of your next vacation!

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Are you thinking about taking your family on a Disney vacation to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, on a Disney Cruise, or to some other destination?  If you are, give me a call — I can help you out!  I am an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with Pixie Vacations, and I specialize in helping families like yours plan and enjoy a wonderful vacation to a Disney location.  I’ve been a Pixie for over two years now, and during that time I’ve helped many families have a wonderful vacation and create many memories that they remember to this day.  Feel free to check out my Client Testimonial page for more information on that.  As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I can help you plan your trip to any of these great Disney Destinations:

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My Dreams of Disney Blog

Hello everyone, thanks for reading the inaugural post of my Disney Blog, “My Dreams of Disney”.  I have been fortunate to be able to go to Walt Disney World for many many years.  My first trip to Disney World was when I was 10 11 years old, way back in 1978 1979. Since then, I have been countless times since.  I have been able to introduce my wife and daughter to the magic of Walt Disney World, and for the past four years we have been staying on property at one of the Moderate Resorts.

This is just the first of many posts, so I welcome you to follow along!  Thanks for reading!