Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – Michael Eisner

Image ©thewaltdisneycompany.com

Image ©thewaltdisneycompany.com

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by today in our #DisneyTrivia segment called Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!  I’m joined as always by my friends Jodi from Sunny Florida (and Magical Mouse Schoolhouse) and Heidi and Jenn from Cold, Frozen — no, not that Frozen — Heidi’s Head and Disney Babies Blog, respectfully.  Say hi everyone!

Today’s post comes to us from This Day in Disney History, and I for one found this a very interesting one!  In reading this, I was thinking to myself, wow, way to lay a gut punch on Michael Eisner.  Now, I know there are many Disney fans out there who are not fans of Michael Eisner and his time at Disney.  Personally, I’ve never gotten into the corporate history of Disney enough to form my own opinion about it.  I don’t look at the corporate side of Disney as much as some — I prefer to look at the historical side from the parks point of view, and think about things other than the financial aspect of the corporation.  Do I know that Disney makes money hand over fist?  Sure I do — but that’s not as important to me and my family as the memories of our wonderful trips are — memories that we have that will last a lifetime in our hearts.  So, here is today’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia.  I hope you enjoy it!

March 3, 2004:
Disney’s Board of Directors hold their Annual Meeting of Shareholders at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia at 10 a.m. The meeting is available live via webcast at the Investor Relations’ Web site.
Roy Disney’s speech includes these words: “My Dad was quoted once as saying, It’s easy to make decisions, once you know what your values are. Unfortunately, our corporate values have been compromised in recent years.” Hours after the meeting, the Board announces that Michael Eisner will be replaced as Chairman of the Board by Senator George J. Mitchell.

Thank you for stopping by today! Remember to check out the rest of the entries this week!  Thanks everyone, and go out and make it a Disney Day!

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