Why Pixar Shorts are the best thing since sliced bread


Pixar.  The name is synonymous with such great movies as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and many others.  I’d dare say that there are billions of people out there that know the name Pixar, and have a favorite movie that is made by Pixar.

Talking about Pixar feature films is a post for another day, but today, I want to write about a trend that I think is absolutely cool — the re-introduction of the short film before a feature film starts.

In days gone by, back in the heyday of Disney shorts, there was always a short cartoon prior to the feature movie.  In many ways, that is how Disney first made a name for itself.  Then, for years — heck, even decades — there were no shorts prior the feature film…

One day, though, and don’t ask me to remember when, because I’m sorry, I don’t remember, all of that changed, and changed for the better, in my opinion.

What are your favorite short films that have started playing before the feature film?  Here are mine, let me know what you think in the comments, and thanks!

One Man’s Band

This Pixar short film was the introductory short before the great movie Cars.  I remember it very well, I have always enjoyed it, and I think you will too!  Here’s the YouTube video of it for you to enjoy:


What a great short — I had almost forgotten about this one!  Do you remember the story — the unexpected consequences when you forget to feed your rabbit before the big magic show!  Enjoy!

La Luna

This short is another favorite of mine — but it’s a little more cerebral in it’s approach.  Take a look at it, and let me know what you think of it!

The Blue Umbrella

I really like the Blue Umbrella.  This is one of those shorts that takes you right into the scene — in this case, a rain storm, and the emergence of the Blue Umbrella, who finds a friend in the Red Umbrella.  It’s a great story, all without saying a word, and here it is for you to take a look at.  Enjoy!


The last video I’m sharing with you isn’t a Pixar video — it was created by Walt Disney Animation — but I am of the belief that Disney went this route because of the success of the Pixar shorts, so I’m going to share it with you here.  Of course, I’m a sappy romantic, so I love this short.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think of it, please.