Thanks to my friends at Mouse Chat Podcast!

My friends at Mouse Chat Podcast have one of the best Disney Travel podcasts in the business, as evidenced by their recent nomination in the Best Travel Podcast category of!  I do not know if they have won or not, in fact, no one knows — the awards ceremony isn’t until January 7th, 2013, and will be streamed live on the Internet — but regardless of the outcome, there isn’t a podcast out there that I have enjoyed more then Mouse Chat.

The other day I received an incredible message!  I had won a contest that Mouse Chat was having!  I was shocked, because let’s face it, my site has been known to have a contest or two, but I’ve only won a few contests over several years, so I never expect to win!

The prizes: A set of 4 Porcelain 8″ Plates from the new Fantasyland area as well as a set of 4 Porcelain 4″ Coasters!  Check out the photos to see the designs!

If you have not listened to the Mouse Chat Podcast, you can check them out via iTunes and subscribe to the podcast there, or you can listen to them directly on the website.  I strongly urge you to do so, you’ll be glad you did and you never know what you’ll here on the show!

To wrap it up, I’m sharing with you the Top 10 things you’ll here on MouseChat that you would never hear on the other nominations in the Best Travel Podcast Category (as seen on the Mouse Chat Podcast Facebook Page last week):

From the home office in Canton, Georgia, here are the Top 10 things you’ll hear on Mouse Chat that you won’t from the other Disney podcasts nominated in the travel category in the podcast awards:

10. The unconventional uses for a bushel of apples, and what your used car salesman isn’t telling you.
9. Fashion tips for the budget conscious gentleman from Steve, or how $8 sneakers make the man.
8. Lisa’s strange obsession with baking sprinkles, and why she packages them in “dime baggies.”
7. Why getting drunk on a Disney cruise and the Righteous Brothers don’t mix (also known as “thank goodness You Tube didn’t exist in the year 2000.”).
6. Duffy the Bear conspiracy theories. Seriously, why IS he bigger than Mickey Mouse? And what’s with the hidden Mickey on his butt?
5. The “ins and outs” of alien abduction, and why there’s no probing going on these days (hint: it’s all about the tonsils. And the swagger).
4. Bob’s (poor) voice impressions of Sam Eagle, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Marvin the Martian (that one is actually pretty spot on) and Fozzie Bear. Okay, so he’s not really trying to sound like Fozzie, that’s just his normal voice.
3. The objects you have around your house right now that you can use to gouge out your eyes and ears rather than be subjected to another viewing of the Main Street Electrical Parade.
2. Andy Rooney style epic rants, now with less eyebrow.
1. Why it all comes down to carrot cake cookies, cupcakes, and the Grey Goose Orange Slushie sold in the France Pavilion.

Once again, thank you to my friends at Mouse Chat!  You certainly made my day!