Disney Music on #YouTube – Frozen

Over the years, Disney movies have brought out some incredible Disney Music to the public — to the point that in many cases the Disney Music may be, in some cases, be more of a draw than the movie! In this short series, I’ve decided to take a look at the Disney Music that you can find on YouTube — and share some of it with you as embedded YouTube videos! Today, since this movie has captivated most of us, I’m starting with the Disney Movie Frozen. Enjoy!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

As I wrote about in my post about Anna, the words “Do you want to build a snowman?” certainly have multiple connotations, from fun, to remembering when they played together, to wanting to turn back time so their parents are back in their lives.  Personally, I think that this song is my favorite in the whole soundtrack, and I truly enjoy seeing it online.

Let It Go

Let It Go is Elsa’s song — her song about how she embraces her magic and makes it her own!  I love so much about this song — the music, of course.  Then there is how Elsa turns her circumstances around and embraces her magic.  Lastly, I love the hope she has when she sings this song.  I hope you enjoy it also!

For good measure, here is Demi Lovato’s music video of the song Let It Go:

In  Summer

Olaf, the incredibly warmhearted snowman, in many ways stole the show.  He was comic relief when things were a little too heavy in the movie, but he also had one of the best lines of the whole movie, when he said “Some people are worth melting for.”  However, he also had his own show tune number, when he sung about what it would be like for him In Summer:

This is just a sampling of the incredible music that you can find in the blockbuster hit Frozen.  Tell me, which is your favorite song from the movie?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks!

Magic Kingdom Attraction Guide – Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle

Next in our Magic Kingdom Attraction Guide series in Cinderella Castle.  This Disney Weenie is the original Weenie for Walt Disney World, and is both a landmark and an attraction.  Inside these walls you’ll find dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table, hair styling at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, a walk through from the end of Main Street, U.S.A. to the beginning of Fantasyland — although it is sometimes blocked for shows — and of course, you’ll see Wishes soaring high atop Cinderella Castle each night, and on good nights, you’ll see Tinkerbell flying away from the Castle.

Attraction Name: Cinderella Castle
Attraction Type: N/A
Height Requirements: Any Height
Location: Fantasyland
Hours of OperationAll Day, except during Wishes.
FastPass+: Not Available

I find it interesting that Cinderella Castle is listed as an attraction on the Disney World website, because it isn’t really an attraction in the sense that I think of it — it’s more of a landmark to me.  Still, it is listed as such on the website, so I treat it as such for our Attraction Guides series.  As a starting point for Fantasyland, though, there is no better structure that I can think of than Cinderella Castle — the building where reality of Main Street, U.S.A. becomes the world of fantasy in Fantasyland.  What do you think of Cinderella Castle?  Please let me know in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by!

Cinderella Castle

Wordless Wednesday – Disney Letter T for Tigger!

Tigger and Sophie!

Tigger and Sophie posing for a hug and a picture!

It’s Wordless Wednesday time, and today we’re focusing on the Disney Letter T for the theme!  I know that a lot of people think of other things when they think of the letter T, but for me, Disney Letter T means one character — Tigger!  Come join me as we bounce from shot to shot, exploring all of our Tiggerific pictures!

Sophie giving a Bear Hug -- or a Tigger Hug -- to Tigger!

Sophie giving a Bear Hug — or a Tigger Hug — to Tigger!

Tigger is bounding along at the Crystal Palace!

Tigger is bounding along at the Crystal Palace!

Sophie, Tigger, and Stephanie squeezing a hug!  Look at what a camera hog Tigger is!

Sophie, Tigger, and Stephanie squeezing a hug! Look at what a camera hog Tigger is!

And lastly, but certainly not least, here’s a picture of Sophie — in her Princess Jasmine costume, no less — after one of his autographs!

Tigger's Autograph

Tigger’s Autograph is simple, but uniquely his own!

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