Magical Blogorail: Secret Disney Obsessions – Transportation

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are sharing some of our secret Disney obsessions.

So what is it with men and transportation? If it has wheels and moves, we’re all over it! I never miss a chance to ride the Tomorrowland Speedway/Autopia cars, even though I can’t breathe while doing so.

Me and Autopia

DL Hotel: I’ll even drive indoors!

I use snuggling with my wife as an excuse to ride the PeopleMover, although technically it doesn’t have wheels, but it does move! For more on my obsession with this form of Disney transportation, and many other Disney ride vehicles, just click the link.

I also love the vintage vehicles on Main Street.

Disneyland Vehicles

DL: Up or down?

I even prefer to drive to Walt Disney World instead of flying! Let’s face it, I’m hooked on Disney transportation!

But I think I come by this obsession honestly as I share it, not only with every other man on the planet, but also with Walt Disney himself. After all, who do you think put all of those wheeled wonders in the parks?

Disneyland Tram

DL: I even love riding the trams!

But my top two transportation-related Disney obsessions are the trains and monorails, both at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Train at Frontierland Station

WDW: Frontierland Station, as seen from Splash Mountain queue

Casey Jr.

DL: Casey Jr. chugging around the track

There’s nothing like the sound of a real steam locomotive! And when it travels along a scenic route such as in a Disney park, one can’t help but love the trip.

In contrast, there is also nothing quite like gliding silently along the cement beam of the monorial!

WDW Monorial Purple

WDW: Monorail Purple in Epcot

Disneyland Monorail Red

DL: Monorail Red traveling over Finding Nemo subs

Maybe it’s the extreme difference in technologies between the steam engine and the monorail that makes riding these forms of transportation so special for me. Leave it to Walt Disney to include the nostalgic right alongside the modern!

Before I conclude this post, I should confess one final transportation-related obsession:

Disney bus

WDW: I even like riding the buses!

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Magical Blogorail: Disneyland Hotels – Good Neighbor Hotels

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are reviewing the official Disneyland hotels and some of Disneyland’s Good Neighbor hotels.

Good Neighbor Hotel: Howard Johnson

We booked our reservations at the Howard Johnson through a friend who is a Disney travel agent and we never regretted the decision! Everything went off without a hitch thanks to the professionalism of our agent and the friendly staff at the hotel.

I intend to keep this review short with a what-you-really-need-to-know approach. So with that said, here is the room we stayed in:


The bed was very comfortable and the decor was nice with everything being extra clean. We also had a great view of Disneyland off our balcony. Well, parts of it anyway:


Taking a peek at the nighttime fireworks

Blue Monorail with the Matterhorn

Red Monorail with the Matterhorn

Blue sky with the Matterhorn

The hotel was just a 5-minute walk from the entrance to Disneyland. Pricing varies with the time of visit and length of stay, so suffice it to say that we found the cost to be at least 40% cheaper than a Disneyland hotel, if not even cheaper.

The wife and I (or is it Minnie?) arriving

You can also enjoy the Family Water Playground: “Our Castaway Cove pirate themed water park area is the only one in Anaheim outside of the Disney hotels. Kids of all ages will enjoy a 30-foot pirate ship with slides, water cannons, fountains, toddler wading pool, 200-gallon drench bucket and more. There is something for everyone at Castaway Cove, from your Captain to your tiniest buccaneer. Don’t miss the 15-person Hot Tub Spa, or the Garden Pool, a separate secluded area for swimming, relaxing or getting that California tan.” It was too cold for us to take advantage of these amenities when we visited. Oh well, next time!

Other amenities include free wi-fi, free parking, gym, restaurant and bar, convenience store, great staff, and of course, information on all-things Disney!

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Magical Blogorail: First Time Must-Do’s at Disney

Welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail Blue loop. Today we are sharing the must-do’s for your first Disney vacation.

Frontierland Station, as seen from the Splash Mountain queue

Get your bearings. That’s my advice to anyone who is visiting a Disney park for the first time. There is so much to do and so many things to see, it is easy to get overwhelmed! And you could fall into the trap of running from one attraction to the other trying to beat long lineups or focusing on obtaining that coveted Fast-Pass. If you do this, you will be missing out on much of the charm that can only be found by slowing down and enjoying the details!

How can you find these details? Ride one of the trains (pictured above, at WDW) for a leisurely trip around the Magic Kingdom. From the train, you will be able to see all of the key offerings of the park, like this one:

A view of Big Thunder Mountain you can’t get while riding the attraction!

And the beautiful stations and cars are just too much to be missed:


Another form of transportation that will take you around the property for an overview is the Monorail. This is my favorite way to take in all of the magic to be found in the parks and resorts.

Monorail Yellow leaving the Magic Kingdom station, WDW

The monorail is also a great way to get your bearings at EPCOT, as one of the lines takes you into the park, around Future World, past World Showcase, and then back to the entrance. Now you can disembark and know where you want to visit first!

Monorail Purple heading to the entrance via Future World

The train or monorail can give you the same introduction at the Disneyland park in California, or any of the other Disney parks that have these forms of transportation.

I mention this thought of getting your bearings first before racing to an attraction because I believe it is something that Walt intended. A bold statement, I know, but here is my reasoning: Walt wanted a popcorn dispenser just inside the entrance to Disneyland. He thought that the smell of the hot butter would be inviting and get people in the mood for what they were going to discover beyond Main Street. He hoped to get people to slow down and to give them the time they needed to put the real world behind them.

I don’t know about you, but I always breathe a huge sigh of relief when I arrive at a Disney park, and am only too ready to slow down and enjoy the experience! Try it yourself, whether you are going to visit for the first time, or the umpteenth time. I guarantee it will enhance your visit!

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Monorail Facts that will Astound you!


The Monorail is a nice, relaxing trip. Here the Tron Monorail is over at Epcot!

Hello everyone!  As we continue our look at the Monorail for our #DisneyTrivia segment, here are some interesting facts and figures for you to think about:

Monorail Facts and Figures…

  • For Disneyland and Walt Disney World, there are 4 lines, with 8 stations
  • The train length at Walt Disney World is 203 1/2 feet.
  • The entire system is 14.7 miles long.
  • The average speed is 40 miles per hour.
  • The maximum speed is 55 miles per hour.
  • Every year, about 50 million passengers ride on the Walt Disney World monorail.

This is just a drop in the bucket of monorail facts for you today.  I think numbers like this are really cool ways of learning more about Disney, and I hope that you enjoyed our look at the Walt Disney World Monorail system!  What is your favorite part of the monorail?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks!  Also, special thanks to my friends Jodi from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse and Heidi from Heidi’s Head for contributing to this great series!

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20 Days: Riding the Monorail


The Monorail is a nice, relaxing trip. Here the Tron Monorail is over at Epcot!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to #Day20 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown!  Today we are taking a look at one of the fun free activities that you can do — take a ride on the Monorail!  The Monorail for me is a nice relaxing transportation mode, and when you need to just get off your feet for a while, this is definitely one way you can do that.  It takes you around the Magic Kingdom resorts, with stops at the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary Resort, the Transportation and Ticketing Center, the Polynesian Resort, and the Grand Floridian Resort.  Also, at the TTC, you can ride over to Epcot and back.


The Monorail also has the distinction of going through the Contemporary Resort!

I remember when I first went to the Magic Kingdom, and what was really neat to me was how we got on this futuristic train, almost like a rocket, and left Florida behind as we approached the Magic Kingdom.  The anticipation, knowing that we were getting close to Disney World, as we called it, was so much that I can remember it like it was yesterday.


Over at Disneyland, you can still ride in the front of the Monorail. I wish we could at Walt Disney World too!

Of course, Disneyland has the Monorail also, although over there it is more of an attraction and less of a transportation means.  The Monorail there only connects Downtown Disney with Tomorrowland, but what is neat is that you can still sit in the front of the Monorail there!

What do you think of the Monorail?  Worth it, or just use it as a means of transportation?  Do you take time out to just ride the monorail, or is that wasted time that could be spent at the parks?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks!