Magical Blogorail: Disney Souvenirs Under $20

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we share souvenirs you can find at the Disney Parks that are under $20.

I’m suggesting the new Rapid Fill Cups:

Just under the $20, even after taxes

Or way under the $20 if you only stay for a day or two! I have to admit that I haven’t used the new Rapid Fill mug system yet. On the surface, I’m not a fan! I feel that Disney can afford to give free unlimited refills of cheap beverages like pop, hot chocolate, tea and coffee after charging you for the cup.

The new dispensing system (above) limits the amounts you can get. But let’s not focus on the negative side of these souvenir cups!

So many colors to choose from!

Each year Disney produces a new graphic design for these cups. Usually there are three or four (or more) lid colors to choose from too. This is handy, as you can differentiate your cup from the cups of the other members of your party.

Over the years, you can create quite a collection of cups!

How many different designs are in YOUR Disney collection?

The benefit of these cups is that they will remind you of your Disney vacation for years after you arrive home. You can link each design to the year and location of each individual vacation. By taking these mugs along with you to school or work, you can extend your Disney fun!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Green | Disney Souvenirs Under $20 Loop:

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  • 2nd Stop – Family Travel Escapades | Disney Plush
  • 3rd Stop – Cool Nouns by Lee Beatens | (you are here)

Magical Blogorail: Reasonable Disney Trip Splurges

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop. Today we are sharing ways to splurge on your next Disney trip that won’t break the bank.

If you’re like me, you take an extra suitcase with you on your Disney vacations just to carry all of the merchandise you buy back home. Yes, I’m that addicted to Disney swag! At one time I had over 5,000 individual pieces of Disneyana. I went through a purge to fine tune my collection, making room for better additions.

But I totally get that, collecting even a small amount of Disney swag, can be expensive. So how can you splurge on keepsakes without forsaking your budget? Here are three ways you can add Disney swag to your collection without feeling guilty:

Something to Use Throughout the Vacation

For about $20.00 or less, you can buy something that you can use throughout your Disney vacation. Like the pair of Mickey Ears our handsome model is wearing above! I won these Ears during the Year of a Million Dreams, but even if I’d had to pay for them, it would have been a reasonable expenditure.

After all, I got to wear them often and can wear them again during subsequent visits. You can also buy light toys, water fans, resort mugs, and the like.

Something to Commemorate the Vacation

We attended the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival for the first time in 2010 and picked up two Trading Pins to commemorate the event. At under $10.00 each, it was an inexpensive way to remember the experience. But you could justify spending a bit more for one special piece of merchandise, like the Mickey Garden Gnome above.

After all, you can only get a product like this at the Festival (initially) and it will last for years to come!

Something Special and a Little More Expensive



Our lovely model, Karen, is wearing a beautiful Mickey Jacket. This was under $100.00 (as it was on sale) and has gotten much use since it was bought on one of our Disney trips. A splurge like this becomes that extra special memory that can be revisited each and every time it is worn, years after that impulse buy!

You may prefer a Big Fig or some other article of clothing, like a jacket or hoody. Or perhaps it’s an expensive piece of jewellery? No matter the product, it can be a justifiable splurge, if… the price-to-joy ratio is right!

So do you splurge on Disney swag? What do you consider to be a reasonable splurge?

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Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Orange | Reasonable Disney Trip Splurges Loop:

Top Five Must-Buys at Walt Disney World

We all plan our Disney trips down to last detail. Our travel itinerary is in place, our accommodations are booked and paid for, and our Theme Park tickets are in the luggage bag, and we may even have our dining options all picked out.

Yes, we are all set for another magical visit to one of the happiest places on Earth.

But wait! I think we’ve forgotten something: Our merchandise budget!

Just how much can we afford to spend? And how can we save ourselves from the dreaded impulse buy? Don’t be naive; the Mouse knows how to work the shoppers! Before you can say ‘Jiminy Cricket’ he will have your extra cash and all you may have in return are a few trinkets that you don’t really want.

Well, I’m here to save you and your hard-earned dollars by giving you the Top Five Must-buys when visiting The Magic Merchandiser, er… Kingdom:

Must-buy Number 5

Any Exclusive Theme Park Item. The merchandising world has produced millions of pieces of Disney memorabilia. You can pick up just about anything at your local toy store or Wal-Mart. But it just isn’t the same as an exclusive piece of Theme Park product only available at WDW.

Usually Downtown Disney will have the highest concentration of such merchandise, especially at The World of Disney superstore. But keep your eyes open for those special items. They’re usually linked to a unique ride or attraction that might not be as mainstream as the likeness of Mickey or Jack Sparrow.

Buying Limited Edition items at artist signings are always a good bet for exclusivity.

Must-Buy Number 4

Souvenir Book. Believe it or not, some of your magical memories will fade after a while. But if you purchase one of these beautifully photographed keepsakes, you’ll be able to look back and relive almost every moment again and again. Well, at least the biggest moments!


WDW 1974 and DL 1978

Must-buy Number 3

Trading Pins. My wife and I always enjoy firsts at WDW. So when we ride or visit an attraction for the first time, we always buy a Trading Pin to commemorate the occasion.


These are relatively inexpensive, and if each member of the family chooses a ‘Memory Pin’ for a different occasion, you’ll have a nice collection in no time!

Must-Buy Number 2

T-shirt. Or Sweatshirt. Or Hoody. But of the three, you can’t beat the ‘been-there-got-the-T-shirt’ classic keepsake! You can buy Disney-themed T’s aftermarket, but they don’t always compare to the styles and selection on WDW property. Be prepared to pay a premium! But when you’re wearing a T that no one else at home has ever seen, it’ll be worth it!

OK, a ‘been-there-got-the-Sweatshirt’ works too!

Must-buy Number 1

Mickey Ears. If you’ve been to WDW, or any Disney Park worldwide, and still haven’t bought your own pair of themed Mickey Ears: Shame on you! Nothing says, “I’m a Disney fan!” like wearing a pair of Mickey Ears. Of course you won’t be able to wear them around your neighborhood at home, but seeing pictures of yourself sporting mouse ears at the Parks is a memory trigger no true Disney fan should miss!


So there you have it. My Top Five Must-buys for Theme Park merchandise. But maybe you prefer something different, and if so, leave your must-buy in the comments section below! But be careful, if I like it better than my own ones, I just may beat you back to the Parks and buy it first!