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24 Days: Primeval Whirl

Primeval Whirl

Primeval Whirl is our choice for #Day24 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown! Get ready to spin back in time!

Hello everyone, and welcome to My Dreams of Disney!  Today we are taking a look at Primeval Whirl in our #DisneyWorldCountdown series!  This is a deceptively cool ride!  It’s a thrill ride, but it’s not just a tame roller coaster.  When you ride Primeval Whirl, get ready, because you are going to spin almost as much as you do on Kali River Rapids!

Primeval Whirl

Here is the Time Machine, your mode of transportation on Primeval Whirl!

Your mode of transportation starts with this baby — the Time Machine!  As you can see, she seats four comfortably — or perhaps uncomfortably depending on how much spinning you do!  This round vehicle will transport you back in time, to the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth, just prior to their extinction!

Primeval Whirl

Get Ready. Get Set! Your Time Machine is taking you back to a time you won’t soon forget!

This ride is a lot of fun for me.  If you’ve ever been to Disneyland and California Adventure Park, there is a ride there called Goofy’s Sky School, and that attraction is built on the same spinning vehicle design as Primeval Whirl.  The ride feels like you are going to go flying right off the end of the track, but at the last moment, you turn, often in 90 degree turns, and that’s when the spinning begins!  Couple that with up and down small drops, and speed increases, and you know what?  You are in for the ride of your life!

I really like this attraction, and hope you do to, but tell me, is this your cup of tea, or do you go get a Jumbo Turkey Leg while others are riding?  Let me know in the comments, and in the meantime, here’s a bonus photo of Sophie eating that turkey leg!

Primeval Whirl

“Oh My! Look at Sophie devouring her first Jumbo Turkey Leg!”

Studio Backlot Tour

40 Days: Studio Backlot Tour

Studio Backlot Tour

I wonder if this “volunteer” knows what he’s getting into on the Studio Backlot Tour…

Hello everyone, and welcome to our look at the Studio Backlot Tour, part of our #DisneyWorldCountdown!  Can you believe that we are now sitting at #Day40 in our countdown?  That means that I’ve already shared with you 60 things that we are interested in, and I hope that you are enjoying our look at some things you might not think about taking a look at in either your Disney planning or when you are there at the parks.  Today’s attraction is one that we’ve only seen once, so it isn’t one that I have a whole lot of history with, but I do remember enjoying it — enough that I liked it, but not enough that it became a must do every year.  I do like the way that the “volunteers” — are they really volunteers you think? — play their roles.  As I said in the caption, do you think this one knew what he was getting himself into?  I don’t, as the pictures will show…

Studio Backlot Tour

I’m guessing that he doesn’t…

Oh, oh, better watch out and hope your buckled in properly!

Studio Backlot Tour

Throughout it all, though, he was a great trooper!

Despite getting doused with water, though, at the end, he still has a smile on his face for his 15 minutes of fame!  His partner, though, not so much…

Studio Backlot Tour

While this “volunteer” now wishes he hadn’t…

What do you think will happen with this tanker, though?  Any thoughts?

Studio Backlot Tour

What do you think will happen with this tanker?

I liked the Studio Backlot Tour.  It is kind of loud, though, so if you have youngsters, you may want to bring ear plugs for them — I know that Sophie and I can’t experience this without them because of the somewhat loud explosions.  I don’t know that I need to do this one again, but still, if you have never seen it, go take it in and tell me what you think.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great day!


60 Days: FastPass+


The Magic Band – the start of your FastPass+ Journey!

Hello everyone, and welcome to #Day60 of our #DisneyWorldCountdown!  With the changes to how you can schedule your FastPasses now, day 60 has much more importance than it did before!  As a result, today we are taking a look at the FastPass+ system!

If you are taking a Disney vacation, the new system that replaced the FastPass system is called FastPass+.  This system allows you to schedule which FastPass attractions, shows, fireworks viewing locations, or even parade viewing locations you want to schedule ahead of time.  If you are staying on Disney property, you will be able to schedule your FastPass+ reservations starting at 60 days out from your vacation start.  It has also been reported that if you are staying at the Dolphin or the Swan hotel located at the Disney Boardwalk region that you can make your FastPass+ reservations at 60 days out also, although you won’t get a Magic Band unless you pay for one.  If you are staying off property you will be able to schedule FastPass+ reservations, but only at 30 days out.

The way things currently stand, you can reserve up to 3 FastPass+ reservations prior to arrival per day.  All of them have to be made at one park.  However, if you finish your 3 FastPass+ reservations, you can then go to the kiosks and make additional reservations.  Also, if you have a smartphone or tablet device, you can make changes to your FastPass+ reservations on the fly by accessing the My Disney Experience app.  Remember, Disney has rolled out Wifi throughout the parks to make it easier to access the app.

Reviews are mixed from what I’ve seen about it.  Some people don’t like it, and some people do.  Generally speaking, though, the reports I’m seeing from people that have experienced it have been favorable.  Most report few issues with the system, and quick response and resolution of problems when they did have a problem.

For us, it will be really interesting to see how it works for all of us.  Our reservation is a complex one — Cindy, Sophie and I have annual passes, Leigh Ann and Riley will have regular park tickets, and Sheila, Randy and Miss J will have Disney Premier Passports.  All of this really makes for some interesting FastPass+ selections.  I’ll be keeping track of how well it is working and will let you know in a followup post how it worked for us!

In the meantime, tell me what you think about the FastPass+ system.  Like it? Hate it? Wish it was like it used to be?  Let me know in the comments please, and thanks for stopping by!

Innoventions West

77 Days: Innoventions West

Innoventions West

Innoventions West is our choice for #Day77 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our #DisneyWorldCountdown series!  Today is #Day77, — 11 weeks everyone! — and today, we are continuing our look at the Innoventions pavilion by taking a look at Innoventions West.  My friend Andy, from WDW Shutterbug, was very gracious and took the photos in this post for me, so go check out his Facebook page and tell him Mike sent you!

This part of the pavilion is one that I have a little more experience with — still not enough to claim to be a subject matter expert by any stretch, but I have been in here some at least!  This pavilion features some good attractions, again, these are attractions aimed at getting your kids involved in some hands on learning at the same time! (shh, don’t tell them!)

Innoventions West

This great fire truck is part of the “Where’s the Fire?” attraction!

In Where’s the Fire?, you are tasked with finding the fire hazards in the house, and afterwards, get your picture taken with the fire truck and answer the questions to become the fire chief!

Innoventions West

Where’s the Fire? House

In addition to the Where’s the Fire? attraction, you have these other attractions to explore in this part of the pavilion:

  • THINK — the attraction where you think about how the world can be different!
  • The Great Piggy Bank Adventure — learn in this attraction the ways to save for a special event, such as a great Disney vacation or other important item!
  • Videogame Playground — The playground is a place to compete against your favorite teams, play with your favorite Disney characters, and more!

Do you and your family take a look at Innoventions West?  Do you like it, or do you skip it?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!


Maharajah Jungle Trek

79 Days: Maharajah Jungle Trek

Maharajah Jungle Trek

Image ©Disney Parks

Hello everyone, and welcome to #Day79 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown!  Today we are taking a look at the Maharajah Jungle Trek, a walking path over in Asia that has some great views of the wildlife.  I’ll admit, this isn’t an attraction that we frequent very often, it’s too close to Kali River Rapids and that tends to draw my attention.  However, I plan on seeing it in June and taking plenty of pictures of my own!  You have the opportunity to see some of these animals when you go on the Jungle Trek:

  • Asian tiger
  • Gibbons
  • Elds deer
  • Blackbuck
  • Rodrigues fruit bat
  • Malayan flying fox
  • Banteng
  • Over 50 species of birds

Do you and your family take a walk on the Jungle Trek, or do you skip on by?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by today!