Traveling to Orlando – My tips and notes to make your journey to Disney World a little easier


Hello everyone, today I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips I give to friends and family who are traveling to Disney World for the first time. I think these tips are worth noting whether this is your first trip or another trip to Disney World.

First, make sure you are on an airline you like. I was thrilled when JetBlue started operating out of my “home” airport this November. Personally, JetBlue is my favorite airline. There is no charge for your first bag of luggage, they have direct flights at a good price, there is satellite TV and radio at each seat and they offer Dunkin Donuts coffee. In New England, it seems like there is a Dunkins on every corner and that little extra makes a difference to me. But the important factor here is that I dislike flying so I want to be as comfortable as possible. If you prefer a different airline, use that one but try to choose an airline you like.

When you get off the plane, you will need to make the journey from your arrival gate to the main terminal (and back again on the return home). I always look forward to the ride in the tram on the way there and am sad on the return trip home. I view this as my first ride of the trip. I use the ride on the way home to carefully tie my shoes and get myself together for the flight home. If you are the type that dislikes waiting or you are in a hurry, there are walkways between the main terminal and the two gate areas. FYI, there are also plenty of places to shop and grab a bite to eat in both the main terminal and the gate areas.

The next thing to consider is your transportation to the DisneyWorld property. As I have said before, I LOVE Disney’s Magical Express. I wholeheartedly suggest using the service whenever possible. All transportation options including Disney’s Magical Express are located on the baggage claim area of the airport (don’t forget that if you opt to use Disney’s Magical Express, you can bypass the baggage claim area! Always a bonus while traveling).

It’s important to note that the Orlando International Airport doesn’t sell gum. If you are like me, you rely on gum chewing to help relieve the ear pressure that is often a result of flying. Make sure you stock up before you leave home or head out to the airport for the flight home. If you don’t chew gum, I have found if you stick your tongue out and swallow (it’s difficult but possible), that tends to relieve the pressure without that uncomfortable “pop” you get if you block your nose, close your mouth and “blow” (it works but I find that the “pop” hurts so much that it’s sometimes preferable to continue being blocked).

I hope you have found something in these tips that you can use. Do you have any tips you would like to share? I love getting new tips. Happy travels!