Magic Kingdom Attraction Guide – Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor

Hello everyone!  Next up in our Magic Kingdom Attraction Guide series is the fun little stand up comedian show, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor!  I think this is one of my favorite shows in all of Disney, because it changes with every audience!  Here are the details about this attraction, located over in Tomorrowland:

Attraction Name: Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
Attraction Type: Show
Height Requirements: None
Location: Tomorrowland
Hours of Operation: All Day
FastPass+: Available

Monsters Inc. offers some unique entertainment options for you, and it all starts before the show even begins!  Did you know that you can text in a joke before the show starts, and it might be told during the show?  Here’s how you do that:

  • While waiting in line, look at the TV monitors — occasionally Mike Wazowski will give instructions on what to do.
    • The joke is texted to 42319
    • You need to start your text with a special keyword that they will change, so look for the keyword on the monitor.
    • Include your first name and hometown so they can thank you if they use your joke.
    • If chosen, you’ll joke will be performed during the show!  You’ll be famous, at least, you will be in the human world. :)

Additionally, some of the seats in the auditorium have special cameras — if you sit at the right one, you’ll be featured during the show at appropriate moments!  It’s a lot of fun!  One time, my brother-in-law Otis was the guy that was buying the whole audience Churros!

We really enjoy this attraction, and I think you will too!

Exploring the Magic Kingdom Shows!

In a new series “Exploring the Shows”, I’m taking a look at all of the different shows throughout the Walt Disney World Parks.  In today’s episode, I’m going to take a look at all of the Magic Kingdom Shows.

For our purposes, a show is something on screen or on stage, that you watch as you would watch a movie or play.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Mickey's PhilharMagic

As I have previously written, Mickey’s PhilharMagic is one of our favorite shows.  I’m a Disney music junkie, and I absolutely love all of the great music that Mickey’s PhilharMagic brings us each and every time we see the show.  I have never gotten sick of hearing music from The Lion King, Fantasia, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Aladdin, and I don’t think I ever will!  Top it off with the reaction Sophie always gets when Donald get’s in trouble, and you’ve got quite a show!

Country Bear Jamboree

Country Bear Jamboree

Cindy and Sophie are not much of a fan of the Country Bear Jamboree, but I like to watch it every two or three years or so.  I like it because of the Audio-Animatronics bears, I like it because of the music, and the “show” that they put on for us, and I like it for the air conditioning and because we can always walk right in without a line.  However, I can also certainly understand why Cindy and Sophie aren’t big fans of it, since they don’t like country music.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Carousel of Progress

The Carousel of Progress is one of my favorite shows/attractions at any of the Walt Disney World parks.  I am continually fascinated by the telling of how technology has advanced throughout the years, and Disney does such a great job of telling that story!  Couple that with one of my favorite Disney songs “It’s a Great big Beautiful Tomorrow”, and I’m hooked!  The show hasn’t changed much over the years, but to me that is part of it’s timeless charm.  Also, when I think about how this attraction was featured at the 1964 Worlds Fair, and that just provides the icing on the cake to me.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Factory

Laugh Floor

Monsters, Inc. is a cute, funny show for us, and something that we see at least once per trip to Disney World.  Located over in Tomorrowland, the show is located in the part of the park which used to house the Timekeeper attraction from years gone by.  Timekeeper was a good show, but I only saw it a couple of times, but Sophie really likes Monsters, Inc.  I’ll never forget one of the first times we saw it, Sophie had been telling jokes all the time, her favorite at the time was “Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get away from KFC!”

Well, part of the charm of Monsters, Inc. is that you can text a joke into a special number, and they might pick one and use during the show!  I texted in Sophie’s joke, and they used it!  It was so funny because when they had read the joke, Mike (I think Mike had read it) looked at all of us and said, “I don’t get it either.”, at which everyone laughed!

The Hall of Presidents

Hall of Presidents

For me, I like historical subject matter, and Disney does a really great job at the Magic Kingdom particularly, of incorporating a great review of history with having a lot of fun.  One way that they do that is at the Hall of Presidents.  This show almost never seems to be busy when we go to visit it, yet it is one of our favorite shows.  I would say that we see this attraction at least once per visit.  It has a lot going for it; it is an indoor attraction to escape from the heat; it has Audio-Animatronics of every president our nation has had, and it has an entertaining way of teaching us about the history of our country.

The Enchanted Tiki Room

Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room originally opened as Tropical Seranade when the Magic Kingdom opened it’s doors over forty years ago.  After a run of several years, Tropical Seranade was closed and re-opened as The Enchanted Tiki Room – Under New Management.  To be honest, I don’t even remember Tropical Seranade, but I never had any problems with the new management part of the Tiki Room, I thought it was a fun little show.  I know a lot of people didn’t like it though.  In January, 2011, though, a fire started in the attic of the Enchanted Tiki Room, and the show was closed for several months.  It re-opened in August of 2011, and Disney has announced that it will be back to it’s original, non-New Management version.  I look forward to seeing it in the future, and deciding for myself which version we like better!

I hope that you have enjoyed exploring around the Magic Kingdom, looking at all of the great shows that Disney has to offer there!  Tell me, which is your favorite show at the Magic Kingdom?


Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom


Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is usually not listed in people’s list of favorite Magic Kingdom rides or shows. If you are using those lists to plan out your Magic Kingdom touring, you may miss out on a often overlooked but entertaining (in my opinion) experience. Of course, Disney doesn’t offer boring wastes of time (again in my opinion) but I really think this should be on everyone’s ride list at least once.

Monsters Inc. makes it’s home in Tomorrowland, next to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and across from Stitch’s Great Escape. The fun begins when you enter the waiting area before the show. Guests are encouraged to text their (family friendly) jokes that may be used in the performance. There are television overhead that explain the main story line of the show. (You don’t need to have seen the movie to understand this show)


Next you make your way into the main seating area which has been set up to resemble a comedy club. There are rows of benches with clusters of light (it makes the benches feel like tables). A camera pans the audience and will stop on a person and use humorous descriptions below the person on camera (for instance, one man was tagged as “This guy will be buying churros after the show).

The show starts when Mike comes out to explain that instead of screams Monsteropolis now uses human laughter to power their city. Mike is also the show’s MC; he introduces the three comedy acts. The show is interactive, it will be funnier if the audience members play along with the “performers”. Near the end of the show, Mike’s nephew comes out and this is when you will hear some of the jokes the kids sent via text from the pre-show area.

Because the actual show is interactive, the show is different each time. In fact, the first time my daughter and I saw this show, we noticed that there were empty seats. I asked a cast member if we could stay rather than leave and line up again. We sat through three shows and laughed every time. Bonus, you get to sit through the show so your feet get a rest. So to sum up, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is a good time and I suggest everyone see it at least once (I don’t think you will be disappointed).

Let’s Get to know Alicia, our new My Dreams of Disney contributor!

{Editor’s Note: Fresh off her recent post talking about the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, our newest writer Alicia is back to talk about herself and her love of Disney!  Everyone, please welcome Alicia!}

Hello fellow Disney fans. My name is Alicia and I am thrilled to be joining Mike here at My Dreams of Disney as a contributor. I can’t think of anything better than sharing Disney memories and future plans, can you??

At the Italy Pavilion in Epcot

So how did I come to love Disney? Well I am not exactly sure of the exact moment. It was probably when I was a little girl. Growing up I would get a Disney movie every year for Christmas and we made a family trip here and there.  In high school, I was privileged enough to be able to perform at the Magic Kingdom with my high school marching band in a parade during the Christmas holiday. That was truly one of the coolest things I have ever done. Then for senior year there was Grad Night in 98. My classmates and I got all dressed up, rode rides, walked around and enjoyed concerts.  It was a magical night.

But it wasn’t until I became an adult that Disney really connected with me. It was then that I was able to really appreciate the parks for what they were and it was the first time I went to any of the other parks. Up until that point I had only been to the Magic Kingdom. Now I can say that Epcot has become one of my favorite parks, but Magic Kingdom will always be the bees knees! Of course, like any good Disney pass holder, we have the park hopper option. Who wouldn’t invest in that? It is the greatest option and it makes me feel like we own the park when we go from one to the other with no hassle.

One of my favorite things to do at the parks is take pictures. I know nothing changes but it seems like every time I go, things look different or I catch something that I overlooked before. The boyfriend and I do not ride many of the coasters or anything like that. We prefer the classics like Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World. We mainly like to walk around and enjoy the weather and atmosphere. We generally try to go to the parks when the weather is nice and the parks are less crowded. It’s our preference to stay away during the weekend if at all possible. We generally try and plan our 2 main trips around the Flower and Garden festival and the Food and Wine Festival, both held at Epcot.

So for a few of my fave things about Disney:

  • Fave park: Epcot, Magic Kingdom
  • Fave movie: Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Cars, the Princess Movies too
  • Love the Boardwalk area. It’s so peaceful and pretty back there. It’s like a hidden gem.
  • Love shopping at The World of Disney at Downtown Disney
  • I have a serious addiction to Disney coffee mugs
  • We love to eat at Seasons at Epcot in the Land. It offers a great variety of foods and it’s a good place to regroup for your next outing.
  • I have recently started collecting pins too.
  • Fave character is Tinkerbell

Well that’s a little bit about me and my Disney history. I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing our love of all things Disney.