Zorro Gets a Helping Hand

My wife is getting used to my tendency to pause movies at odd times as I yell out “Did you see that?!” It’s a good thing she’s a patient woman. But I don’t only see Disney in the backgrounds, I also delight in spotting filming mistakes or outright gaffs in production.

Have you ever noticed lapses in continuity in your favorite shows? You know, one minute the glass your favorite character is drinking from is half full and the next, after drinking for several minutes, it’s miraculously full again?

Well this happens all the time and even in vintage Disney programs. Case in point:

Media Zorro Complete First Season 1 +

The Complete First Season of Disney’s Zorro

This fantastic television series ended way too soon but did still manage to rocket Guy Williams to super stardom in the 1950’s. If you couldn’t be Davy Crockett, you were Zorro!

Media Zorro Complete First Season 2 +

Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega

Media Zorro Complete Second Season 1 +

The Complete Second Season of Disney’s Zorro

Media Zorro Complete Second Season 2 +

Guy Williams as Zorro

And now to the gaff in question. Let’s look at this from the point of view of a horse. You’re standing under a second-story window and you know that any second the nut who owns you is going to leap out of a window and come slamming down onto your back and then start whipping you into a gallop. You:

A: Stand there and dutifully wait for the pain.

B: Try to escape and run away before he lands on you.

C: Back up and bite him on the butt as he falls past you.

D: Contact Walt Disney to renegotiate your contract.

The correct answer, if you are Zorro’s horse, is ‘B’, but there is only one problem. Check out this picture and note what would stop Toronado from doing this:

Media Zorro Gaff +

Yup. Disney had a stagehand holding onto Toronado so that he had to do A, but couldn’t do either B or C. But I’m sure that after this scene was over, Toronado did ‘D’ for sure! Wouldn’t you?

Hope you enjoyed this vintage look into TV Land of the 1950’s!

Sterling Holloway Visits Andy of Mayberry


While watching yet another great old TV show, this time The Andy Griffith Show, I was delighted to see one of my favorite voice actors from the Disney animated films. His name should be known to all but it is undeniably his voice that is instantly recognizable, especially if you like Winnie the Pooh.

If you’re like me, then you’ll get a kick out of seeing this versatile man in a non-Disney role:

Sterling Holloway 1

Andy meets… Bert Miller?

Sterling Holloway 2

Naw, it’s Sterling Holloway!

I also have the entire series of The Andy Griffith Show (are you detecting a pattern here?) and found this cameo in the season two episode entitled The Merchant of Mayberry (03-05-62). But I also found something else of interest. Take a look at the grocery store window behind the boys: A 10 lb bag of potatoes for only… 29 cents! Must be 1962.

Sterling Holloway 3

A face only millions of Disney fans could love! And do!

Before I go, take one more look into 1962 and note the price of 5 lbs of bacon: just 99 cents! Mmmmmm… bacon.

So which character voiced by Sterling Holloway is your favorite?

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Kaa (from The Jungle Book)
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • or another?

As always, please share your answer with everyone in the comments below!

Mickey Visits the Partridge Family

{Editor’s Note:  Today we introduce a great friend of mine, Lee, who is from North of the Border and is one that I used to write with at Chip & Company.  In doing so, we are also delving into the realm of Television, and looking at different shows that have had a Disney influence on them!  We hope you enjoy, please give Lee a warm welcome!}

My wife and I love to watch old TV shows. We find the 70’s and 80’s, while they delivered horrible fashion and car design, at least gave us great sitcoms! Recently I was able to pick up the complete series of The Partridge Family on DVD for only $30 at Wal-Mart and we are making our way through the first season.

Imagine our surprise when a famous mouse appeared in the episode entitled My Son, The Feminist (episode 12). See if you can spot Mickey in this picture:

Partridge Family Mickey 1

Time’s a wastin’, found him yet?

If you said the vintage Mickey Alarm Clock over Shirley Jones’ left shoulder, you have a good eye! But just so you can see it a bit better, here is a bigger image:

Partridge Family Mickey 2

Not very clear, but a definite confirmation of a Mickey sighting!

Please check back from time to time as I will be sharing other Disney celebrity sightings from The Partridge Family as well as The Twilight Zone, The Andy Griffith Show, and others.

Say, have you ever spotted a Disney Celeb hiding out in your favorite sitcom? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Annette Funicello passes away at age 70.


Image courtesy and ©DizRadio.com

It is with deep sadness that My Dreams of Disney reports the passing of Annette Funicello, one of the original members of the Mickey Mouse Club.  She was 70 years old, and died of complications from multiple sclerosis.  Annette had a wonderful career, in and outside of Disney, but it is her work on the Mickey Mouse Club that I remember most.  While the show was on before I was born, running in the 50s, I was able to pick up the show more recently via the Internet.

In tribute to her work and career, we here at My Dreams of Disney have a few YouTube videos to share with you, starting with this one, the Mickey Mouse Club song.

In addition to the song, we also dug up a spinoff show that ran in the 1950s starring Annette Funicello.  It was called Walt Disney Presents: Annette, and here is the first show of that TV series.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Funicello family in their time of grief.  May she rest in peace, and may God’s Peace and Strength descend upon the family and their friends (and us, the fans) in their time of grief.