Seven Weeks

Seven Weeks Until Disney – Seven Things to Experience

Seven Weeks
Hello everyone, and welcome to our weekly countdown post of things we want to experience while we are at Disney next month!

This week we’re focusing on attractions that we want to experience for one reason or another.  There’s no real rhyme or reason for this list, just because, which I suppose is reason enough for me! I hope you enjoy the list!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Simply put, this is just one of those attractions that we really enjoy, even if the version at Disneyland is better…
For a unique twist of the theme song from the movies, check out this YouTube video:

Test Track

Seven Weeks

Image ©Disney

Test Track for us is one of the overlooked attractions at Epcot. We are such fans of Soarin’ that usually that’s what gets our top-tier FastPass selection, and as a result, we end up skipping on Test Track. This time, though, we are interested in experiencing it, so hopefully we’ll make that a reality!

Soarin’ over the World

Seven Weeks

Image ©Disney

Since it’s been a few years since we have been to Walt Disney World, we have not experienced Soarin’ over the World yet, but it’s definitely on our list to experience! Hopefully we’ll make it a reality on this trip!

Frozen Ever After

Seven Weeks

Image ©Disney

So my daughter and her best friend have no interest in Frozen Ever After, but the adults do, so we’ll see if we can experience it. Part of me wants to see what it will be like in replacement of Maelstrom, so for any of you that have answers to that, feel free to comment below and let me know.

Star Tours

Seven Weeks

Image ©Disney

Star Tours is one of those attractions that Disney just did right when they updated it.  They turned a tired attraction into one of my favorite attractions at Hollywood Studios, and I’m hoping to experience it once again next month.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Seven Weeks

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is still, to this day, one of my favorite roller coasters.  Everything from going around that curve, to watching for the saloon girls in the window dancing, to looking for Hidden Mickey’s, there’s just a ton I love about this attraction, and I can’t wait to see it and experience it again.

Expedition Everest

Seven Weeks

A thrilling roller coaster located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park!

Closing us out this week is Expedition Everest over at Animal Kingdom.  Still one of my favorites, I can almost guarantee that Cindy and I at least will be experiencing this attraction once again.

That concludes our look for this week of the attractions we want to experience next month at Disney.  What’s on your list of attractions and experiences to enjoy at Disney?


Eight Weeks

Eight Weeks Until Disney – Eight Things to Experience

Eight Weeks

Last week, we started our weekly countdown series to our trip to Walt Disney World on Thanksgiving.  Since last week was nine weeks until Disney, this week is eight weeks!  As a result, here are eight things that we want to experience when we get there!

Eight Weeks until Disney: Eight Things to Experience

Epcot® International Festival of the Holidays

This special event used to be known as the “Holidays Around the World” but Disney has transformed it into a festival similar to what we are used to seeing for the Flower & Garden Festival and the Food & Wine Festival.  This added feature to Epcot is not a special ticket event, so you can experience the yuletide traditions of all of the World Showcase pavilions at your own pace.  The festival runs from November 19 – December 30 this year, and it is something that I am extremely interested in experiencing!

The World of Avatar

Eight Weeks

Image ©Disney

The World of Avatar opened up over the summer at Animal Kingdom, and with it comes two big attractions — Avatar – Flight of Passage, and the Na’vi River Journey.  When Avatar was announced for Animal Kingdom, so many people, myself included, thought it was a ridiculous notion to put the land there instead of Hollywood Studios.  Well, it seems that the Disney Imagineers have outdone themselves again and created a world that will literally take you away. Cue the Calgon commercial, please.  While I’m not certain I want to try Flight of Passage (I think I’ll like Na’vi River Journey better), I can’t wait to experience the drastic change in Animal Kingdom.

Rivers of Light

Eight Weeks

Image ©Disney

The Rivers of Light is another thing at Walt Disney World I want to experience.  Based on the World of Color attraction over at Disney’s California Adventure, this show features water, lights, and music to paint a picture and draw a scene you will not soon forget.  This is another experience I want to see in eight weeks!

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Eight Weeks

The top of the Swiss Family Treehouse.

While the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is not a prime ticket attraction, to me it’s still one of my favorites, but what I really think would be cool would be to see how the Christmas decorations could be seen — if they could be seen at all — would look from there, or if they would add anything to the attraction for the season.

It’s a Small World and Peter Pan’s Flight

I know I touched on different attractions before in last weeks post, but I really want to see if attractions like it’s a small world and Peter Pan’s Flight will be modified to include decorations in some of the scenes.  For example, will we see stockings hung in Wendy’s room, or will we see a Christmas tree in one of the scenes of it’s a small world?  Those are things I want to be on the lookout for.


During the Christmas season, IllumiNations has a special ending that includes special holiday greetings from each of the World Showcase pavilions and other details to add a festive take on the traditional fireworks show.

Sunset Seasons Greetings

Eight Weeks

Image ©Disney

This special event is included with your theme park admission to Hollywood Studios, and from reading about it, this may be one of my favorite things to experience this year.  Picture Sunset Boulevard snowing in a Norman Rockwell backdrop, and it just might become your favorite experience of the season.

Santa Claus

Over at Disney Springs, you can have your picture taken with the man himself while he takes a break from toy building to get some much needed R&R.  Since we will be at Disney Springs for some of our meals, this might be a good time to stop by and say hi!

This wraps up our eight weeks countdown of eight things to do.  What is on your list to try out? Let us know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!

Easter Egg: Finding Dory Swims with Herbie

Disney/Pixar animators love to add little inside jokes to all of their theatrical releases and Finding Dory is no exception. Each of these inside jokes are called an ‘easter egg’ because you have to really look to find them!

So somewhere near the beginning of the movie and in the end credits of Finding Dory we see a little white Volkswagen who could be no other than the famous Herbie the Love Bug himself. First, we see him with Dory just while she is trying to find someone to help her:

And then we see Herbie being test driven by Hank:

But how did Herbie get there? If you remember the film Herbie Goes Bananas you’ll recall that Herbie is punished by the Captain of The Sun Princess cruise ship by being made to ‘walk the plank’, or in reality, by being tipped overboard. Re-live the sad moment by watching the video below:

FUN FACT: The car that “walks the plank” in the movie was never recovered from the sea. It was tossed overboard from the SS Cozumel ferry ship. The car is somewhere between La Paz and Baja California. The car thrown overboard was not a proper car and had many wooden parts.

But for the purpose of this easter egg, we’re saying it is actually Herbie himself chillin’ at the bottom of The Big Blue. And although his trademark stripes and number 54 are worn off by years under the sea, he looks like he is still ready for one last drive with Hank:

So is the initial pass in the night with Dory and this chance meeting between Hank the septapus and Herbie the Love Bug really possible? Would they end up in the same part of the Ocean? Well, consider the following map:

In Finding Dory, she, along with Marlin and Nemo, once again leave the Great Barrier Reef and would again need to use the East Australian Current (EAC, dude) as a highway. This time they would need to travel across the entire Pacific Ocean to a point just off the North-West tip of Africa where the EAC completes its circle and heads back to Australia. From there, they would have to swim up to California where the Marine Life Institute is located, in a picturesque Bay.

Now in the film, it is claimed that they simply use the California Current to make the entire trip, but this current doesn’t start over near Australia. And… it also flows South, so it would be going the wrong way to carry our characters up to California. But hey, it’s a movie, so lighten up!

As mentioned earlier, the cruise ship The Sun Princess dumped Herbie somewhere between La Paz and Baja California. So Hank and Herbie could definitely end up in the same part of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of California.

Hypothesis: Proven! At least in my mind.

45 Years of the Magic Kingdom!

45 years

October 1, 1971.  45 years ago today. A day that will live in the memories of all #Disney fans everywhere.  It was on this day that the Magic Kingdom, the first park in the so called “Florida Project” that we know of as Walt Disney World, opened to the general public.  On this day, I was a lad of just 3 years old, and had no idea of the significance of this day at the time.  In fact, it wasn’t until eight years later that I would make that first trip to Walt Disney World, when my grandparents took me, my sister, and my Mom in 1979.  Looking back over the many years, I realize that the truly incredible memories I have of this incredible place have helped to shape my life moving forward.  Memories such as the time that Cinderella sent Sophie an enormous chocolate chip cookie just because.  That memory helped fashion the dreams of a wonderfully innocent 6 year old, memories that she remembers to this day.

Other memories of this incredible place include the time that Cindy and I were on the Monorail, the year we ate our way through Disney because Cindy was pregnant with Sophie, and as we passed the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, we saw Cinderella’s Coach going down the road because a wedding had just taken place. Also high on our list of memories was the time we were in Mickey’s Toontown Fair and went to see one of Sophie’s favorite characters at the time, the one and only Donald Duck.  Sophie was so excited to see him that this happened:

45 years

Sophie was so excited to see Donald Duck she started dancing!

I could write for hours on the subject of what incredible times we’ve had at the Magic Kingdom, but for today, I’ll close with a look back at an event we were fortunate enough to be a part of five years ago — the 40th birthday of the Magic Kingdom.

The beauty of that day was indescribable.  I don’t think I’ve seen as blue a sky as I did that day, and the weather was absolutely incredible.  Around 10 AM, they had a special parade from Town Square in Main Street, USA, down the street, and they had special presentations by Cinderella’s Castle.  Our plan was simple, to ride as many of the original attractions from October 1st, 1971, as we could, and we did that and then some.  The only bits of a hiccup to the day were at lunch time, when we were going to eat at Pinocchio Village Haus, but the line was out the door and around the block, so we went to the Columbia Harbour House and literally walked right in.  The only other part that was bothersome was the absolute insanity of all of the people gathered for the fireworks that night.  It was crazy, and we knew we just had to wait it out, each of us holding on to one another so we wouldn’t be separated.

For this blogger, #45years of the Magic Kingdom has turned into #45000memories and counting.  Let me know what your favorite Magic Kingdom memories are, and thanks for stopping by!  If you are there, let me know what it’s like!

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