Mission Space

49 Days: Mission SPACE

Mission Space

Mission: SPACE, with the SpaceX Rocket launch climbing over the pavilion. Image ©Disney Parks

Hello everyone, and welcome to #Day49 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown series!  We’ve seen some of everything so far, and today we are taking a look at Mission: Space – the pavilion in Future World that is also home to the attraction that simulates your launch into space!  The picture above is courtesy our friends at Disney Parks, and the red line you see is the actual trail of the SpaceX Rocket that launched to go to the International Space Station in 2012.  The photographer, Matt Stroshane, did an incredible job capturing the real life launch with the attraction, didn’t he?

I’ll be honest with you — I’ve never ridden Mission SPACE.  I think it comes down to me being a chicken, in the end.  I don’t like a ride that has a barf bag on board (sorry for the crassness of my statement) and I’ve also heard of people having medical difficulties during or after riding, so I thought to myself, it’s not worth it.  However, my good friend Neal took his daughter River on it, and they had a great time!  River was very into making sure that everyone did the job they were supposed to do so there wouldn’t be any problems getting to space, and Neal, even though he can’t ride roller coasters because of his back, did ride this and had no side affects whatsoever.  So, I guess since a six year old is tough enough to try it, I might try it too…

But enough about me — what about you?  Do you and your family like Mission SPACE, or do you skip it in your pursuit for something else?  Let me know in the comments, and thank you for stopping by today!