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A D V E N T U R E S    B Y    D I S N E Y  –  England and France

Welcome to those of you joining me from IN THE MOUSE HOUSE and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 4th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

… and France!

Although I was born in Canada, my parents and entire extended family pretty much hail from over the pond in bonny ole England. I’ve been there only three times in my life, but each time I was only a child, the last time being when I was just 14-years old. So returning as an adult and sharing my heritage with my wife certainly appeals to me!

I’m not so much interested in the usual landmarks: Big Ben (you know that is the name of the bell and not the tower, right?), Piccadilly Circus (which isn’t an actual circus), Buckingham Palace (where it would be a rare day to see any Royalty anyway), or the like. But I would rather tour the little towns and pubs and the seaside resorts. I feel that is where the real character of England, and of France, would be found. Having a pint with the locals and hearing their stories would be a real treat! However, you don’t get to choose what you see, so here is what Disney has in mind for you if you choose this Adventure:

  • Climb aboard an iconic red double-decker bus for a private tour of London with an elevated view of Westminster Abby and Buckingham Palace.

  • Delight in the splendor and serenity of the English countryside during your 2-night stay in a 19th-century manor house.

  • Walk among towering stone blocks that have stood for millennia at Stonehenge. Explore the mysteries and legends surrounding the construction of this timeless monument.

  • Discover how kings and queens lived during a privately guided visit to Windsor Castle, current home to the British royal family!

  • Journey to the top of this 1,063 foot (324 meters) — tall structure and get ready for one of the most magnificent views in Paris — or anywhere in the world!

  • Marvel at the gargoyles of Nôtre Dame Cathedral. Then, as the adults follow a local expert to view some of the world’s greatest masterpieces in the Louvre, Junior Adventurers discover famous art works on an interactive scavenger hunt.

What I like about the idea of touring these destinations with Disney is the safety factor. I’m not a big world adventurer and don’t like being in situations where I don’t have control. This may curtail a certain amount of fun, but at least I arrive home alive after each of my vacations! And I’m sure a Disney Tour Guide could add a few Disney details to the locations visited.

France appeals to me because of the architecture and art scene, and of course, Disneyland Paris!

So my dream Adventure by Disney would be first to connect with my English heritage, and second, to explore the beauty and Disney Park fun of France. Now if I can just come up with about 6,000 US dollars I’ll be on my way!

Check out this link: England and France Tours for full details.

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15 Days to 15 Years – Animal Kingdom, 2003

15 Days to 15 Years
Today I have the distinct honor and privilege to be writing one of the 15 Days to 15 Years posts over at DISTherapy.  My great friends Donna and Beth have been the driving force now for the Magic Kingdom 40 Days to 40 Years Series, the Epcot 30 Days to 30 Years Series, the Disneyland Paris 20 Days to 20 Years Series, and now, the Animal Kingdom 15 Days to 15 Years Series!

So, stop on by and read the post, and enjoy the rest of the great posts in this series!  Thanks, and have a great day!

Attraction Series – Space Mountain!

Space Mountain Space Mountain is a unique attraction at Walt Disney World in that the attraction opened first at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, and then was installed at other Disney parks across the world!

Space Mountain opened on January 15, 1975 in Tomorrowland.  Did you know that Space Mountain is considered to be built “outside” the park in that it is on the other side of the Walt Disney World Railroad tracks that serve as the perimeter of the park?  Also, did you know that upon opening, the first sponsor of the attraction was RCA?  Card Walker, the CEO of Walt Disney Productions, convinced RCA chairman Robert Sarnoff to sponsor the attraction.  RCA had won the contract to provide the communications hardware for the resort, and their was a stipulation that if a big attraction was opened, RCA would contribute $10 Million dollars to sponsor it.

After Space Mountain opened and was a big success, it was opened in modified forms at Disneyland (May 27, 1977), Tokyo Disneyland (opening day, April 15, 1983), Disneyland Paris (June 1, 1995), and Hong Kong Disneyland (opening day, September 12, 2005).

One of the interesting things that I find fascinating about Space Mountain is the speed of the coaster.  According to Disney Wiki, here are the speeds of each of the five versions of Space Mountain:

So, in all of the versions, the one at the Magic Kingdom in WDW is the slowest.  I don’t know about you, but I would love to try out the Disneyland Paris version at 47 MPH!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Space Mountain!  Until our trip last June, Space Mountain was one of those take it or leave it rides for me because Sophie doesn’t like it, and it seems so slow.  But last year I rode it twice during our visit, the first time I though it was insane, but the second time I thought it was even faster!  Thanks for stopping by!  In closing, here is a picture I played around with a little bit — imagine if Space Mountain looked like this!

Space Mountain Neon


The Mad Hatter’s Mad Tea Party

Mad Hatter


Hello everyone, and welcome to the next installment in our Disney attraction series!  Today we are taking a look at the Mad Tea Party, located in the Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland!  This attraction is your typical tea cup ride, with crazy spins — or not so crazy depending on how much you like to spin — and the attraction is themed after the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland!

I don’t think I knew this before I started this series, but the Mad Tea Party is an Opening Day Original at the Magic Kingdom, and opened for business on October 1, 1971!  Of course, like most of the attractions at Walt Disney World, the Mad Tea Party first opened in Disneyland on July 17, 1955.  The interesting thing about the original Disneyland version is that for the first two years,  the tea cups had no brakes or clutches; nothing limited how fast they could be spun. I’ve got to tell you, I’m glad that isn’t the case at the Magic Kingdom because that would be a nightmare for me — Sophie would have that thing revved up so fast it would drive me insane!

The theming for the Mad Tea Party is the Unbirthday Party scene from Alice in Wonderland.  In addition to Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, you can also find Mad Tea Party rides at Tokyo Disneyland (under the name Alice’s Tea Party), Disneyland Paris (under the name Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups), and Hong Kong Disneyland (under the name Mad Hatter Tea Cups).

Did you know…

That at all of the parks that have the Mad Tea Party — or it’s alternative names — at all of the parks except Tokyo Disneyland the attraction was an opening day attraction?

Personally, Cindy and I don’t dislike riding the Mad Tea Party — but for us, we don’t like spinning out of control like Sophie does!  So, what we generally do is put Sophie with someone that likes spinning, like her cousin, and we’ll just ride in a separate tea cup and only spin at the gentle spin that not turning the wheel creates.  That’s perfectly okay with us!

Thank you for taking the time to explore the ins and outs of the Mad Tea Party!  Is this a must do attraction for you, or can you take it or leave it?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!