5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP

April 4th, 2014.  Set your reminders now — the 2014 Ultimate Blog Party is underway on that date!  Running from April 4th – 11th, 2014, this is an excellent opportunity for you to experience some new blogs, have some fun, learn some things, and win some prizes!  Hosted by my friends at 5 Minutes for Mom, this is an annual blog party that truly does open up some excellent blogs for you to review!

For those of you that are new to this blog, My Dreams of Disney was started in September, 2010, as a way for me to document the memories that I and my family have of our trips to Walt Disney World.  Over the years, though, we have seen our blog expand by leaps and bounds, and now we help you plan your perfect Disney vacation!  I started as a part time travel agent in February 2013, and it is my goal here at My Dreams of Disney to help you turn My Dreams of Disney into Your Dreams of Disney!

Part of how we accomplish that is in our listing of Disney Planning Resources, as well as trip reviews, articles written with my friends at the Magical Blogorail, and more!

As part of the #UBP for 2014, I have decided to include a prize in the list of prizes to be given away during the week!  My prize will consist of the following Disney related items:

A $25 Disney Gift Card!

A $25 Disney Gift Card!

and a 50th Anniversary Edition of The Muppet Movie!

You could win this!

You could win this!

To follow along with all the action, just click on the button below to go to the main party page!  The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 is about to begin — are you ready for it?

Prayers for the Week – Our Blessings

Image ©oneyearbibleimages.com

Image ©oneyearbibleimages.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Prayers for the Week post as seen here on My Dreams of Disney.  If you are new to our site, this special post is run once a week, and it is an avenue for us to lift up the things that we need to pray about.  As a result, it is totally open to you — if you have a prayer request or a praise you want to see featured, please leave it in the comments and other Christians around the world will pray for you and your request.  This week I thought I would open the floor for you and I to share our blessings — those things that God has blessed in your life that you want us to know about and give praise for.  Please add your blessings all week so that we can have a great show of praise for all that God does for us!

The past two weeks (and continuing for the next two weeks as well) my family has been meeting at the home of one of my Sisters-in-Christ, and our two families (among others) have been lifting up our church for our Opening Doors Campaign.  The beauty of having these prayer gatherings is that we are able to share our blessings, our concerns, our confessions, and our love for our Lord in a time of witness before Him has been astounding.  Here are the things that I listed for my blessings the past two weeks:

  • Sophie
  • Cindy
  • Family
  • Regan
  • The Men’s Study Bible Study
  • Stephanie & Shane
  • Jesus
  • His Word
  • Understanding
  • Peace
  • Patience

The interesting thing that I’ve found is that some of the things I’ve listed are staples from week to week, such as Sophie, Cindy, family, and so on.  However, I’ve also come to the realization that some things that I’ve been blessed by are things that I’ve noticed in my life for the week that I’ve been able to handle better, such as having more understanding of a situation, or Peace regarding something, and even patience — which is something that I’ve been sorely lacking in over the years, has been easier to come by this week.  What blessings do you want to share with us?  Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll praise God for your blessings, and give Him thanks that you have them!  Now, though, let’s dive into our prayer requests and praises from last week.

Prayer Requests.

  • My friend Jacqueline left a prayer request on Facebook. Here is what she wrote:I need prayers for my friend, Mary Morales today please. She’s been in a car accident. Thank you so much.

    Please pray for her friend, that everything is okay. Thanks!

  • Please pray for my friend who is experiencing flu-like symptoms. Her sister is as well. Please pray for their speedy recovery! Thank you.
  • My Dad shared a picture on Facebook the other day, and this is what he wrote:Not an alien creature as Dr. Greenberg suggested, not an X-ray of a frog’s anatomy, no it’s my recently diagnosed brain aneurysm. Angiogram planned for the 28th at Fairfax Hospital which will most likely be followed by putting a ‘coil’ into the aneurysm to effectively neutralize it so it won’t burst. Yep, I finally had my head examined as Mom said I should about 65 years ago!

    Please pray for his speedy treatment, for the doctors that are looking after him, and for healing for his ailment. Thank you everyone!

  • Please pray the following for the people listed below:Uncle Ted – continued healing.
    Aunt Carol – continued healing.
    Brandon – healing for his surgery.
    Jeannie – strength to carry on past her grief.
    Nancy – healing for her ailments.
    Doug – good news regarding his test results.
    ML – relief from her anxiety and worry.
    Dee – Peace from her worries over her cat, and healing for her cat.

    Thank you everyone for praying.

  • My friend Doris requested prayers for her dad, who had an emergency surgery. Here is what she wrote:Prayers needed for my dad who is still recovering in the hospital after unexpected bypass surgery.

    Please pray for healing for him, and for God’s Peace, Comfort, and Strength to descend upon him and his family as they worry over him. Thank you!


Praises aren’t always about big things; in fact, I would surmise that most praises are for things that most of us would take for granted.  Please look at my list of praises, and remember to add your praises to the end of our post in the comments!  Let’s Witness for God on this post just by shouting out our praises of His Love!

  • Today I’m giving praise for God’s Healing in the lives of so many friends and loved ones.
  • I don’t give them as much praise as I should be, but I love my Mom & Dad, and today I’m praising them to God.  Thank you God for giving me my parents!
  • There is a lot wrong with the internet, and Facebook; a lot of filth, a lot of distraction, and a lot of people look at Facebook and the Internet as “their God”.  However, Facebook and the internet do some incredible things, such as bringing families closer together, and when Dad announced what was going on, I thought to myself, would I have known about it until after it was done if he hadn’t posted it on Facebook?  Chances are I would have been told, but with Facebook, I was told more quickly, and so were a lot of other family members and friends, and there are more prayers being lifted up for Dad because of this than there might be otherwise.  So for this day, I give thanks for Facebook.
  • I also give praise that God listens to me, and that I am able to lift up the things that I need help with to Him in the form of prayer requests.
  • Hand in hand with prayer requests, answered prayers are so incredible that I give praise for them too!
  • Many of us have not been blessed yet in life with a spouse to help us face life, but almost everyone I know has great friends that are part of our lives.  I give praise to God for my great friends!
  • Lastly, Lord, I give praise to You for Your Gift of Love — giving us the ability to love, loving us so much that you sent Your Son to us, and showing us how to love one another.

Thank you for stopping by today and praying for our prayer requests and lifting up our praises to God.  Our Blessings are important to remember, especially in these tough times, so please lift up your blessings so we can pray for them and shout them out!

TimeStream Releases Walt Disney World Tips App!

Walt Disney World Tips!

Walt Disney World Tips!

Now all the helpful Walt Disney World Tips, Hints, Phone Numbers and more from TimeStream Software’s popular Disney World Mobile Guide, Walt Disney World Notescast and Walt Disney World Phone Numbers apps are combined into one powerful trip-planning and in-park resource…the new Walt Disney World Tips, Hints & Phone Numbers!

Containing over 200 valuable Walt Disney World tips and hints, complete with photos, as well as over 150 important Walt Disney World phone numbers all combined into one app, the new Walt Disney World Tips, Hints & Phone Numbers app reveals all the tips, hints and important phone numbers you need to make your vacation easy, memorable and filled with magic.

You’ll find:

• How to Plan Your Vacation
• Walt Disney World Trip Planning Tips
• Walt Disney World In-Park Tips
• Walt Disney World Photo Tips
• Walt Disney World Toddler Tips
• Walt Disney World Character Tips
• All About Disney’s Fastpass
• All About Disney’s Magical Express
• Guests with Disabilities Information
• Pet Care at Walt Disney World
• And More

In addition, you’ll find the over 150 important Walt Disney World phone numbers you need to plan your vacation to Walt Disney World Resort, plus valuable phone numbers for when you arrive at the parks…all in one convenient app. No more searching countless web sites to find the different phone numbers you need.

Divided into four categories, the phone number you want is easy to find in the convenient Notescast format:

Over 150 Phone Numbers Include:

• Main Walt Disney World Switchboard – Live Rep – Gets you to any location at Walt Disney World Resort
• WDW Central Reservations Office
• WDW Dining Reservations
• WDW Character Dining Reservations
• Walt Disney World Park Hours
• Disney’s Magical Express Reservations
• Walt Disney World Tickets
• Walt Disney World Travel
• All Walt Disney World Hotels
• Guest Information
• Lost and Found
• Orlando International Airport
• Attraction Closures
• Walt Disney World Weather
• Weddings & Honeymoon Planning
• Dining Cruise
• Fireworks Cruises
• Downtown Disney Information
• Walt Disney World Golf
• Guests with Disabilities
• Modify a Reservation
• WDW Recreation Services
• Walt Disney World Marathon
• Walt Disney World Tours
• AAA Car Care Center
• And So Many More!

Here are some images that will show more about what we’ve already discussed above — there is so much information in here, it’s practically impossible to talk about it all here!




My Dreams of Disney has been selected to review the app, so look for a detailed review in the near future that talks even more about this app.  If it’s like any of the other apps that TimeStream Software has released, I have no doubt that we will like it!  Also, after our review, we will be having another giveaway with TimeStream Software, so stay tuned for more information on that as well!

Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to make it a Disney Day!


Pixie Vacations December Offer

Pixie Vacations Card

With Christmas and the other holidays rolling around this month, I am taking a bit of time to offer you a special offer.  As you may know, I am a travel agent for Pixie Vacations.  If you book a Disney vacation with me by Tuesday, December 31st, 2013, for travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani, on board Disney Cruise Lines, or through Adventures by Disney, I will throw in an automatic $50 Disney Gift Card for you.  This, of course, is on top of any other special offers that Disney has out there — so, it could make for a nice little getaway for you and your family!

Let’s look at an example package.  Let’s say you and your spouse want to take your two children, ages 8 and 5, to Walt Disney World for 5 nights/6 days.  You want the Disney Dining Plan, and you want 6 day park hopper tickets.

Travel Dates: January 17-22, 2014 (5 nights, 6 days)
Resort: Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside (Garden View room)
6 Day Magic Your Way Tickets plus park hopper
Disney Dining Plan
Package cost: $2,863.24 using Play, Stay, and Dine promotion
Normal rack rate price: $3,364.74
Savings: $501.50
Additional savings if you book your trip prior to December 21, 2013: $50 Disney Gift Card.

Of course, you can choose any time during the 2014 calendar year to plan your trip, but if you want to receive the bonus $50 Disney Gift Card, you have to book it by December 31st, 2013.  Just imagine putting that present under your tree to open on Christmas Day!

*Note: Disney Gift Card will be sent to you with your pre-arrival paperwork approximately 30 days prior to your check-in date.

If you want to get pricing for a trip that matches the needs of your family, just click on the image at the top of this post, and it will take you to a quote request page that you can use to provide me with the details needed to get you pricing.  Thanks everyone, and remember, at My Dreams of Disney, we’re helping you to turn My Dreams of Disney into Your Dreams of Disney!

Congratulations Kristen Hicks!

Enter to win some great Chamilia Jewelry!

Congratulations to our winner!

My Dreams of Disney would like to take a moment and congratulate Kristen Hicks, who was chosen the winner of the Disney Chamilia Jewelry Giveaway!  An email was sent to her, which she has replied to and claimed her prize.

All of us at My Dreams of Disney are very excited for Kristen — this prize is a great early Christmas present for her or someone she loves!  Kristen, enjoy your prize!

We would also like to thank all of the sponsors of this prize for including us in the giveaway! In case you missed it, here’s the complete list:

My Dreams of Disney readers, stay tuned!  You never know when we’ll have our next great giveaway!  Thanks for participating, and taking the time to learn more about us!  We hope you’ll stick around!