85 Days til Disneyland – Mickey’s House!


Image ©Disney Parks

Welcome to our next countdown day in our Days til Disneyland series!  Today we are looking at Mickey’s House, located in Toontown!  I can’t wait to check out Mickey’s House — this will bring back very fond memories that I have from Mickey’s Toontown Fair back at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, so seeing this landmark at Disneyland is definitely something I won’t miss!

In addition to touring the house, of course, you can also meet Mickey Mouse there as well!  Have your autograph books and cameras ready, people, because you will be in for some good old fashioned photo opportunities!

Mickey’s House has many of the same things that we used to find in his Country House at Walt Disney World, but one thing that is uniquely different is that his main house has two stories!  It would have been neat if we could tour the second floor, but it is blocked by a “doggie door”.

What do you think of Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey?  Take it or leave it?  See it once, but that’s all?  Why not let me know in the comments or leave me a comment on our Facebook page?  Thanks!  I’m guessing you will be able to figure out what we are going to explore tomorrow, but I’m not telling.  Let me know if you want to guess!