Your #DisneyMemory of Wishes

Hello, and welcome today’s #DisneyMemory segment!  The focus today is on a special fireworks show that many people know and love — Wishes!  Like roller coasters, when I was a kid, I was terrified of fireworks.  For me mostly, it was a sensory issue involving the loud noises and the way I would tense up in anticipation of those booms.  So for many years, I would not watch fireworks, either at Walt Disney World or anywhere.  Then one year, my wife suggested that my daughter and I get ear plugs, and that was the start of a love affair of Wishes.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of getting them sooner — I guess I just figured I would never bother with seeing fireworks — but I’m glad that my wife had the great idea to do that.  I’ve since found out that you can also get ear plugs at Guest Services for free, so that’s a great thing also.  Now, fireworks don’t seem so bad anymore, and I enjoy them a great deal.

My favorite #DisneyMemory from Wishes is from our trip in 2012.  In that trip, Cindy, Sophie and myself invited our friends Kerry & Neal and their kids and our friend Monica and her daughter to join us, and one of the reservations we had for that trip was at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  The problem was that the earliest time we could get for our party size was 8:30 PM, which I was inclined to skip on, but the others really wanted to eat there, so we decided to stick with it.  Well, what turned into an absolutely terrible dining time (especially with a 4 and 2 1/2 year old in our party) turned into one of the greatest moments of Disney Magic we ever experienced.  Since we were there late, and since we had a party of 9, dinner took longer, to the tune of us being inside the Castle when Wishes was beginning.  We were able to experience the fireworks through the windows, and listen to the show audio in the restaurant.  Obviously, while we didn’t see as much in the way of the actual fireworks as we would have had we been outside, it was still an incredible memory, and that is my favorite #DisneyMemory of Wishes.

So please tell me, what is your favorite #DisneyMemory of Wishes?  Please let us know in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by to join us today!

Space Mountain

Your #DisneyMemory of Space Mountain

Space Mountain

I grew up not liking Space Mountain, so it’s quite a turnaround that I have a great #DisneyMemory for this ride!

When I was a kid, roller coasters were not my friend. I didn’t like the speed, I didn’t like the turns, and at the top of my list of ones I didn’t like was Space Mountain.  However, as I got older, I tried other roller coasters, and learned that they are a lot of fun, and have been a fan of roller coasters for years now.  The first time I road Space Mountain was in 2000 with my soon to be wife Cindy, and since it was in the dark, I kept trying to anticipate the turns, and ended up with a splitting headache for my troubles.  So, that first time, definitely not my favorite #DisneyMemory!

However, I gave it another shot in a different visit, and over time, I grew to like Space Mountain a great deal.  My favorite #DisneyMemory from this great attraction comes on June 11, 2012 — which just happens to be the day that Shane proposed to Stephanie — and the day that Stephanie, Shane, Cindy, Kyle, Kerry, and myself rode Space Mountain together.  I’ll never forget because Kerry was very nervous — to this day she still doesn’t like Space Mountain — but she tried it out, and gave it her best effort.  She was actually doing okay — until, that is, Kyle let out a blood curdling scream — and from that moment on, it was chaos!

Such a fun ride, that was, and at 1:30 AM or something like that, it felt like the ride was ramped up to an insane speed, despite the ride being the slowest roller coaster at Disney.  I don’t know what it was, perhaps all of those factors working together, but that day, that visit, that ride, was my favorite #DisneyMemory for Space Mountain.

What is your favorite #DisneyMemory from Space Mountain? Please let us know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!

What is your favorite Disney Roller Coaster?

This shot is not deliberately upside down by some trick -- this shot was taken while we were upside down!

This shot is not deliberately upside down by some trick — this shot was taken while we were upside down!

Piggy-backing on yesterday’s post on California Screamin’, we’ve got a poll for you today.  Thinking about all of the Disney roller coasters you have experienced in your life, whether it be at the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Park, Disneyland Paris, and so on, what is your absolute favorite roller coaster?  There are several to choose from, of course.  You’ve got Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Expedition Everest, California Screamin’, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and the list goes on.  Have a look at our poll, we’ve included several options to choose from, as well as an option to choose your own.

This is an open poll, so it won’t close, and you should be able to choose your own answer if ours doesn’t fit in what you are looking for, so have at it!  Of course, the Disney parks aren’t like the Six Flags and the Carowinds of the world, so chances are there may be roller coasters at other amusement parks you like better — but for us, we want to know which is your favorite Disney roller coaster, so let us know your thoughts, and thanks!

Magic Kingdom Attraction Guide – The Barnstormer


Image courtesy and ©Denny

Image courtesy and ©Denny

The Barnstormer is next in our list in the Magic Kingdom Attraction Guide.  This roller coaster went through a change with the expansion of Fantasyland, changing from Goofy’s Barnstormer to The Barnstormer, and with some other theme changes.  To my knowledge, though, the track is the same as before.  Here are the specs for you:

Attraction Name: The Barnstormer
Attraction Type: Small Drops
Height Requirements: 35″ or taller
Location: Fantasyland
Hours of Operation: All Day.
FastPass+: Available

When my daughter was young, she loved this coaster because she was tall enough to ride it, and it gave her a great thrill to be “grown up” enough to ride a roller coaster.  Now that she is a teenager, of course, she doesn’t have much interest in riding this, but if you have a child aged 9 or under, I bet they will like it!

Image courtesy and ©Denny

Image courtesy and ©Denny

As coasters go, this one is certainly at the bottom of the list for the Magic Kingdom, but like all things Disney, the story isn’t just the roller coaster, the story is the backstory of the attraction.  In this case, check out Goofy, who is the Great Goofini, and take in all the little features that make up this attraction.  You may be surprised at how much fun you have if you give this coaster a chance.

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain

The theming of Big Thunder Mountain is great!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by as we continue our Disney World Countdown!  Today we are looking at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, that great roller coaster located in the Magic Kingdom.  This is a fun roller coaster, and for timid roller coaster fans, I don’t think it’s a majorly scary one, so if you were going to try one roller coaster at Disney, I would suggest this one!

Big Thunder Mountain

This is a favorite shot of mine because it is like the train is just flying around the corner!

There are a lot of fun things about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and to truly see all of them, I suggest that you ride it both during the day and at night.  At night it is particularly fun because the darkness adds another dimension to the attraction, including the dancing girls that can be seen on the 2nd floor of the saloon when you pass through town!

Big Thunder Mountain

I like this shot — you can see Cinderella Castle from Big Thunder Mountain!

Another thing I like is that, at night, if you take time to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad during Wishes, you’ll literally just walk right on, and on top of it, during the ride, you’ll be able to see some of the fireworks from the show!

Big Thunder Mountain is one of my favorite roller coasters, is it on your favorite list too?  Let me know, and thanks for stopping by!