Disneyland 50th Press Kit and Fact Sheets

While on vacation in Florida in 2014, we stopped by Theme Park Connection. This is a great place to find retired Park merchandise and props along with all sorts of Disney ephemera.

I ended up buying about a dozen pieces (yes, of essentially what amounts to just paper) for my collection. Among the finds was this great Disneyland 50th Anniversary Press Kit:


This kit contains single sheet and two or three page fold-outs covering each division of the Disney company, as they were defined in 2005. There are twelve in all.

Each page gives detail about the division being covered, the special things that division will be doing for the 50th celebration, along with some cool statistics about the history of the division. Let’s look at them one by one:

Happiest Celebration on Earth

This page starts with an overview mentioning that the 18-month-long celebration was to begin on May 5th, 2005 and would run until 2006. Then it lists the new and exciting shows and attractions to be added for the Happiest Celebration on Earth, in Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Fun Fact

Diane Disney Miller, Bob Iger, Michael Eisner, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Art Linkletter were on hand to rededicate Disneyland on July 17th, 2005.

Disney Cruise Line

At the time of printing for this page, there were only two Disney cruise ships. The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder traditionally sailed out of Port Canaveral in Florida, but for the Happiest Celebration on Earth, sailings were added from the port of Los Angeles.

Fun Fact

Castaway Cay, Disney’s private Bahamian Island, is the only private island in the cruise industry where the ship docks alongside so Guests do not have to tender to land.

Walt Disney Imagineering

This page reminds us of the tremendous contributions that this division of the Disney company makes! It promises enhancements to existing rides and attractions during the Happiest Celebration on Earth. One special feature was the debut of Lucky the Dinosaur in WDW, after which he moved to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005.

Fun Fact

Behind the Magic, an exhibit developed by The Henry Ford Museum and Walt Disney Imagineering, showcases the legacy of Disneyland and WDI’s commitment to innovation. The exhibit traveled to museums throughout the U.S. until 2007.

Disney Vacation Club

Although the DVC didn’t do anything special for the Happiest Celebration on Earth, this page highlights all of the properties available as of 2005. Started in 1991, this division of the Disney company had grown to employ over 1,300 Cast Members by 2005!

Fun Fact

In 2005, a special room at The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge housed a collection of train memorabilia and artwork, including an exhibit featuring two of Walt Disney’s personal scale-model railroad cars.

Disney Regional Entertainment – ESPN Zone

At the time of the printing of this page, ESPN Zone had eight locations. There is a full-page chart listing the locations/contact information for each along with the square footage and opening dates. The location in California has 36,000 square feet and opened in January of 2001.

Fun Fact

All ESPN Zones feature television monitors in the restrooms so you will never miss a moment of the action!

The World of Disney Store, NYC

 This store opened on October 5th, 2004, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street in the heart of New York City. In 2005, this store had 23,600 square feet of merchandise on three floors. I’ve been there, and it was quite the place to visit! With such a size, no wonder it takes over 230 workers to run it, including guards at the doors. Hey, its New York!

Fun Fact

The World of Disney Store is operated by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts merchandise team, who also operates World of Disney Stores at the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

The first of the triple fold-outs, it starts with an overview of the history of the Disney theme park. It touches on the global celebration that is the Happiest Celebration on Earth, and hints at some of the new shows and attractions to come. This page concludes with a full-page fact sheet from 2005 giving the opening dates, sizes, number of hotel rooms, and approximate Cast sizes for all of the resorts operating at the time of printing.

Fun Fact

Do you know which resort has the most hotel rooms after Walt Disney World? If you guessed Disneyland in California, you’d be wrong! It’s actually Disneyland Resort Paris with 5,760 (over twice that of Disneyland).

Disneyland Resort

This page starts with a history of the park, and then moves on to list the new features available during the exclusive Happiest Homecoming on Earth, Disneyland Resort being the only resort in the chain to use that tagline.

Fun Fact

Each year, Disneyland Resort Guests consume 1.6 million servings of popcorn, 3.2 millions servings of ice cream, and 2.8 million churros.

Walt Disney World Resort

After the obligatory overview, the page launches into a detailed listing of every feature to be found in WDW. As of 2005, the page lists the workforce count at 57,000!

Fun Fact

There are enough of the famous “Mouse Ear” hats sold each year to cover the head of every man, woman and child in Portland, Oregon. There are enough Disney Character T-shirts for every Chicagoan.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Opened in 1983, the Resort just marked its 20th anniversary in 2003. So it’s from one party directly into the next! The Tokyo Disney Resort would mark the 50th anniversary of Disneyland with a fabulous salute to the 1950’s called Disney’s Rock Around the Mouse.

Fun Fact

Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney park built outside the United States.

Disneyland Resort Paris

This Resort honored her sister park in California with the addition of Wishes, a dramatic combination of glittering fireworks and Disney music. This ran from July 16th until August 28th, 2005. This Resort is perhaps the most multicultural with Cast Members coming from more than 95 different nations and speaking 19 different languages!

Fun Fact

Disneyland Resort Paris is the number-one tourist destination in Europe.

Hong Kong Disneyland

At the time of this printing, Hong Kong Disneyland had not yet opened. It was slated to open on September 12th, 2005. So ‘Happy Anniversary!’ Disneyland, we’re giving you a whole new Park!

This page gave a great preview of what was to come by featuring each Land and its signature attractions. Guests could look forward to traveling to Hong Kong Disneyland in style, aboard the Disneyland Resort Line Train, complete with vibrant interior and exterior colors and Mickey-shaped windows.

Fun Fact

Hong Kong Disneyland has signage in three languages to accommodate the many cultures that will visit: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

I hope you enjoyed this exhaustive look at the Disneyland 50th Anniversary Press Kit. These great pieces of ephemera are an education to read, helping to preserve the history of the Parks and Resorts!

Which is better — Walt Disney World or Disneyland?


Welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail Orange loop. Today we compare Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort.

When it comes to Disney, the age old question is almost always “Which is better? Walt Disney World or Disneyland?”  In this post for the Magical Blogorail Orange Loop, I’m going to look at the parks as a whole and try to help determine which is better.  Let’s see where this journey takes us, and see if we can get a consensus result!

Five Key Areas

For this post, we’re going to look at five key areas at both resorts and grade them as to which resort takes the cake on each of them.  Those five areas are Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain attractions, as well as a look at the intangibles that are unique at each park.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean is our favorite ride!

The Pirates of the Caribbean is our favorite ride!

In my opinion, when it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean, hands down, the best place to ride it is at Disneyland.  For starters, it is longer by a full 7 minutes — almost doubling the length of the ride at Walt Disney World.  Additionally, it has two drops instead of just one.  It also starts out with a meandering path right past diners at the Blue Bayou, and it is as if you are in the bayou of Louisiana, almost as if you are immersed directly in the movie the Princess and the Frog. However, there are some things about the Walt Disney World version that I like better.  For starters, the queue for the one at Walt Disney World is much better in my opinion.  Additionally, Pirates at Walt Disney World opened up on December 15, 1973, seven years to the day that Walt Disney passed away.  For me, that is a tribute in Walt’s honor.  However, all of those things doesn’t sway my choice, and for this attraction, Disneyland has the better attraction.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain

Space Mountain at Walt Disney World

Space Mountain at Disneyland has rockets that are two seats wide, whereas the one at Walt Disney World is single file seating.  Sophie has finally gotten to where she likes Space Mountain — it took her a while to get to that point — and I think it was partly because of the side by side seating at Disneyland.  For that reason alone, I think the Disneyland version is better, but it’s really a toss-up for me more than anything.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad -- A Trip to the Old West!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World

When we last visited Disneyland, two years ago, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed for refurbishment, so by default, right now, at least, the version at Walt Disney World wins the vote for me.  I do reserve the right to change that as I experience the ride at Disneyland, but right now, Walt Disney World wins this challenge.

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World

At Disneyland, Splash Mountain incorporates single file seating, and at Walt Disney World, it features side by side seating.  That’s completely opposite of Space Mountain.  Sophie’s first experience at Splash Mountain was at Walt Disney World, and as a result, I think that wins my vote for which is better.


The intangibles at each park are striking.  At Disneyland, you’ve got the whole history factor to consider.  It was Walt’s park, he built it, he walked those paths, he slept there.  At Walt Disney World, that isn’t the case, but Walt Disney World has the economy of space that gives it a distinct advantage.  They have so much space that you truly feel like you have entered an entirely different world when you get there, and that isn’t the case at Disneyland.  Additionally, at Walt Disney World you have four parks and two water parks, whereas at Disneyland Resort you have two parks.  Those two parks do a great job of putting in the best things from Walt Disney World, but they don’t have the space to put them all in, so you end up missing some things, like Carousel of Progress, the TTA, and others.  I could go on and on, but at the end, the simple fact is that you can’t choose one over the other because of the intangibles simply because each experience offers unique things that the other doesn’t.

Because of all of this, the answer to the question “Which is better, Disneyland or Walt Disney World?” comes up with a resounding “It depends” answer.  Most likely, if you have the time and opportunity, you are going to go to Walt Disney World because that is a destination vacation.  If you are going to Disneyland, chances are that you are going to Disneyland as part of a further Southern California vacation, and not just to go to Disneyland itself unless it’s for a short trip.  Because of all of that, I think you can’t really put one in front of the other, but what do you think?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!

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60 Days to 60 Years – Happy Birthday Disneyland!

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

60 Days to 60 Years was just the beginning…what will the next 60 years bring?  My friends, it has truly been an honor to follow along my incredible friends as they shared special moments from the history of Disneyland — 60 years worth of history in 60 days.  For me, this post is simple, because there is no research to be done to try and dig up photos of things that were put in operation in, for example, 1962 (by the way, that was the Adventureland Expansion and Swiss Family Treehouse from Inspired by Dis).  All that I need to share with you is what I’m thinking on this incredibly historic date in Disney history, and to be able to say Happy Birthday Disneyland!

I am beyond words for the incredible faith, trust, and Pixie Dust that my dear friend Didi has shown in me to give me this slot in the rotation.  While you are reading this, I will be at Disneyland. My family has been fortunate enough that we are able to make this journey, a journey that spans more than airline miles, more than expense — no, this journey is both a journey to Disneyland’s past, a remembering of all that went on during those sixty years, as well as a journey towards Disneyland’s future, a wondering of what the next sixty years will bring.

When we took our first trip to Disneyland two years ago, I had a countdown series on my site, and each day was a look at one thing that I was interested in experiencing at Disneyland.  The last post was about walking the same steps that Walt walked, about trying to see the park through his eyes, to remember Walt, and the legacy he built, and to do honor to that legacy.  I imagine that some of the people are going to Disneyland today to be able to say “I was there on the actual day.”  In some ways, I guess I’m partly the same way.  My family was extremely fortunate to be able to be at the Magic Kingdom on Walt Disney World’s 40th birthday, and now we’re able to do the same thing at Disneyland for it’s 60th.  That’s a memory, an experience, that I will never forget, nor will my wife and daughter forget it either.  But being there on the actual birthday goes beyond just being there to say we were there.  Being there on this day is our way of telling the world how great Walt Disney was, and that we are not there just to ride rides and see parades and eat food; no, we are there to honor Walt Disney himself, to remember him on this special day, to tell the world that it is a better place because he lived, and that in celebrating his legacy, we are showing the world that there is some good left in this world.

Sixty years from now, Disneyland will be changed, there is no doubt of that in my mind.  Sixty years from now, Magic Bands will have arrived, technological marvels beyond my imagination will be in existence, and who knows — the Monorail may actually hover over the ground, not ride on concrete rails.  However, one thing will not be different.  In sixty years from today, people will still come to Disneyland, not only because of the rides, the stories, and the churros; no, people will still be coming to Disneyland to pay homage to the man, to Walt Disney, and to marvel at the creative genius that dreamt up this incredible wonderland, all because he wanted to see families able to ride rides with their kids, instead of just sitting and waiting while their kids enjoyed themselves.

In the end, this incredible oasis was put in place for one big reason — so that, in years to come, as kids get older, life gets in the way more often, and so forth, when that happens, families will be able to remember that day, when families were able to put aside their worries, their life distractions, and remember what it is like to be carefree once more.  That, to me, is Walt’s greatest legacy.

Thank you all for stopping by today, as we conclude this incredible look at the 60 years of Disneyland.  If you missed some of the posts, I urge you to check them out in our links below, and I want to thank each and every one of my fellow bloggers for their inspiration, their dedication, and their commitment to this great project.  Most of all, I want to thank my friends Didi from DISTherapy and Gayle from The Disney Gals for including me in this incredible series.  It is truly an honor to be included in such company.

#Disneyland60 – Paint the Night Electric Parade!

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

Today, we continue our look at the #Disneyland60 Diamond Anniversary, as we take a look at the next thing on our list that we are looking forward to seeing.  That my friends, is the Paint the Night Electric Parade.

Paint the Night Electric Parade!

The Paint the Night Electric Parade is new for Disneyland, but I understand that it came over from Hong Kong Disneyland.  However, it’s not just a remake parade getting new billing at Disneyland during the Diamond Anniversary.  No, this parade has been enhanced with some floats and scenes that you don’t see in Hong Kong, and it’s those additions and changes that make it truly one of a kind.  What I think I will enjoy most of all about this is the lighting — being able to see that lighting, with the LED lights, similar to the Main Street Electrical Parade, will really be great to me.  I’ve heard that it can be hard to see this parade, that the crowds for viewing are absolutely crazy, so we’ll have to see what we’ll do to ensure that we can see it.  On Friday, July 17, the parade will be shown twice — once at 8:50PM and again at 11:59PM.  I totally plan on watching the parade once during those two nights, or if not, then on Saturday, July 18, when it is presented at 8:50PM again, and also at 10:45PM.

We’ll see how it works out, but I totally am looking forward to seeing the parade! What about you?

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Get Ready for Periscope!


Hello everyone!  Welcome to Periscope — at least, the My Dreams of Disney section of Periscope!  It is absolutely crazy, but in 9 days we will be in California for #Disneyland60!  I absolutely can’t wait for this trip, it is one that I have been looking forward to for a long time!  To make it even more special, I am going to be using the Periscope app to transmit parts of our visit — especially on Friday, July 17, 2015, the birthday of Disneyland — to all of you via Periscope!

I am very new to this, so in all likelihood, I’m going to look foolish, or it will crash and burn or something like that.  But that’s okay!

I invite all of you to install the Periscope app on either your iOS or Android device, and follow me!  To make the most use of Periscope, you need to have a Twitter account — if you have one, you can follow me @Mickey_MDOD.  Lastly, I have made one broadcast, so if you wish to take a look at it, you can view my first Periscope broadcast here.  I’ve read that the broadcasts are only up for 24 hours or so, so I’m also sharing it here below:

So tell me, do you think you will get into Periscope?  I think it’s a unique way to bring the parks back home, so others can enjoy the Magic that Disney has to offer.  I hope to “see” you there on July 17th!  Until then, we’ll talk to you later!