A ‘Trip to Disneyland Game’ by Somerville

I have quite a collection of Disney games. With the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland I thought it might be nice to take a closer look at one game that features that iconic park, namely:

Made in Canada by Somerville Limited

This is a very simple game. It can be played by 2 or 3 players. Let’s have a look at the game pieces:

Still on the original card

Note that the wild card is called a Master Card and, of course, it is Walt Disney! I was delighted to find that this game had not even been used, which boosts its value as a collectible. Now let’s see the game board:


That’s one long game board!

Each player puts his pawn on the start area under one of the three lanes and draws 6 cards. The player will stay in this lane throughout the game. The first player spins and moves the amount of spaces indicated. To advance, the player must have a card that matches the character on the space he occupies. If not, they draw a card. If they still do not have the character, play moves to the next player.

There are free spaces and wild cards to help things along. The game ends when someone arrives at Disneyland! Unfortunately, not the real one.

Which color do you want? (I want red)

The game can be won in 19 moves plus however many missed turns a player may get. Again, not the most difficult game in the world, but that’s why it is for ages 6-10.

It is likely that this game is from the 1970’s or 80’s based on the artwork.

FUN FACT: This game was manufactured in London, ON which is under 2 hours away from where I currently live! Well, it’s a fun fact for me.

DISNEY ON PARADE Pop Up Promotional Booklet

Disney On Parade was not a parade, nor was it on ice, but on a stage. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were the hosts and main stars of the show, with many Disney characters joining in on the fun.

Capital Artists Limited produced the booklet above and sold it as a souvenir at each show for HK $5.00 each. This leads me to believe that this particular engagement was performed in China, as no American price is included.

The introduction of the booklet says “Disney On Parade really began once upon a time, more than 30 years ago… it was 1937.” More than ’30 years ago’ would place the year of this show later than 1968. However, the first annual Disney On Parade show started in 1970, with a second show in 1971. This is the cover of the souvenir booklet for that show:

The three characters on this cover are in the same exact poses as the ones in the pop-up booklet of 1970.

Let’s look at the 1970 booklet. It measures approx 8″ by 11 3/4″, has a stapled binding and approximately 36 pages(not counting the cover). The cover is a light weight cardboard, the pages are a good quality gloss-paper. It is printed in full color.

A very nice pop-up variation

The book has text both in English and Chinese. The back cover is the same as the front, but entirely in Chinese. This is presumably because Chinese is read from back to front, the opposite of English. This is apparently not the case now since the advent of computers.

Here are some of the pages, featuring the acts:

The booklet concludes with a great behind the scenes section:

This two-page spread gives the lyrics for the songs used in the show. With this souvenir booklet in hand, each guest could sing along!

The lyrics were also published in the booklet in Chinese as well. Cast and crew credits are also included.

This is a great piece of Disney history, remembering a time when costumes weren’t the best, but the fun was still second to none!

Disney Music Monday

Disney Music Monday – Whistle While You Work

Disney Music Monday

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s #DisneyMusicMonday post! I’m joined today by my friend Tim from Dad for Disney.  Since today is the first day of school for my daughter and many other children across the country, I hope this post will cheer them up as they start their “work” at school! For you teachers, too, I hope this helps kick off a great week of school!

I thought a while about what sort of back to school video I could share that was Disney related, but in the end, I thought that “Whistle While You Work” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a great way to show how much can be accomplished if we all team up and work together!  For Sophie and all the rest of the students, if you remember this, you’ll find that the year will go by much faster and you’ll do better also!

Now, enjoy Snow White singing “Whistle While You Work” and have a great day!

Another option I have for you to enjoy your first days of school comes from Finding Nemo — the song sung by Mr. Ray!  Have a look, and enjoy!

Now, check out the rest of the entries, and if you have a blog, add your post into our list as well!  Thanks everyone, have a great day!

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Our Favorite Disney Memories 2010

Stephanie, Snow White, and Sophie enjoy a picture at Akershus!

Stephanie, Snow White, and Sophie enjoy a picture at Akershus!

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Favorite Disney Memories 2010 edition!  So much happened in this trip in June 2010 for Sophie’s birthday that I almost don’t know where to start!  I’ll do my best, though, and I hope you enjoy my walk down memory lane.  At the end of the post, please share your favorite Disney memories in our comments section, and thanks!

The picture at the top was taken at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall for our Princess Storybook Dining character dinner!  I think the combination of my niece Stephanie, my daughter Sophie, and Snow White is a great combination!

This trip started with a big surprise for Sophie — she found out the night before we were leaving that Stephanie was coming with us!  We arranged for Stephanie to ring the doorbell when she got to our house, and I had Sophie answer it.  When she saw her cousin, after hugs and kisses and excitement, she whispered to me “Daddy, why is she here?”  It was a great moment, and one that we all will never forget!

This picture of the bridge at the Boardwalk region of Disney is a fun one for me!

This picture of the bridge at the Boardwalk region of Disney is a fun one for me!

One thing we did on this trip that we had never done before was spend an evening at the Boardwalk region of Disney!  It was a lot of fun, and we made a point to spend time there before we got all inundated at the parks, so we actually did this before we even checked in to our resort hotel!  We made plans to eat at the Captain’s Grille, which is a restaurant one of my friends used to work at, and then we spent the night just walking around the boardwalk, checking out the shopping, enjoying the street performers, and having a great night all around.

I enjoy this great picture of my niece and I from our visit to the Crystal Palace!

I enjoy this great picture of my niece and I from our visit to the Crystal Palace!

This trip was a lot of fun — we even got a great picture of my niece Stephanie and I from the Crystal Palace!  This trip had it all; great family memories, fantastic dining using the Disney Dining Plan, Sophie and Stephanie walking around the parks like they were sisters, and Cindy and I just taking it all in and enjoying every minute of it!

The Mickey & Friends Railroad located at the DVC Welcome Center at Saratoga Springs!

The Mickey & Friends Railroad located at the DVC Welcome Center at Saratoga Springs!

This trip was special in many other ways, also, including the fact that we purchased our DVC ownership on this trip!  That was such a big decision, but it was the right one, because since we bought our ownership interest, we have been to Walt Disney World with our close family, great friends, and we have stayed at Bay Lake Tower, Kidani Village, the Grand Californian Hotel, and this year, back to Bay Lake Tower!

Sophie received this pirate gear at Downtown Disney!

Sophie received this pirate gear at Downtown Disney!

But, without a doubt, the biggest memory from our trip was celebrating Sophie’s 9th birthday.  She loves celebrating at Disney, and one day during that trip, we took the water taxi from Port Orleans French Quarter, our resort, to Downtown Disney.  When we were getting off the taxi, the captain wished Sophie a happy birthday, and then he had us hang on a minute, and he pulled out of his bag of tricks a Princess Pirate getup.  That little gesture absolutely made Sophie’s day, and she wore the bandana with pride, and also the eye patch and sword too!  Lastly, at Hollywood Studios, as we were finishing up our visit for the year, Sophie’s Happy Birthday button became worn out from water rides, heat, sweat, and you name it.  One of the Disney artists saw it, took Sophie’s button, wiped off the sharpie, and then proceeded to spend about 15 minutes decorating her name in the Disney font, and adding glitter, and puffy ink, and all that.  It was a great keepsake, and absolute proof to how incredible the Disney Cast Members truly are.

Thank you my friends for visiting today, and remember, I love hearing memories, so please send me your favorite memories by leaving them in the comments below!  Now, go out there and make today and everyday a great Disney Day!



19 Days til Disneyland – Snow White’s Scary Adventures!

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

My friends, we have hit day 19 in our countdown to Disneyland!  Today we are taking a look at one of the things that no longer exists at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World — namely, Snow White’s Scary Adventures!

The version of Snow White’s Scary Adventures at Magic Kingdom was closed as part of the expanded Fantasyland, and is being worked on to turn it into a Princess Meet & Greet location.  I’m not certain that I agree with the change for that — I think it should have been kept as an attraction ride rather than a place to meet the Princesses — but they don’t ask my opinion on that!

What I know, though, is that I am really excited to be able to experience Snow White’s Scary Adventures once again.  It was a lot of fun for me, and in fact, there have been many people — and one very special person in particular — that really loved Snow White’s Scary Adventures — and whose story is the subject of a book that will really bring alive what Disney is all about.

So, in 19 days, we’ll be at Disneyland, and soon thereafter, we’ll be enjoying many of the great attractions that we’ll find there — and Snow White’s Scary Adventures will be on that list!

Thanks for stopping by, please tell me what you think of the ride!