Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – Steamboat Willie

Image ©TheWaltDisneyCompany.com

Image ©TheWaltDisneyCompany.com

While Steamboat Willie wasn’t introduced to the world until November 18, 1928, today, September 30 is still a big day in the history of Steamboat Willie. It was on this day in 1928 that the following Disney Trivia was created:

September 30, 1928:
A second recording session for Steamboat Willie takes place in New York with conductor Carl Edouarde and a 15-piece band. The first session on September 15 had been a disaster as the musicians couldn’t play in time with the animated film. This time Walt is prepared to deal with the problem of synchronization. Ub Iwerks has made a special print of the film with an animated bouncing ball – on both the soundtrack and the film. The ball rises and falls to the accent of the beat, thus creating a visual signal and a soft audio click. Instead of being projected above the band, Iwerks’ print is projected directly down onto Edouarde’s printed score. The session takes place in just three hours and is a complete success! (The cartoon short will debut November 18.)

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