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Cast Member Memories — The Cookie at the Main Street Bakery

Ideally Disney

Special thanks to my friend Brenda from Ideally Disney for this picture!

As I have mentioned in the past, Disney Cast Members have made magical memories for my family for years of trips to Walt Disney World.  In this special post, I wanted to share with you the “Story of the Cookie!”

The year was 2007, our first trip to Walt Disney World when we stayed on property over at Coronado Springs Resort & Spa.  One morning, we were at the Main Street Bakery getting some breakfast, when all of a sudden a Cast Member came over to us and started talking to Sophie.  I’ll never forget it, she was asking about how our vacation was going, what we were going to do, things like that.  Then, all of a sudden, the Cast Member asked Sophie who her favorite Princess was.  Sophie’s answer: Cinderella.

At that moment, the Cast Member pulls out one of the biggest Chocolate Chip Cookies you’ll ever see, and tells Sophie that before she had gotten to the Bakery, she had been up at the Castle, and Cinderella had asked her to be on the lookout for Sophie, and when she saw her, to give her that cookie and tell her that Cinderella wanted her to have it.  You should have seen Sophie’s eyes light up when she was told this!  This moment was what we love about Walt Disney World — the Disney Magic is so incredibly amped up that you never know where it will strike, and how incredible it will be for your own Princess when she experiences it.

Unfortunately, for some reason I was too dense to think about taking a picture of it, but it is a memory that lives on in my mind’s eye, and will for years to come.  As for the cookie — we ate on that snack for two days, and it was as good a cookie as you’ll taste!