Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – Jiminy Cricket!

Image ©The Walt Disney Co.

Image ©The Walt Disney Co.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  Along with Jodi from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Heidi from Heidi’s Head, and Jenn from Disney Babies Blog, I’m Mike from My Dreams of Disney here to share a special bit of Disney Trivia!

This month the questions all come courtesy of my daughter Sophie, and our resource is the excellent book Disney Trivia from the Vault by Mr. Dave Smith.  If you like our trivia and want to purchase your own copy of the book, you can do so by clicking on the link!  It’s a great read!

Today’s Trivia is written in from Kathy in Wheeling, IL , who asks:

In what movie or short did Jiminy Cricket teach us how to spell “encyclopedia”?

Jiminy Cricket’s Encyclopedia was a separate little cartoon that appeared a number of times on the Mickey Mouse Club television show beginning in 1956.

Now, for a little fun, take a look at the cartoon that Kathy was referring to! It’s a short little ditty, do you remember this from your childhood?

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Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia- Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Sophie with Pocahontas, taken at Rafiki's Planet Watch

Sophie with Pocahontas, taken at Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia post!  Since we are in the middle of our #DisneyWorldCountdown series, I thought it made sense to explore more about today’s pick, so I’m taking a look at Rafiki’s Planet Watch!  Please join me in welcoming my friends Jodi from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Jenn from Disney Babies Blog, and Heidi from Heidi’s Head!

There are a lot of things about Rafiki’s Planet Watch that I didn’t know about, tell me, did you know about these facts, or are they new to you too? Let me know in the comments, please, and thanks for stopping by!

So tell me, what trivia did I forget to include?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by today!  Now, please go check out the rest of the entries, and thanks!

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Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – Michael Eisner

Image ©thewaltdisneycompany.com

Image ©thewaltdisneycompany.com

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by today in our #DisneyTrivia segment called Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  I’m joined as always by my friends Jodi from Sunny Florida (and Magical Mouse Schoolhouse) and Heidi and Jenn from Cold, Frozen — no, not that Frozen — Heidi’s Head and Disney Babies Blog, respectfully.  Say hi everyone!

Today’s post comes to us from This Day in Disney History, and I for one found this a very interesting one!  In reading this, I was thinking to myself, wow, way to lay a gut punch on Michael Eisner.  Now, I know there are many Disney fans out there who are not fans of Michael Eisner and his time at Disney.  Personally, I’ve never gotten into the corporate history of Disney enough to form my own opinion about it.  I don’t look at the corporate side of Disney as much as some — I prefer to look at the historical side from the parks point of view, and think about things other than the financial aspect of the corporation.  Do I know that Disney makes money hand over fist?  Sure I do — but that’s not as important to me and my family as the memories of our wonderful trips are — memories that we have that will last a lifetime in our hearts.  So, here is today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia.  I hope you enjoy it!

March 3, 2004:
Disney’s Board of Directors hold their Annual Meeting of Shareholders at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia at 10 a.m. The meeting is available live via webcast at the Investor Relations’ Web site.
Roy Disney’s speech includes these words: “My Dad was quoted once as saying, It’s easy to make decisions, once you know what your values are. Unfortunately, our corporate values have been compromised in recent years.” Hours after the meeting, the Board announces that Michael Eisner will be replaced as Chairman of the Board by Senator George J. Mitchell.

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Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – the Sound Barrier!

Sound Barrier

Image courtesy Cooking Underwriter

The other day I learned some really cool trivia when I was writing my Condor Flats post in my Lands of California Adventure series, and I decided that this would be great trivia to share for Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  So, I begged my friend Sheila from Cooking Underwriter to sacrifice and go to Disney’s California Adventure — I know, big sacrifice, right? — and get me some pictures.  All of the photos in this post are hers, and I am thankful to her for taking them and sending them to me!

The Fly ‘n’ Buy Souvenir shop, located in Condor Flats, fits the theming of this land perfectly.  Inside you will find some really cool stuff, and Sheila engaged Cast Member Jim from Brooklyn and learned a lot of great information.  Inside the store is a clock, a calendar from 1947, and a replica of an airplane.

The clock is frozen at the exact time when the sound barrier was broken by Chuck Yeager:

Sound Barrier

Image Courtesy Cooking Underwriter

It looks to me like it was 10:27:30 in the morning.

The calendar is fixed on the date that the sound barrier was broken:

sound barrier

Image Courtesy Cooking Underwriter

It’s a little hard to see, the according to some sources, the date is October 14th, 1947.  There is some contention that another broke the speed barrier prior to Yeager, but it is contended that that was done as part of a dive or something like that.

sound barrier

Image Courtesy Cooking Underwriter

Lastly, this picture is a replica of the plane that Chuck Yeager flew to break the sound barrier.

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Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – The TTA!


Monica, ML, and Sophie relax on the TTA!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia post, the weekly series where I team up with my friends Heidi from Heidi’s Head, Jenn from Disney Babies Blog, and Jodi from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse to share with you a bit of Disney trivia!  I apologize for the delay in getting this post out, I have been having some issues with the network or computer (I’m not sure which) — but everything seems to be okay now!

This week I’ve got a trivia question of my own making based off of something my daughter Sophie said to us about the TTA — the Tomorrowland Transit Authority!  This is likely a very easy trivia question, but let’s see — read it and please leave your answer in the comments below!

The TTA Trivia Question!

Where can you find the Hidden Mickey on the TTA?
a) On the belt of the lady getting her hair curled.
b) In the model of what Epcot was originally going to look like.
c) Somewhere in the Buzz Lightyear scene.
d) There is no Hidden Mickey.

So what do you think?  Do you know the answer to our trivia question?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks for playing along with us!  Now, please go check out the rest of the entries by clicking on the links below, and thanks for stopping by!  Remember to go out and make every day a Disney Day!