Magical Blogorail: Disney Splurges – Specialty Apparel

There are a lot of things in this world that we want but don’t need. And that is why we invented the word ‘Splurge’! And when we go to a Disney resort or theme park, we just might splurge on a piece of specialty apparel.

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing fun ways to splurge at Disney.

T-shirts for all!

Now let’s get serious. A t-shirt would never qualify as a ‘splurge’ but rather an indulgence we all partake of due to the relatively inexpensive cost of such a piece of Disney clothing. Well, until Disney cranks up the retail price!

No, to qualify as a true ‘splurge’ the item must be frivolous, ridiculous, or unreasonably expensive. Let’s look at something frivolous first:

Frivolous: Not having any serious purpose or value. I think we can all agree that a rainbow sombrero would qualify as a frivolous clothing purchase! You can splurge on one of  these beauties at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Besides, you know you couldn’t look as good as I do in one, so why invite disappointment? Next, we look at something ridiculous:

Ridiculous: Deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd. This little Minnie Mouse ensemble might work for a costume party but outside of that it would have very little value in anyone’s wardrobe! Unless you were a young girl with a strong sense of self. For anyone else, buying this would be a ridiculous waste of money, invite mockery, but… constitute a definite ‘splurge’!

Now let’s look at something expensive:

Expensive: Costing a lot of money. Buying anything from a source country while visiting the pavilions in Epcot is definitely one way to spend a lot of money. So perhaps this would be the ultimate splurge when it comes to specialty apparel!

At the Japan Pavilion, a Cast Member will help you pick out a custom Kimono Robe with all the accessories. When we went to Walt Disney World in 2006, we could afford to splurge on the above picture!

So what piece of specialty apparel at Disney do you splurge on?

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Launch Party

Join in my Dream Disney Scents Launch Party!

Launch Party

Join in my Dream Disney Scents Launch Party!

Here we are!  Today is the start of our Scentsy launch party for Dream Disney Scents!  As I mentioned yesterday, I am a new Scentsy Consultant, and I am looking forward to help you not only plan your dream Disney vacation, but to pair it up with some incredible Scentsy scents and warmers to remind you of that trip for years to come!  So let’s get this party started!  Are you looking for some great scents to freshen up your home, ones that you can use over and over again?  Scents that don’t burn because there is no candle to light?  Well, then you need to go check out my Scentsy website!  Dream Disney Scents is your place for all of that and more, and best of all, I’ve got a special page setup just for the launch party!  Just click on our launch party link to get started!

I’m giving you plenty of opportunity to look things over and order during this party!  With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m keeping our launch party going until that day, February 14th, so take advantage of it all!  Let me know what questions, concerns, or comments you have, and thanks for stopping by today!

My Story

I have been a travel agent and blogger for several years; I started My Dreams of Disney, in September, 2010, as a way to document the memories of trips my family has taken to Walt Disney World (and now, Disneyland).  Then, in February, 2013, I became a travel agent with Pixie Vacations.

One of the things I am excited to do is to blend my ventures together; my belief is that we all have a special scent that will draw us in and remind us of a special time and place.  With my Scentsy site, Disney Dream Scents, I believe that I will be able to capture the best of both worlds — Disney and Scentsy — and marry them together so that they work together to enhance your vacation even more.

Picture this in your Mind’s Eye:  You have contacted me, and we have planned a great trip for you to stay at the Beach Club over the summer.  As part of my service and as a thank you to you, perhaps a special warmer is heading your way, with a bar of the Scentsy scent that reminds you of that special trip you took with your family.

Whether you are going to Disney or not, I’m here to help you.  Reach out to me, tell me your thoughts, and let’s work together to get that special scent to your house to take you to back to that memory you don’t want to ever forget!

What scent will you choose to pair with the resort you last stayed at?  Let me know in the comments below, click on our launch party link, and let’s get started on getting that scent in your hands!

Remember, Disney & Scentsy is a great combination!

Magical Blogorail: Best Shoes for the Disney Parks

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Green. Today we are discussing the best shoes to wear for the Disney Parks.

Tender Tootsies. Fried Feet. Done Dogs. Whatever you call your ‘flippers’, it isn’t very much fun when they hurt! And it definitely isn’t any fun when they hurt so much that you have to cut your days short at a Park or other Disney destination.

So what have my wife and I done to make our bipedal motion more enjoyable? Have we found the perfect footwear? Have my size 12 ‘boats’ had reason to thank me?

Here’s a list of things that may answer those questions. But probably not:

  1. Failed. Yes, the first time we visited Walt Disney World, we failed to consider how 15 straight hours of walking would affect our ‘wheels’. I wore basic, inexpensive running shoes and learned how to be crippled. My wife didn’t fare much better.
  2. Picked bad alternatives. Yes, we’re slow learners! So for subsequent days, I tried a couple of alternatives. First I slipped my ‘trotters’ into flip-flops and next I tried strapping my ‘hooves’ into sandals. Results: Don’t do either of these things if you plan to walk a lot! Again, my wife didn’t fare much better with the alternatives she came up with.
  3. Gained some sense. Yes, into even the most die-hard Disney fan a little common sense and balance can be instilled! We learned to forget fashion and style and wear what is clinically proven to give the most support over long periods of time. Remember, the term ‘sensible shoes’ is not a bad word(s)! Your shoes can even be ugly.
  4. Paced ourselves. Yes, this Blogorail is about finding the best shoes for the Disney Parks, but I didn’t want to do the research necessary to authoritatively recommend specific brand names. I’m not a Podiatrist and I’ve never played one on TV (old joke). And I’m lazy. So I’ll just opine the best shoes you can buy are the ones that will float your ‘gunboats’ for reasonable amounts of time.

Extremely bad choice!

The key is not in the footwear, but in taking a break from walking. How can you take a break from walking?

  1. Sit on a bench. This doesn’t have to be a time waster as you can review pictures you’ve taken, people watch, or rehydrate.
  2. Enjoy a longer ride. Hit the People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Universe of Energy, or any of the shows that allow you to put your ‘plates of meat’ up for a while.
  3. Don’t visit a Park. Call me Captain Obvious, but if your ‘bigs’ are swelling why not take a Resort day and lie by the pool or relax in your room?

Any bench will do

So once again I’ve shown how hard it is for me to stay on topic. I’ve managed to turn a post about recommending shoes into a recommendation not to walk… so much. You’re welcome. I’m here once a month. Try the veal.

Thanks for joining me today. Enjoy the rest of the loops!

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