Little Mermaid

83 Days: Journey of the Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

Image ©Disney Parks

Hello, and welcome to Day 83 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown!  Today we are taking a look at one of the new attractions in the New Fantasyland section, and that’s the Journey of the Little Mermaid!  This ride is similar in nature to the Seas with Nemo and Friends, but the theming of course is based on the Little Mermaid.  If you have been to Disneyland, you will find that the ride itself is identical to the Journey of the Little Mermaid to be found in the Paradise Pier section of California Adventure, but the queue for the attractions are vastly different.  Because of that, I think that the Walt Disney World is a better overall attraction than the one at California Adventure.

Of course, simple because this is a new attraction at Walt Disney World makes it a popular attraction, and it’s not uncommon for the wait times to be be greater than 30 minutes.  When I wrote this post yesterday in preparation for today, the wait time was at 45 minutes.  That’s not terrible by any stretch, but it’s not short either.

What do you and your family think of the Journey of the Little Mermaid?  Have you been able to check it out yet, or will you be doing so soon?  Let me know in the comments please, and thanks for stopping by!

Disney Parks

Riding the Rails: Disney Parks at Night

Disney Parks

Nothing speaks more to me than Main Street, U.S.A. at night!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s #RidingtheRails series, which is hosted each week over at The Magical Blogorail website!  If you have a Disney blog, I urge you to take a look each week at the week-in-review to find out what this week’s topic is, and then write a post to fit that theme and join in!  It’s a lot of fun, you see when you join in!  For those of you coming today to my site, thank you for stopping by!  I think my favorite part of a Disney Day is when we are at the Disney parks and it’s night — whether it be during Extra Magic Hours or not!  I have had so many memories, and so many special photos, created during that time that I had the hardest time limiting myself to these photos!  I’ll apologize in advance for the length and the number of photos, but I love them all, and truly hope you enjoy them!  As you can see, the first photo I’m sharing is of Main Street, U.S.A., with Cinderella Castle in the background.  I don’t know about you, but there is just something perfect about being on Main Street during the night, especially with all the lights!

Disney Parks

Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Paradise Pier is a great thing to photograph at night!

Disney Parks

Extra Magic Hours can bring truly bring out the extra Magic, such as when we saw Mickey & Minnie on Dumbo!

Disney Parks

The World Showcase at night, or even dusk as here, is a great place to visit!

Disney Parks

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth — this incredible show lights up World Showcase Lagoon!

Disney Parks

Of course, Wishes — or, in this case, the Summer Nightastic Fireworks Show — isn’t too bad either!

Disney Parks

Here is Ariel, part of the incredible World of Color light, water, laser, and fire show!

Disney Parks

Here is Eve and Wall-E, also part of the World of Color show! Such an incredible show, I hope they bring it to Walt Disney World!

Disney Parks

Flo’s V-8 Cafe is just part of Cars Land, and seeing it at night was everything I wanted it to be and more!

Disney Parks

The Main Street Electrical Parade is one of my favorites! Here is Elliott and Pete from Pete’s Dragon!

Disney Parks

Otis, Nancy, Anna Jane, Cindy, Sophie, and myself — this was our first night at Walt Disney World in 2011!

Disney Parks

Of course, my most Magical memory is the honor of being there when my niece Stephanie was proposed to by her husband, Shane!

As I said, visiting Walt Disney World, Disneyland, California Adventure, or any other Disney park at night is absolutely my favorite time to visit!  It’s been my pleasure to share my photos with you today, but now I’ve got a question for you.  What is your favorite Disney memory that took place at night?  Please share it in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!  Please click on the image below to head over and read the rest of the entries, and thanks everyone!

Disney California Adventure Park

Located in Paradise Pier, Mickey's Fun Wheel is one of the iconic structures at Disney's California Adventure Park!

Located in Paradise Pier, Mickey’s Fun Wheel is one of the iconic structures at Disney’s California Adventure Park!

Hello everyone!  Much like I did with the Lands of Disneyland series, I’m going to spend some time and write about the Lands of Disney’s California Adventure Park!  There are many incredible things to see at DCA, and these posts will help you learn more about the high points of each land.  We will explore the following lands:

  • Condor Flats
  • Grizzly Peak
  • Paradise Pier
  • Pacific Wharf
  • “a bug’s land”
  • Hollywood Land
  • Buena Vista Street
  • Cars Land

Each of these lands have something special — or in many cases, many special things — to share with you, the Guests, and we’ll do our best to share with you what each land has to offer based on our trip back in June of last year. Stay tuned, everyone, because there will be some great things you won’t want to miss out on!  Starting us off will be Condor Flats, home of Soarin’ Over California!

Tell me, if you’ve been to California Adventure park, what was your favorite land there?  Favorite attraction? Favorite show?  Let us know in the comments, and thank you for stopping by!  Now, go out and make today and every day a great Disney Day!

Top 5 Disney’s California Adventure Attractions


By Mike Ellis.

Disney’s California Adventure — the park has a lot going on there, doesn’t it?  With the all new Cars Land, Paradise Pier, and all the other places to see and do things, how am I going to choose just five things that I think are my top five for the park?  Well, let’s see how I did in my top five California Adventure attractions countdown!  I hope you enjoy my choices!  If you want to see what my other choices were for other parks, last week we did Disneyland Park, and before that we did Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom to cover Walt Disney World.  Go check them out if you missed those posts!

#5: Soarin’ over California!

Soarin' Over California -- the same as Walt Disney World, but still incredibly cool!

Soarin’ Over California — the same as Walt Disney World, but still incredibly cool!

Soarin’ Over California was great to experience at California Adventure!  I really enjoyed it, and the best thing about it:  it’s in a park where it isn’t practically the only big ticket attraction, so we walked right in and waited perhaps five minutes for a ride!  Oh, wouldn’t that be nice to experience that at Epcot?

#4: Toy Story Mania

Mr. Potatohead beckons you on towards the games!

Mr. Potatohead beckons you on towards the games!

The neat thing about Toy Story Mania is that it fits right in with the area of the park that you are in — Paradise Pier.  This attraction feels like it’s part of the boardwalk, as if it was picked up and transplanted here, perhaps from Atlantic City…and the line doesn’t feel quite as long as Walt Disney World, but it can get long sometimes.  We enjoyed it!

#3: Radiator Springs Racers

Radiator Springs Racers is in perhaps the most beautiful land at California Adventure!

Radiator Springs Racers is in perhaps the most beautiful land at California Adventure!

Radiator Springs Racers — the crown jewel of Cars Land — has a lot going for it, but for me, perhaps the best part of it all is the beautiful scenery and the way the Imagineers truly immersed us right into the middle of Radiator Springs.  Cars Land itself is a great land to visit, but the true beauty of this land is seen at night, with all of the Neon on, and the beautiful scenery over by Radiator Springs Racers.  The only problem I have with this attraction is the line, and how incredibly long it is, even with FastPass tickets.

#2: World of Color

The  World of Color is a beautiful display of musical genius!

The World of Color is a beautiful display of musical genius!

I have seen many videos of the World of Color show, but until I actually saw it in person, I didn’t know how deprived I was.  This show — without a doubt — is the BEST show in any Disney park in my opinion.  I love the way they use water, lasers, color, fire, music, and video to create such a compelling storyline, and how it feels as if you are watching a story unfold right in front of your eyes.  We were blessed to have our balcony look right over part of Paradise Pier, and while we couldn’t see the show from our vantage point, we could definitely hear the incredible music.

#1: California Screamin’

California Screamin' -- bar none, the biggest thrill ride at Disney in my opinion!

California Screamin’ — bar none, the biggest thrill ride at Disney in my opinion!

Sitting at the top of my leaderboard is California Screamin’!  This intense roller coaster is what Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios strives for, except California Screamin’ is twice as long, is outdoors, and keeps on going and going and going!  Cindy and I, and even Sophie, loved this roller coaster!

Honorable Mention: The Disney Animation Building

The Disney Animation Building has so much cool stuff, if you haven't seen it, go check it out!

The Disney Animation Building has so much cool stuff, if you haven’t seen it, go check it out!

Honorable Mention: Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Mickey's Fun Wheel is a lot of fun -- hence the name! We like both the stationary and the moving cars!

Mickey’s Fun Wheel is a lot of fun — hence the name! We like both the stationary and the moving cars!

Honorable Mention: Silly Symphony Swings

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

The  Silly Symphony Swings are one of my daughter’s favorite rides because of the freedom she experiences in riding them.  Also, she likes the music, and she loves the Silly Symphony Cartoon Short that this ride is based off of!  Put it all together and it’s one of the honorable mentions!

How Mickey’s Fun Wheel took away my fear

Mickey's Fun Wheel in Paradise Pier

Mickey’s Fun Wheel in Paradise Pier

By Mike Ellis.

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming to visit today at My Dreams of Disney!  Today I have a confession to make — I have a fear of ferris wheels!  When I was a kid, I read way too many horror books about the freak in the funhouse who stalked everyone at the carnival, and as a result, I became convinced that the ferris wheel would fall apart right when I made it to the top.  If you were to ask my wife and daughter, they would tell you that I would be as far away from the ferris wheel as possible!

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