Via Napoli

19 Days: Via Napoli

Via Napoli

The chefs are ready to make some of the yummy pizza for the Guests of Via Napoli as Stromboli, Vesuvio, and Etna look on!

Hello everyone, and welcome to My Dreams of Disney, the site that strives to turn My Dreams of Disney into Your Dreams of Disney!  Today we are down in the teens in our #DisneyWorldCountdown!  We are at #Day19, and for this day, we have chosen Via Napoli as our focal point for the day!  I chose this restaurant, which is located in Epcot’s World Showcase at the Italy Pavilion, because Sophie has requested this restaurant for her birthday dinner (I can’t believe she’ll be 13!) on June 19th, and since today is Day 19, it fit right into the way my brain thinks!

We have eaten here just one time, back in 2012, but I’ve got to tell you, it made an immediate impact on my family and friends, so it was no surprise to me that Sophie requested the restaurant for her birthday.  The restaurant features great pizza, but also other great Italian dishes, and if you want the full menu to start planning your own visit to the restaurant, feel free to click on this link to go to the Disney World website.  The restaurant is also, in my opinion, very beautiful, with the unique pizza ovens staring at us, and the gorgeous chandelier that hangs in the check-in area.

Via Napoli

The colorful chandelier hangs in the lobby of Via Napoli, right where you check-in!

Couple these great features with the incredible food, and it’s no surprise to me that this restaurant has become a favorite of not just my family, but many other guests that have passed through it’s doors.  What about you, though?  Is Via Napoli on your list of Must Eat restaurants, or do you skip it by?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!

Disney Mickey Pizza – Mickey Shaped Pizza

There must be literally thousands of what we call ‘Hidden Mickeys’. But I think you’ll agree that this Mickey shaped pizza takes the cake. Or the pie:

(Hidden) Mickey Pizza

My sister got this for me well beyond the expiry date of 06-03-09 but I cooked it up anyway. But… I didn’t eat it. Hey, I’m a fan of all-things Disney, but I’m not crazy!

Here’s how it looked after a vacation in my oven

I love the box showing Mickey and Goofy in the kitchen preparing the Special of the Day: Pizza. I wish I could have eaten it, but alas, we will never know if a Hidden Mickey tastes as good as it looks!

Restaurant Review: The Pizza Press in Anaheim

1534 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92866


Nice Interior

In January of 2013 my wife and I visited California for the first time. We stayed at the Howard Johnson on S. Harbor Street just up the road from the main entrance plaza for Disneyland and DCA. Now, although we did do most of our eating on property, I couldn’t help notice The Pizza Press restaurant just across the street.

If it were any closer, it’d be IN Disneyland

Sometimes you just need great pizza… and beer! And it doesn’t hurt if the prices are less than Park prices, if you know what I mean. I left California knowing that I wanted to return to Disneyland again. But I also left knowing that I wanted to return to eat and drink some more of this:

Build your own pizza for just $10.00 USD

Unlimited toppings (so I went with every meat they had) extra cheese, mushroom, onion and drizzled with BBQ sauce. Pizza Perfection! And a stout ale to wash it down with didn’t hurt the taste buds either. They offer a wide selection of popular, mainstream beers, but also a nice selection of micro-breweries and regionals.

Hand-Crafted Beer? Yes, please!

 So if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland, you won’t have far to go for some of the best pizza on the planet (not “Pizza Planet” pizza, just the best… oh, you get it!)

Be sure to click the link to their official site to view the entire menu and prices. One last note: NO Gluten-free options as of 2013.