Happy Thanksgiving – What I’m Thankful For

Sophie and her Poppy reading a book.

Sophie and her Poppy reading a book.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!  I hope that you are waking up to the smells of good food, the laughter of family, and the thankful nature that we all hopefully have at this time of year.  Here at My Dreams of Disney, we have so much to be thankful for — not the least of which, of course, is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ — so I thought I would take a moment to share with you some of the things that I’m thankful for on this blessed day.  I hope that you enjoy our photos, and that you and your family have a wonderful day together!

The picture at the beginning of this post was taken on Thanksgiving Day, 2008 — in what would be the last Thanksgiving that my Grandpa would come to our house for.  In this picture, Sophie and her Poppy were sitting at the dining room table, reading a book — or, to be more precise, Sophie was reading to her Poppy.  My Grandpa had Macular Degeneration, so his eyesight at this point was pretty bad — but he loved having Sophie there to share the story with him!  The time that Sophie was able to spend with her Poppy (and Nana, before she passed away) is definitely one thing that I am truly Thankful for.

In this picture, you have 4 generations represented -- Sophie, me, my Mom, and my Grandpa

In this picture, you have 4 generations represented — Sophie, me, my Mom, and my Grandpa

This next picture was taken on Christmas Day in 2008 — in it, you see Sophie, with her Daddy (me), Mom on the left, and Grandpa — four generations, all represented in one photo.  The blessings of Family are among my most treasured blessings! Continuing in my theme, you see another family moment — this one was taken in Montana, at Earthquake Lake, in 2005, when Cindy, Sophie and I went there to visit family and celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

Cindy, Sophie and myself in front of Earthquake Lake in Montana, August, 2005.

Cindy, Sophie and myself in front of Earthquake Lake in Montana, August, 2005.

Another thing I’m thankful for is my sister Robin and her family.  This picture is a little dated, but in it are Jim, Robin, and their three kids, Brett, Leslie, and Stephanie.

Robin's Family

Robin, Jim, and their kids.

I’m also thankful to the newest member of our family — Regan, our lovable Golden Retriever who has made himself right at home.  He has a heart of gold, and not a mean bone in his body!

How can you not love this buddy!

How can you not love this buddy!

Of course, no post about what I’m thankful for wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Disney — it is, after all, one thing that I am absolutely blessed to be able to enjoy with my family and our friends!  This collage of pictures was just created for this week’s Wordless Wednesday post, but I am thankful for each and every memory that our trips to Disney have created in the hearts and minds of me and my family.

Left to Right, Top:

Included in collage: Kyle, Cindy, Steph, Shane, Sophie, Nancy, Otis, Riley, Minnie Mouse, Pooh, Mama, Sherry, and me!

To finish us off, I want to share one last photo — a picture of my Dad, his buddy in Florida, and myself, taken on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  I didn’t catch a single fish that day, but it is a memory that I have never forgotten, and one that I truly am thankful for!

Geno, Geezer & Mike

Geno, my Dad, and me

My friends, I hope that this day finds you with a thankful heart as you celebrate as best you can Thanksgiving.  I know that the world is not perfect — I know that many of you have to work on this day because of the greed of selfishness of business owners, and I know that many of you may not have family around to celebrate with.  Please know that those of you that take the time each and every day to stop by our little site to hear what we write about — whether it be about Disney, our Lord, or anything in between — please know that YOU are also part of my family, and I am blessed beyond belief that you come and visit.

Please be safe, everyone, and no matter what the circumstances may be, please have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Pleading for a return to Thanksgiving…

Retail Greed

These are just some of the retailers that are open on Thanksgiving…

Belk. Macy’s. Kohl’s. Best Buy. Kmart. Sears. Target. Walmart. Toys ‘R’ Us.  These are just a handful of stores that have announced that they will be opening on Thanksgiving Day.

What has happened to our society?  Where has our sense of family gone?  Why have we become a society that cares only about ourselves, and never stands up and says enough is enough?

For years, Black Friday was the traditional start of the Christmas Season — the one day in the year when retailers around the country would open up early, stay open late, and provide incentives in the form of sales for top notch stuff to entice consumers — like you and I — to wake up early to be part of the game.  Black Friday was also the supposed day of the year when retailers would actually turn a profit for the year — when their months and months of low sales and high overhead would be reversed on one day of shopping.  Hence the term Black Friday.

Somehow, though, all that has changed.  Gone are the days, it seems, when Thanksgiving was about spending time with your family — when you would sit home, enjoy a great meal, talk around the table about the blessings that you have, and generally, love your family and spend time with them.

Now, we are so impatient, so quick to want to move on to the next thing — whatever it may be — that we are bound and determined that we will allow ourselves to be taken away from our families by the promise of a great sale for some piece of rubbish that we don’t even need.

I wish that we were transformed back to a simpler day and age, a time when stores weren’t open on major holidays — in fact, they weren’t even open on Sunday.  A day when we ate a meal together every day of the week, not just on Thanksgiving — and we counted the fact that we had food on the table as one of our many blessings.  I miss those days.  It wasn’t that long ago when our society would rise up and be a force — when the shopping public would announce loud and clear to the retail chains of this country that we were not going to be shopping at your stores on Thanksgiving, so don’t ruin the day for your employees by opening.  In fact, don’t even think about it.

Now, we don’t care that we are taking away from someone elses Thanksgiving time from their family — all we care about is getting out there at 4PM to get a ticket to get in at 6PM, or getting to the mall at 7PM so that we can get a lousy $5 gift card when the store opens at 8PM.

I wish that the insanity would stop, that people would realize that they are being foolish beyond belief, and that, just once, we as a society wouldn’t allow ourselves to be herded like cattle just because some stores are opening on Thanksgiving.

I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving, I will not be shopping on Black Friday — the only shopping I may do is to support my local retailer on Small Business Saturday — and I’m not even certain that I’ll do that.  I urge you to do the same.



Wordless Wednesday – Disney Friends and Family


Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Wordless Wednesday post!  This week we are taking a look at the Disney theme “Friends and Family” that my good friend Deb from Focused on the Magic posts on her site, and with Thanksgiving just a short ways away, this is the perfect theme!  I’m trying to get a little fancy here, so I’m creating a picture out of some of our pictures from the past few years — do you like it?  I’m not sure that I have that creative gene in place to do this sort of stuff, but we’ll see!

As always, please stop by Focused on the Magic and check out the rest of the great entries!  This is a happening hop because of all the hard work that Deb has put into it, and if you have a blog and want to share a Disney photo with us, please write up a post and add it to the link!  Just click on the button below to get to Deb’s site, and thanks for stopping by!

Focused on the Magic

Disney in Pictures: My Thankful Things!

On this Thanksgiving edition of Disney In Pictures, I wanted to share with you some of the great pictures that I have that truly represent the people in my life that I am truly blessed to know and love.  This is a simple post, but the love that is in evident in these pictures is true, heartfelt, and lasting.

To everyone that I know and love, this post is dedicated to you.  I would not be the man I am if it weren’t for your efforts to guide me on my journey, and I won’t forget that.  Some of these people have left us, but they are not forgotten, and while the grief of losing them was great, the life lessons that I learned from them are lasting, as is the knowledge that I will be reunited with them again in Heaven one day.

The pictures depicted above are by no means a full representation of all the things that I am thankful for.  It is a cross representation, a highlight reel, if you will, and a way of showing that there are many things I am thankful for — and they aren’t all related to Disney, too!

I have never used a photo gallery like that before, I hope you enjoyed it, maybe I’ll do something like that again in the future!  Until next time, I hope you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving break, and that you are ready to dive headfirst into the upcoming holiday seasons, whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or any other holiday during this time.

I hope, in the end, the one thing that I have impressed upon you is the need for all of us to stop, slow down, and remember all of the things that we have to be thankful for.  That, my friends, is really what the Thanksgiving time is all about to me — sitting down with family or friends, enjoying our time together, remembering those that aren’t with us anymore, and certainly, remembering those that are serving to keep us safe and those that aren’t as fortunate as we are.  That is what Thanksgiving is to me.

Disney In Pictures – “Thankful Things!”

I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving!  I know I did!  Now that we have all digested our meals, don’t forget all of the things that you are thankful for!  Do you have a photo of something you are thankful for that you would like to share with us for this week’s Disney In Pictures?  If you do, follow these steps to send it to us so we can share it on Sunday:

  • Email the photo to mickey@mydreamsofdisney.com
  • Include your name, and why the photo is special to you
  • If you have a blog, feel free to share it, and we’ll link it so you can get some link love!

With all of the holiday action this week, entries are kind of scarce, so act now to get your pictures shared so we can see all of the things that you are thankful for!

While you are at it, don’t forget to enter to win the $50 Disney Gift Card we are featuring this week and next!  Just click on that link to read about it and enter to win!  Good luck everyone!