Teppan Edo

67 Days: Teppan Edo

Teppan Edo

Teppan Edo is part of the Japan Pavilion, and is our choice for #Day67 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown

Hello everyone, and thank you for stopping by My Dreams of Disney today!  This is #Day67 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown, and for this day, we are taking a look at one of our dining reservations for our trip — Teppan Edo, located in the Japan Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase.

Cindy, Sophie and I have never eaten at Teppan Edo before — in our minds, we thought, why eat here when we can get a similar experience at home?  However, our friends Sheila, Randy, and Miss J wanted to eat here, and we thought, if Hibachi style Japanese cuisine is good at home, at Disney it’s probably even better!  So, we made a reservation.

The Japan Pavilion is a very picturesque pavilion, with the buildings being a small scale of what an Emperor’s palace looks like.  Over the years, we have taken some pictures of some of the various things you’ll find in this pavilion, starting with this picture of Sophie and myself that Cindy took of us:

Teppan Edo

The building for Teppan Edo in the background, our choice for #Day67 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown

As you can see, the paths and walkways are reminiscent of walking through a secret garden.

Teppan Edo

Part of the Japan Pavilion

The tower is a favorite of mine for photographing, I really enjoy how it stands tall for all to witness the glory and splendor of the Japan Pavilion.

Even though we haven’t eaten at Teppan Edo before, I am thinking about what I might eat when we get there.  Have you ever eaten there before?  If so, what did you like (or not like, hopefully not!)?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!