Top Ten Things to Do at WDW to Feel Childish Again

So we’ve all gone to Walt Disney World and done all of the E Ticket rides and attractions. We’ve thrilled to Space Mountain and Soarin. We’ve viewed all of the great Live Shows like Beauty and the Beast and Fantasmic. And we’ve eaten in all of the best places like Fulton’s Crab House and Boma. Yes, we’ve done all of the adult things.

Now it’s time to have some fun!

Here is a list of the Top Ten things that I think we should all do while at Walt Disney World to feel childish, or like a kid, again:

Number 10 – WEAR A FUNNY HAT

Nothing says ‘Hey, I’m a big kid’ like wearing a pair of Mickey ears in public! Or, if a baseball cap is more your thing, get one with a Disney character or saying on it.


Guys might want to ask first! But the idea here is to get in on the fun of interacting with the Costumed Characters whenever possible. And don’t forget to get photographs for future blackmail opportunities.


Who never grew up? Peter Pan, of course! So who better to help you find the child within. So climb aboard and learn about faith, trust, and Pixie Dust all over again!


During one of our visits to the Magic Kingdom, my wife and I boarded a Hunny Pot and found that we were sharing it with another mature couple. When the Pot started to bounce up and down with Tigger, I yelled out: “Put your hands in the air!” Everyone did and we all laughed and had a great time!


This is a no-brainer! You board a miniature Sports Car that is impossible to steer well and (accidentally) bump into other cars as you circumnavigate the track. I dare you to do this without an impish smile on your face!


Who doesn’t like to laugh? And if you are one of the lucky few, you may find yourself on the Big Screen up front and on the proverbial spot! Make sure you act as silly as possible if this does happen to you. Remember: You’re a kid again!

Number 4 – IT’S TOUGH TO BE A BUG (AK)

And it’s tough not to have fun as you see, hear, smell, and feel all of those creepy-crawly insects throughout the show! And the best thing of all: You get to scream like a little girl!


To really get that youthful feeling, try to get in on the action of any of the Streetmosphere skits. For example, you may end up playing the Dating Game at DHS. Or you may become King Arthur at the UK Pavilion in EPCOT. Either way, you’ll have fun laughing at yourself!


Of course, a lot of the Exhibits and Interactive Games in this section of EPCOT are geared for the kiddies, but that’s the point! Revisiting the time in your life when exploration was King is bound to take off a year or two.

And the Number 1 way to feel like a kid again while visiting Walt Disney World is – YOU TELL ME!

We all remember something different about our childhoods. So what fond memories do you have of the time in your life when your parents did everything for you, and all you had to do was have fun? Chances are that Walt Disney thought of it and included it in some aspect of his Parks!

So lighten up and get out there and make a fool of yourself! I highly recommend it.

How to Get Your Newborn Ready for Disney

It’s never too early. How many times have we heard that old chestnut? Well, in the case of developing an appreciation for Disney, it rings true! So today I present a list that every expecting and self-respecting Disney Fan should read.

And if you’ve already received your bundle of joy, then it’s even more important that you read and apply these suggestions. Their little minds could be swayed by Dreamworks characters before you know it, or worse yet, they might see a Universal Studios commercial!

So to make sure that doesn’t happen, I give you 20 Ways to get your child ready for Disney from birth:

1. Hang a Mobile over her crib that plays ‘It’s a Small World After All’ in 27 languages.

2. As you plan your Disney trips, ask yourself: “Will I be able to ride Space Mountain with her strapped in one of those baby carriers?”

3. Make sure to book an appointment at the Main Street Barbershop for that ever-important first haircut!

4. Be sure to track the baby’s height measurement every single day. You must be ready for when she’s tall enough to ride your favorite attraction.

5. Visit the Parks early and often and stay late. You’ll need to build your stamina to endure Disney Parks with a child!

6. Teach her to lift her hands in the air while in the baby swing so she will learn how to assume the position.

7. Prepare your little one for the Disney dining experience by dressing up as different characters during meal times.

8. Search your home area for a local Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique stylist (or kidnap one) so your little Princess always has The Look! If you have the look, you have the feeling.

9. Take your baby to the Flower and Garden Festival every year, to help build up her immunity to Florida allergens.

10. Sing the most infectious Disney songs to her as lullabies every night, so that she’ll never forget them. Seriously. She’ll never be able to forget them!

11. Buy her an iPod Touch and fill it with every Disney App imaginable. It’s never too early to become a Disney Geek!

12. Get her an Alice costume, Mad Hatter and March Hare stuffies, and a tea set, so she can have her own Mad Tea Parties.

13. Slowly start integrating Dole Whip floats and turkey legs into the child’s diet.

14. It’s good to teach kids a second language as early as possible. Why not start with: “Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas.”

15. Instead of trying to get your baby to say “mama” or “dada” as her first word, instead, try to teach her “Mickey” or “Minnie.”

16. Make sure to buy baby’s first Mouse Ears! Never too soon to be a Mouseketeer!

17. Make sure your baby is used to riding around in a stroller… she’ll be doing lots of that at Disney Parks!

18. To get her ready for Parades, cover her in flashing lights and play SpectroMagic Parade Music while you have her walk up and down the driveway.

19. Buy a Tinkerbell nightlight so baby doesn’t ever have to be afraid of the dark or pirates.

20. Play old Disney 45’s while she sleeps. Merlin Jones’ Sleep-learning system doesn’t just work on chimpanzees and Football players!

So there you have it. 20 of the best ways to ensure that your little bundle of joy grows up to love Disney. Try not to think of it as brain washing, but more like very strong suggestions forced upon a young, impressionable mind. No, wait…

Bonus: Tell her bad puns while giving her a bath to prepare her for the Jungle Cruise.

This list was compiled by me with the help of many different writers from across the Blogosphere and originally appeared on the Chip and Company website. It has been edited and updated for publishing here.