The new My Dreams of Disney!


Welcome to the new look for My Dreams of Disney!  I spent some time last night looking over a few themes from the Elegant Themes line of themes, and this one was the one that I kept coming back to.  The name of the theme is Envisioned, and has a lot of features that I like, especially the featured slider at the top!

Among the other things that I like, though, include the following options:

  • Being able to define three pages for below the slider.
  • Being able to create a gallery page that pulls in the images from multiple posts — so that you can easily find the most recent posts.  I’ve got it set to go back and pull 50 images in.
  • Being able to put in a quote and a link that describes more about the quote.
  • Having the ability to create an easy sitemap page.
  • And more!

So please, take a few minutes, look around, and tell me what you think in the comments below.  I appreciate it, and hope you are as excited by the theme as I am!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new look to My Dreams of Disney, and have a great day!