Hidden Origins of the Golden Horseshoe Revue

The Golden Horseshoe Revue was the first show at Slue Foot Sue’s Golden Horseshoe Saloon at Disneyland. It was a 45 minute show which ran over 50,000 times and so is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-running musical of all time.

Betty Taylor and Wally Boag are two of the most famous players from the show. But it is Ms. Taylor I am going to focus on with this little piece of origin trivia:

What will she do with that mirror?

The writers of the Golden Horseshoe Revue tried very hard to make the show a good representation of what this kind of entertainment would have looked like back in the day. And they succeeded! Especially with the little gimmick above.

At some point in the show, Ms. Taylor would bring out a hand-held mirror and use it to reflect the footlights into the face of a man in the audience. You can see her play this way with the men in the audience in the Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color TV special (1962) that featured the 10,000th performance of the show. The always gracious Ms. Taylor would feature mostly bald men, to their delight!

Now to the origin part of this post. In 1937, Laurel and Hardy released a movie entitled Way Out West, which opened with an authentic dance hall performance by a lady (Lola) bearing a pretty fair resemblance to Ms. Taylor:

The mirror is smaller, but the bit is the same

A bald man is put in the spotlight!

The fact that Laurel and Hardy included this bit in this scene shows that it must have been an authentic piece of dance hall schtick. Of course, in the movie we see a jealous dance hall floozie upset that her mark is being distracted by her onstage rival. This authentic piece of dance hall behavior was not replicated in the Golden Horseshoe Revue!

Poster for Lola Marcel from Way Out West

I love that the Disney creative teams always do their research to make sure that even the little details are correct to the period and the times being depicted!

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – Wally Boag

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  Along with my friends Jenn from Disney Babies Blog, Heidi from Heidi’s Head, and Jodi from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, I’m Mike, and today I’m going to give you a good tidbit of Disney trivia from Disneyland!

Most likely any good Disney trivia fan will know Wally Boag as one of the great performers in the Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland Park.  In all, Wally performed in nearly 40,000 performances of the show that was a fixture at Disneyland park, most often teamed with Betty Taylor, his partner in crime for thousands of performances.

Did You Know…about Wally Boag

In addition to his work with the Golden Horseshoe Revue, Wally was also the voice of Jose of the Enchanted Tiki Room!  Additionally, Wally Boag was on the Muppet Show in 1980, which you can watch in it’s entirety right here (courtesy YouTube)!

Wally Boag’s career spanned far beyond Disney and the Golden Horseshoe Revue, but he certainly made his mark there!

Today happens to be the 2 year anniversary of Wally Boag’s death in 2011 (June 3, 2011, at the age of 90).  Ironically, his partner on stage, Betty Taylor, would pass away next day, June 4, 2011.

When Wally Boag passed away, this was said of him:


Perhaps a finer compliment was never said.

Thank you for stopping by today for Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  Please check out the rest of the links to see what trivia they have for you as well!

38 Days til Disneyland – Billy Hill and The Hillbillies!

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

Today, for day 38 in our countdown to Disneyland, we are taking a look at what I think of is the “Disneyland equivalent to the Country Bear Jamboree.”  Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Billy Hill & The Hillbillies!

The show, which is one of several that have appeared since the Golden Horseshoe Revue hung up it’s spurs in 1986, has actually been seen since December, 1994!  It has had some breaks in production, but I’d say that it has staying power if you ask me.

The show is located in the famous Golden Horseshoe Saloon that Wally Boag and Betty Taylor made famous, along with a whole cast of other characters over the years.  Even today, the Saloon is one of the popular spots at Disneyland, and has a great following at the Park.

I’m not sure if Cindy and Sophie will see this show or not (although I’m going to guess they’ll see it once) — but I know that I plan to watch it once myself even if they don’t!  Do you watch this show, and if you do, what do you think of it?  See it once, watch it often, or skip it altogether?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!