Monster's Inc.

90 Days: Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

Monsters Inc.

The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor takes you right into how the power is made!

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s #DisneyWorldCountdown post!  We’re at day 90 in our countdown, and for today, we are taking a look at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor!  This special show features the stand up comedy of many of the Monsters that you saw in the original movie as they work to fill the power canisters so that the doors will open and you’ll be able to leave the area after the show!  In fact, this is such a special show that they even invite you, the audience, to participate along by texting in your jokes for possible use in the show!

My family enjoys Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor because it gives us a little break from the heat of the day, and it gives us the opportunity to enjoy possibly being on the television screens and hearing your joke performed.  As a result, I give Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor two thumbs up!

Disney Top Five: Ways to Meet Other Guests

It’s funny that we can be in a place surrounded by thousands of fellow human beings and not give any thought to how we might interact with them! I call it the Elevator Syndrome. Everyone piles in and faces forward and tries not to move, speak, or make eye contact because…

Well, there just isn’t a good reason.

So today we’re all going to exit that elevator and explore ways to move with other people through long line-ups, to actually start up conversations with complete strangers, and treat others like we care if they live or die. Yes, we’re going to learn how to plus the Disney Experience through genuine human contact in this Disney Top Five list!

People to Meet

Number 5

Ask someone where they’re from. Nothing says ‘I’m interested in you’ like inquiring as to where they’re from and how they came to be at Disney. You’ll either establish a common ground or learn about a place you’ve never been.

Number 4

Trade something. Pins. Vinylmations. Germs. Anything! Think of it this way: You get to meet someone new and walk away with a prize for doing so. Win Win says I (unless it’s a germ).

Number 3

Sit down. You’re not going to meet anyone by running from one place to another with only the destination in mind! How you get there and whom you meet along the way will enrich you in ways you never imagined.

Number 2

Share a ride vehicle. This suggestion is best illustrated by attractions like the Kali River Rapids, Kilimanjaro Safaris, or perhaps Soarin’ or Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor where the sheer number of people make it almost impossible not to meet someone new!

Number 1

Smile. Nothing draws a person to you like a great big smile that says ‘I’m happy to be here!’ An Oscar-worthy Grumpy performance won’t make you approachable. So whether you’re walking around, browsing in a shop, waiting in line, or relaxing by the pool: Turn that frown upside down and show some teeth!

Bonus Round

Electronic devices. TURN THEM OFF! True story: I was visiting a Disney Park and saw four young girls walking ‘together’ while each was busy texting other people on their cell phones. So… why did they come to the Park ‘together’ if they really wanted to interact with these other friends instead? People, let’s try to live in the here-and-now with flesh-and-blood people, shall we? I’m going to stop now before this turns into a Rant.

I hope this isn’t an exhaustive list. So if you’ve found a great way to interact with other Guests while visiting a Disney Park, please share it with the rest of us in the comments section. And do your part to stamp out Elevator Syndrome once and for all!

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom


Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is usually not listed in people’s list of favorite Magic Kingdom rides or shows. If you are using those lists to plan out your Magic Kingdom touring, you may miss out on a often overlooked but entertaining (in my opinion) experience. Of course, Disney doesn’t offer boring wastes of time (again in my opinion) but I really think this should be on everyone’s ride list at least once.

Monsters Inc. makes it’s home in Tomorrowland, next to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and across from Stitch’s Great Escape. The fun begins when you enter the waiting area before the show. Guests are encouraged to text their (family friendly) jokes that may be used in the performance. There are television overhead that explain the main story line of the show. (You don’t need to have seen the movie to understand this show)


Next you make your way into the main seating area which has been set up to resemble a comedy club. There are rows of benches with clusters of light (it makes the benches feel like tables). A camera pans the audience and will stop on a person and use humorous descriptions below the person on camera (for instance, one man was tagged as “This guy will be buying churros after the show).

The show starts when Mike comes out to explain that instead of screams Monsteropolis now uses human laughter to power their city. Mike is also the show’s MC; he introduces the three comedy acts. The show is interactive, it will be funnier if the audience members play along with the “performers”. Near the end of the show, Mike’s nephew comes out and this is when you will hear some of the jokes the kids sent via text from the pre-show area.

Because the actual show is interactive, the show is different each time. In fact, the first time my daughter and I saw this show, we noticed that there were empty seats. I asked a cast member if we could stay rather than leave and line up again. We sat through three shows and laughed every time. Bonus, you get to sit through the show so your feet get a rest. So to sum up, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is a good time and I suggest everyone see it at least once (I don’t think you will be disappointed).