What is your favorite Disney Roller Coaster?

This shot is not deliberately upside down by some trick -- this shot was taken while we were upside down!

This shot is not deliberately upside down by some trick — this shot was taken while we were upside down!

Piggy-backing on yesterday’s post on California Screamin’, we’ve got a poll for you today.  Thinking about all of the Disney roller coasters you have experienced in your life, whether it be at the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Park, Disneyland Paris, and so on, what is your absolute favorite roller coaster?  There are several to choose from, of course.  You’ve got Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Expedition Everest, California Screamin’, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and the list goes on.  Have a look at our poll, we’ve included several options to choose from, as well as an option to choose your own.

This is an open poll, so it won’t close, and you should be able to choose your own answer if ours doesn’t fit in what you are looking for, so have at it!  Of course, the Disney parks aren’t like the Six Flags and the Carowinds of the world, so chances are there may be roller coasters at other amusement parks you like better — but for us, we want to know which is your favorite Disney roller coaster, so let us know your thoughts, and thanks!

Today’s the last day to enter to win the TimeStream Software Apps!

Disneyland Mobile Guide - Splash - Castle

Today is the final day to enter to win the TimeStream Software series of apps that we are giving away for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!  Have you entered the contest yet?  Well, if you have, great, you can always share the contest today for extra entries!  However, if you haven’t, and you are a Disney fan with an iOS device, then why haven’t you?  You can’t win if you don’t enter! The contest is up at 11:59 PM tonight, so don’t delay!

Over the past week, I’ve shared some of the incredible photography that you can experience in the apps, starting with the Photography of the Disneyland Mobile Guide, continuing on with more imagery from the app, and finishing up with a look at the incredible photography in the Walt Disney World apps.

So here’s your final chance to win these apps.  Remember, there are three prizes here.  They are:

  • The Grand Prize winner will win codes to get all of these TimeStream Software apps:
  • The Second place winner will win codes to get these TimeStream Software apps:
    • The Walt Disney World Secrets Gold!
    • Disneyland Secrets Gold!
    • WDW Hidden Mickeys
    • Disney World Mobile Guide
  • The Third place winner will win codes to get these TimeStream Software apps:
    • The Walt Disney World Secrets Gold!
    • Disneyland Secrets Gold!

To enter, you need to fulfill the requirements listed in the Rafflecopter form below.  There are plenty of opportunities for you to enter, so have fun, and remember, today is the last day!  Good luck everyone, and thanks for all of you that have participated so far!

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Review: Walt Disney World Notescast Guide 3.0

Timestream Software has released an update to their series of Notescasts for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and I have been asked to review it.

The Walt Disney World Notescast is a cool little app to have in your library!  The beauty of the Notescasts is that they are not dependent on any network access at all!  In their basic form, Notescasts are eReaders that you can have on your iPod Touch or iPhone, and once you have it installed, you can use it anywhere you want to without needing to look anything up over a network somewhere.
The opening shot of the Walt Disney World Notescast is one of the most sought after photographs at Disney World: Cinderella Castle with fireworks going off in the background.

Once you tap past the opening shot, you immediately realize just how much information is contained in this guide!  The information is laid out in great, easy to peruse sections.   In the opening menu, there are 26 different categories of information to look through!  Here are just some of the sections:

  • WDW Annual Events
  • WDW Attractions
  • WDW Beginning of the Magic
  • WDW Disney’s Magical Express
  • WDW Dining
  • WDW Tips to Find Characters
  • and much more!

The amount of information is really incredible, and reflects well on the level of detail that you have available at your fingertips.  The really nice thing about this information is that it is written for all types of Disney visitors, whether they have a lot of knowledge about Disney or not.  For example, there is a section specifically for Guests that have disabilities that need addressing.

Another really neat thing about this Notescast is the incredible photography that is on display throughout the guide.  The developers of the guide have done a wonderful job of capturing some of the best photographs I’ve seen.  Some of their shots are even of views of an attraction while on the ride!  They take pride in their work, and it shows in the details.  Take a look at these photos they’ve taken of Big Thunder Mountain and Cinderella Castle during Wishes!



Another great feature of the app is that there is a seamless integration between sections.  As an example, in the WDW Tips section, the reader is presented with several sub-sections, including “Walt Disney World Tips I”.  If you tap on this section, there are a series of tips, one of which is referring to how you can cut down your time waiting in line by using FastPass.  At this point, there is a link to read more about the FastPass.

In fact, the only downside that I have found with this app is the way that it has handled the closing of Mickey’s Toontown Fair in February.  Unfortunately, the app talks about how Mickey’s Country House and Minnie’s Country House will be closing due to the Fantasyland expansion, and it talks in great detail under the “WDW What’s Coming” section about the expansion, but no where that I was able to find did it actually talk about the fact that Mickey’s Toontown Fair is closing.  However, one of the bonuses of the app is that you can communicate your comments directly to the developers via an email address, and they use those comments to help make the app better for the next release!

This app, at $3.99, is extremely well priced in my opinion, and is a welcome addition to my library of Disney apps for my iPod Touch.  I highly recommend this app to anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch!

Next week I will be talking about another Timestream Notescast: Walt Disney World Secrets Gold!