Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!  This is a big day for you, and I hope that you have a wonderful day and weekend!

The pictures that I’m including in this post were taken when we took Mom to the Magic Kingdom for a day back on August 2nd, 2006.  This was Sophie’s second trip to Disney, and as you can see, my daughter already knew that she was a Princess!

Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom enjoying herself on the Carousel!

My Mom is not one for thrill rides, so riding something like the Carousel, and it’s a small world, and seeing the Country Bear Jamoree — those are right up her alley!  To her credit, she did try the Barnstormer kiddie roller coaster with Sophie (although she didn’t enjoy it at all).

Over the years, my Mom has been through a lot, and it is a testimony to her soul, and her kind spirit, and her upbringing that she is the person she is.

All of you that are regular readers know that I am a man of Faith.  My Mom is living proof of the evidence of God’s existence.

My Mom was bitten by a mosquito when she was about 1 year old, and contracted a very serious illness.  My Grandpa had to teach her how to talk and how to walk again, and she came very close to not being here.

My Grandpa was assigned to the Washington, DC area in the early 60s to manager the United Airlines hangar setup at what was to become Dulles International Airport, so of course my Grandma and their children moved to the area also.  It was while they lived in the area that my Mom and Dad met — on a blind date — were married on May 1, 1964 — over 50 years ago.

Sometimes I think it is easy for us to think that God has nothing special in plan for our lives.  I wonder if my Mom ever wondered that about her life?  What I know is that the events of her life, from early on until this very day, are proof of the special role that God has for her, and for all of us.

Mom, I love you with all of my heart, and I am proud to be your son.




53 Days: Dumbo the Flying Elephant


Dumbo the Flying Elephant is our choice for #Day53 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown!

Hello everyone, and welcome to #Day53 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown.  Today we are taking a look at Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and we’ll discuss the changes that have been made, take a look back at one of my favorite Disney memories, and look at what has become a really cool attraction because of the Fantasyland Expansion!

Before the expansion took place, we almost NEVER rode Dumbo simply because the line was way too long, and the return on that time investment just wasn’t there.  We love the Dumbo movie, though, but despite that, the attraction just didn’t do anything for us.

But then the Fantasyland Expansion took place, and we learned that the Dumbo ride was going to move to Storybook Circus, and in addition to being moved, there was going to be a second Dumbo ride (known as Dueling Dumbos), and interactive area to play while you waited for your turn on Dumbo!  Before I knew it, I was ready to take a look at the new and improved Dumbo!


Sophie and Cindy get ready for a ride on Dumbo!

As you can see, we all took part in a ride during our last trip to Walt Disney World, and it was everything I hoped it would be and then some!  The interactive play area was great for Sophie to play while Cindy and I rested our tired feet for a while, and when it was our turn, the pager that they had assigned us buzzed and we went to claim our turn in line!


The inside of the Tent where you can play while you wait for your turn! Image courtesy and ©Denny

One thing that always will endear me to Dumbo, though, was when we were witness to some incredible Disney Magic.  This happened in 2010 when we included my niece Stephanie in our plans to go to Disney World, and during Extra Magic Hours, Cindy and I were going to ride the Carousel while Sophie and Stephanie rode Dumbo.  Well, while we were in line for the Carousel, we just happened to witness this incredible moment:


Mickey & Minnie ride with two special Guests on Dumbo!

It was such an incredible moment, I don’t think the two children knew that Mickey & Minnie were going to ride with them, and then, when the ride was over, Mickey got off, went back to Minnie’s Dumbo, and proceeded to take her hand and help her off, just like the GentleMouse we all know him to be.  It was an incredible moment, one that I’ll not forget anytime soon!

Extra Magic Hours

82 Days: Extra Magic Hours!

Extra Magic Hours

Day 82 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown is all about Extra Magic Hours!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Day 82 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown!  For today’s post, we are going to take a look at one of the best perks for staying on Disney property during our vacation — Extra Magic Hours!

I love taking in the parks during Extra Magic Hours — the picture at the top was taken back in 2010 when we were visiting the Magic Kingdom during extra hours.  Sophie and my niece Stephanie wanted to ride Dumbo, and Cindy and I went to the Carousel, and while we were in line, we saw Mickey & Minnie surprising some young guests with a ride along treat on Dumbo!  That was a magical moment that I will never ever forget!

Extra Magic Hours

Extra Magic Hours truly brings out some of the most Magical Moments!

Back in 2012, once again during Extra Magic Hours, I was privileged to be able to be a witness, along with my wife Cindy, Shane’s brother Kyle, and bystanders nearby, of Shane proposing to our niece Stephanie in front of Cinderella Castle.  It was after Midnight during Extra Magic Hours, and we all remember that day as if it was yesterday!

Extra Magic Hours can occur either in the morning, when a park opens one hour early, or at night, when a park stays open late — but only guests that are staying on property are eligible to stay late.  The crowds are usually much less, and the cooler air creates it’s own sense of magic.  If you have never taken part in Extra Magic Hours, I urge you to do so at your earliest opportunity.  Who know what magic you will experience if you do!