Magic Kingdom Attraction Guide – Astro Orbiter

Astro Orbiter


In our Magic Kingdom Attraction Guide series, we’ve covered Main Street, U.S.A. and Fantasyland, and now we’re switching our attention to the futuristic land, Tomorrowland.  It is purely by coincidence that we are looking at this land today, the day that the Tomorrowland movie is released, but it is very appropriate nonetheless.  Astro Orbiter is first in our list, here are the details for this ride that is nearly out of this world:

Attraction Name: Astro Orbiter
Attraction Type: Slow Rides, Spinning
Height Requirements: None
Location: Tomorrowland
Hours of Operation: All Day
FastPass+: Not Available

I like this attraction, but it does have some drawbacks, so I thought I would share the pros and cons for this attraction with you:


  • It is situated above the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, so you can get some good views of the park because of the height.
  • It isn’t so fast that you are going to make yourself sick, and you can get good pictures because the speed isn’t so great that your camera can’t focus.


  • Being so high up, you get to the attraction by elevator, and the loading process is very slow, which leads to long waits.
  • The rockets are not very big, so for people like myself, it’s a tight fit.
  • The ride doesn’t last very long, so it seems like a long wait for little reward.

While I do like the attraction, it isn’t my favorite, and I’ll gladly choose the TTA over the Astro Orbiter any day, and twice on Sunday!  Do you and your family like the Astro Orbiter?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks!

Disney Dining Review: Play & Dine

At the Hollywood & Vine, guests for breakfast and lunch can enjoy a character dining experience called the Disney Junior Play & Dine at the Hollywood & Vine.  For only one table service credit, it can be a good way to meet some of the characters that you don’t often find in the parks!

When we took Sophie there for breakfast back in 2008, the characters were from June and Leo from Little Einstein and JoJo and Goliath from JoJo’s Circus.  June and Leo are still part of the fun, but the characters from JoJo’s Circus have been replaced with Handy Manny, Special Agent Oso, and Jake the Neverland Pirate!

We enjoyed having breakfast at the Hollywood & Vine.  The breakfast was a buffet with your standard Disney breakfast fare, but Sophie really enjoyed getting autographs and pictures with the characters, especially June!

The Play ‘n Dine is a good venue to enjoy some character interaction, and whether you choose to eat here or not is totally dependent on whether or not your children (or you) like the characters being offered.  As for us, we don’t need to experience this now, as Sophie has outgrown a lot of the Disney Junior shows, but for you and your children, it may be right up there alley, and shouldn’t be overlooked!  If you book your breakfast for the right time, you’ll be able to get into Hollywood Studios before the park opens, and then after you are done eating, get on over for an early ride on Toy Story Mania!  I’ll close by sharing some of the pictures that we have of Sophie from here, I hope you enjoy!

Sophie and JoJo


Sophie and Goliath


Sophie and Leo


Sophie and June


Sophie and June


Sophie and June

For character experiences, this is a good one — again, it really depends on which characters you and your children like as to whether or not you choose this one.  I’d be surprised if this one was a quick sell-out, but I don’t know have numbers about that.  Our last Character dining review will be of one of my favorite restaurants — ‘Ohana.  Look for that on January 3rd! registered & protected