The missing three hours — what my girls would do at Disney World!

My Dreams of Disney
Stephanie, Sophie, and Cindy

Yesterday, for the Magical Blogorail, we wrote our monthly loop, and this month’s topic was what you would do if you had three hours alone with no family at Disney World.  If you want to read the entire loop, check out this post here, but if you didn’t see my post and want to read just that one, click here.

When I told my wife about it, though, she immediately had her own ideas of what she would do with that three hour block of time, so that led me to asking Sophie what she would do, and that led me to texting my niece Stephanie to find out what she would do.  So today, I’m bringing you “What my girls would do at Disney World,” or, if you prefer, “Three hours alone at Disney, part two!”

Since Cindy came up with her list first, I’m going to put her ideas first.  Let me tell you right now, the list she came up with was so much more incredibly imaginative then my list!  Take a look at the things that Cindy would do.

Cindy’s things she would do during her three hour excursion:

  1. Cindy would experience the Magic Kingdom at night, and the first thing she would do would be to fly like Tinkerbell on Tinkerbell’s zip line!
  2. Next, Cindy would head over to Dumbo and ride it with Mickey Mouse.
  3. After that, she would ride Peter Pan’s Flight with…Peter Pan!
  4. Then, since this is a goofy kind of ride to Cindy, she would ride Big Thunder Mountain…with Goofy!
  5. Heading over to The Haunted Mansion, it seems to be a natural fit to ride that ride with Flynn Rider.
  6. For her next ride, she would ride Pirates of the Caribbean with Captain Jack Sparrow!
  7. After all those rides, Cindy would want her favorite snack, so she would make some of the wonderful Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars with her favorite character — Daisy Duck!
  8. Last, but certainly not least, Cindy would close out her three hours by throwing a block party with the (character) gang in Liberty Square!

Next up is Sophie.  Here are the things that she would do during her three hours.

Sophie’s things she would do during her three hour excursion:

  1. First of all, Sophie would experience her three hours at both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, during nighttime hours.
  2. The first thing she would do would be to ride all of the Magic Kingdom roller coasters, so that would be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain, although I think that she would add Splash Mountain to that, even though it isn’t a roller coaster.
  3. Then Sophie would ride the monorail to Epcot, but she would ride in the front of the monorail!
  4. Then, when she got to Epcot, she would enjoy all of the Future World attractions, and then she would visit Mexico, Norway, and France and enjoy the things that are available there.

Lastly,  it’s time to unveil the things that Stephanie would do with her three hour time block.  It took a little bit to get her going, but once she did, I couldn’t shut her up! :)

Stephanie’s things she would do during her three hour excursion:

  1. Stephanie would first learn how to do a dance like the dancers do during the shows in front of Cinderella Castle!
  2. Next, Stephanie would wear a princess costume, and get her picture taken to prove she’s been a Disney Princess!
  3. Then, she would get her picture taken with every character to get revenge with her brother and sister (the first time they went to Disney, Brett and Leslie got pictures with almost all the characters, while Stephanie only got one picture with Minnie Mouse.)
  4. Next it would be time for some snacks.  Stephanie would eat the big popsicles, eat ice cream, and have a huge cinnamon roll from the Main Street Bakery!
  5. Last, but certainly not least, Stephanie would have all the Disney Princesses help plan her dream Disney Wedding with her!  Can you picture my niece Stephanie getting married at Disney World, only to have all the Princesses be her bridesmaids? How cool would that be?!

So there you have it, friends, and see, these ideas were so much more creative then my ideas!  What ideas would you have for your three hours?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading! registered & protected