Why I love Disney Giveaways!


A few last thoughts as I close the books on my participation of the Disney Gift Card Giveaway that a bunch of great Disney fan blogs held…and why I absolutely love having giveaways.  I guess you could sub-title this post “My top 5 reasons I love Disney Giveaways!”

Reason #1: To build excitement in all of the great blogs that are participating in the giveaway!

There are an incredible number of Disney fan sites out there — so many that I am impressed that my site gets as many views as it does!  The primary reason that we, as bloggers, pool our money to giveaway incredible prizes to our readers is because we LOVE Disney, and we love to share with you what makes our passion for Disney so great.

Reason #2: To share our favorite things we love about Disney!

Whether it be the world-famous Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar, my wife’s favorite, by the way, or a thrilling late night ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, or even just a corny ride on the Jungle Cruise — one of the reasons I love being part of Disney giveaways is so that I can share my favorite things that I love about Disney!

Reason #3: To help families see their Disney Dreams come true!

One of my entries in this giveaway was to get people to request a free quote so that they could see what a Disney vacation might cost them.  I know that the primary reason that people did that option was to get an entry in the giveaway, but it was my hope that some of them would see my reply, start up a conversation with me, and be convinced that a trip to Disney World, Disneyland, or any of the other Disney Destinations isn’t a “break the bank” kind of option — or, at least, doesn’t need to be!

Reason #4: To give two lucky winners a chance to fulfill their Disney Dreams!

It had been quite a while since I was part of a giveaway of this size — it isn’t often that you can offer a grand prize of a $400 Disney Gift Card and a second prize of a $200 Disney Gift Card!  That second prize, in and of itself, was enough to be a deposit on a vacation to Walt Disney World for one family, and the $400 Disney Gift Card would be enough to pay for quite a bit of that vacation!  Or, it could be an entire Christmas shopping taken care of, just like that!  So, being able to award such great prizes is definitely one reason I love Disney giveaways!

Reason #5: Outstanding, THANKFUL, appreciative winners!

The number one reason, though (even though I have it listed as reason #5), that I love Disney Giveaways, is because of the excitement, the pure joy, that I read when the winners claim their prize.  Our $400 winner, Katy Maxwell from Michigan, was so excited, she couldn’t stand it!  She has a trip planned, and this gift card will be the icing on the cake for her trip with her family.

Perhaps even more so, though, was the reaction of Kimberly Donathen of North Carolina, the winner of the $200 Disney Gift Card.  When I asked her via email what she was going to use the gift card on, here was her response:

[box]My GC will be used on my two very Special Need Kids to navigate the parks for Christmas and some balloons to pay it forward for other guests in memory of a child we know and loved who has passed away. We do this every year.[/box]

She went on to add in a followup email:

[box]We have a very close friend who lost her daughter 2 years ago as a toddler. Even though my kids are special needs and will have burdens they will live their lives. It taught us to preserve, be thankful and to live life. Every trip we give balloons and pins to other kids. It also helps to teach my youngest, who is capable of grasping it somewhat, that it is good to pay it forward. Life is a lesson, even at Disney![/box]

And that, my friends, more than any reason, is why I love to be a part of Disney Giveaways.  Thank you for reading, and God Bless people like Kimberly, who, despite the tribulations that they face in their daily lives, still see the blessings that God gives to them, and are able to help others see blessings as well.

Prayers for the Week – May 19, 2013

mdod-prayers of the week


Welcome to this week’s edition of Prayers for the week of May 19, 2013.  This week has been an absolutely crazy week, so for me personally, the biggest praise I’ve got is that we made it through okay!  I don’t have a whole lot to lift up right now, so this will be a shorter post then normal — but if I missed hearing about any of your prayers requests or praises, please leave them in the comments and we’ll pray over them!  As always, thank you to everyone for praying for these people that need our prayers — the more prayers we can get for them, the better off they will be!  Now, on to the prayer list!

Prayer Requests…

  • The first prayer request I would like to lift up to you is for my daughter Sophie.  This week is a big week for her because she has end of grade tests for 6th grade, along with some final exams for the grades that don’t offer EOG tests.  Please pray for her peace, calm, and tranquility during this week, and for that of all the rest of the kids that are going through EOG testing this week as well.  Additionally, Sophie has some work to catch up on for school, so please pray that she would get it all taken care of in time so that it would be all done!  Thanks, everyone!
  • Please also lift up my brother-in-law Otis this week.  He is on a business trip to Istanbul, Turkey, so please pray for his safe travels this week, for a productive workweek abroad, and also pray for his Nancy and Anna Jane, who are missing their husband and father!
  • My good friend Jon, who we have been praying for with regard to his aunt, is not doing well.  His Aunt Oakley had another stroke recently, and is likely not long in this life.  Please pray for her salvation (although we all believe her to be saved), and pray for her Peace, comfort, and pray that she not suffer.  Also, please pray for her family, who are coming to grips with the loss of their loved one.
  • Please pray for my friend Sherry, who has some medical issues to deal with — I won’t go into details, but please pray for her healing.  Also, please pray for my other friend Linda, who also has some medical issues to deal with, please pray for her healing as well.
  • Please also pray for my friend Donna, who has had a medical issue to deal with, but is now in the stages of recovery, so please pray for her continued healing and comfort.
  • Also, please pray for my niece Stephanie, who has some tests to go through in a few weeks, please pray for her comfort, Peace, and strength in the weeks to come, not only because of this, but because her husband Shane is still at basic training.  Please pray for him as well, that he get through his training safely, and return home soon.
  • On top of these prayer requests, please lift up the unknown prayer requests as well.  I’ll say a special prayer to those right now:
    Lord, please, on top of the specific prayers that we have been praying for, Lord, please also lift up those prayer requests that we don’t know about.  Please take care of the unknown people, those that don’t share their requests, but are hurting, nonetheless.  Lord, please pass along your transcendent Peace to all of us, for the whole world, because it just feels like the stresses of this world are becoming more and more, and much harder to take.  Lord, also, please lift up our Men and Women of the armed forces, always keep them safe from harm whenever possible, and Lord, please lift up our government officials, regardless of their party — may they be led in their decisions by your guidance, and not blindly, of their own volition. Lord, for every prayer request we leave with you on these Sundays, we know that there are hundreds, even thousands, more that we don’t know about.  It is for those that we especially pray today for, for all of those that we don’t know.  We pray these things in the name of your beautiful Son, Jesus, with abundant Thanksgiving! Amen.


Lord, the biggest praise we have this week is that of your son, Jesus!  Please keep us focused upon Him, it truly makes our days better when we remember to lift our concerns to Jesus first!

Thank you everyone for stopping by.  Please, share the post along, and include your needs in our prayer list also!  Thanks for reading, and God Bless all of you!


Magical Blogorail Red: Dreaming of a Disney Christmas!

Magical Blogorail Red Logo

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Red. Enjoy the ride as we share with you our dreams of a Disney Christmas.

Cinderella Castle Leigh Ann With Christmas just around the corner, the Magical Blogorail Red team would first like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, full of the wonder and excitement of Christmas, along with remembering the joy that the birth of Jesus brings to those who Believe!

For this month’s post, I’ve gone completely off the board, and instead of writing a post, I’ve adapted that most cherished of Christmas Songs — “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby, and come up with my own song to the same tune.  Before you read mine, though, I think it important that you watch the real deal first, so that you can take pity on me when you read mine!

Image Courtesy my friend Leigh Ann!

Image Courtesy my friend Leigh Ann!

And now, I present to you, “Dreaming of a Disney Christmas”

I’m Dreaming of a Disney Christmas
One that I’ve never experienced before…
With Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party,
Epcot’s Candlelight Processional, and
Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, too!

I’m Dreaming of a Disney Christmas
That one day my family will enjoy…
Staring at the wonders that is the Osborne Family Spectacle
Enjoying Cookies and Hot Cocoa,
And watching it snow on Main Street, U.S.A. too!

Oh, I’m Dreaming of a Disney Christmas
That, for now, is only a dream…
Tho I’ve not been to Disney at Christmastime before,
One day we’ll go, of that I am certain, indeed!

All of us at My Dreams of Disney would like to wish you and your family the most wondrous of Christmas joy this holiday season.  We also would like to extend our deepest heartfelt prayers to all of you that, for some reason or another, are missing loved ones this Christmas Season, and pray that you can find your joy in the birth of our Savior, Jesus.  God Bless us all!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Disney Donna Kay.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

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2nd Stop ~ Disney Donna Kay
3rd Stop ~ Pursuing the Magic
4th Stop ~ A World View
Final Stop ~ Growing Up Disney