Disney Snacks

Riding the Rails: Disney Snacks

Disney Snacks

When it comes to Disney Snacks, we have quite a few we enjoy!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Riding the Rails post!  Today, the Magical Blogorail is taking a look at Disney Snacks for this week’s theme, and the moment I heard the word “food”, I knew that I had something to contribute!  There are a lot of great snacks that we enjoy, so I thought I would share some with you in visual form!  I hope you’ve had breakfast, because these might make you hungry for an early lunch!  Starting us off is my daughter Sophie’s new favorite — the Jumbo Turkey Leg at Animal Kingdom (also can be had at other parks too).  This shot is too much fun for me, so I have to include it when we talk Disney Snacks!

This group of photos were all taken while we were at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, so I’m going to list the name in case it entices you for this year.

Disney Snacks

Swedish Meatballs with lingonberries

A Tasty sample of the Le Cellilier famous Cheddar Cheese Soup!

A Tasty sample of the Le Cellier famous Cheddar Cheese Soup!

Disney Snacks

The coq au vin is a deceptively good dish to try out over in France.

Disney Snacks

The Creme Brûlée is a wonderful treat, too!

Disney Snacks

This Cannoli was absolutely delicious!

Disney Snacks

Over in Brazil, the Seared Mahi Mahi was perhaps the best dish we had.

Disney Snacks

Mexico Shrimp Taco

Disney Snacks

Mexico Rib Eye Tacos

However, also keep in mind that when it comes to Disney, they make sure that all dietary restrictions are accommodated.  For those of you with gluten issues, you can get a whole range of gluten free dishes, and even this gluten free chocolate chip cookie!

Disney Snacks

Lastly, if you need Gluten Free options, you can get a Gluten Free chocolate chip cookie!

There are a lot of different dining options and snacks for you to enjoy.  Have fun with it, don’t be afraid to try something different, and best of all, remember that you are at Disney, and everything both a) tastes better at Disney and b) has no calories at Disney!  Well, I can wish, can’t I?

What is your favorite Disney snack?  Let me know in the comments, and thanks!  Also, click on the button below and check out the rest of the great entries this week!

Wordy Wordless Wednesday – Disney Food!


Sophie loves her Jumbo Turkey Leg!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another entry of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by my friends over at Focused On the Magic!  Today’s theme is Disney Food, so I thought I would share with you some food pictures from all across Walt Disney World!  The picture at the top was taken at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!  That was the first Jumbo Turkey Leg Sophie ever had!

This is what happens when you don’t eat all your veggies!

When you eat at 50s Prime Time Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studio, expect hijinks galore!  This shot, taken in 2010, is of my sister-in-law Nancy and her husband Otis.  When Nancy, who is a theater buff, didn’t eat all her veggies (and some thrown in by Otis for good measure) the result was a yummy dessert!

Sophie and ML were able to select a free treat. For Sophie it was because it was her birthday week, and for ML, it was because it was her first trip to Disney!

I liked the Crème Brulée au
Chocolate au Lait, but I liked the Cannoli over at Italy better!

Yummy Shrimp Taco from Mexico!

Ribeye Taco from Mexico. I liked the Shrimp Taco better myself.

This concludes my look at food from all around Walt Disney World!  For those of you that will be at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival this year, have a cannoli for me please. :)

Please make sure to stop by and see all of the other great entries for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop!  Just click on the button below, and thanks for stopping by!

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