Blogs to Check Out – A Disney Mom’s Thoughts!

As we continue on with our series, I’m bringing to you some blogs that you might want to take a look at. I am both proud and honored to be affiliated with both the great writers of Chip & Company, and the incredible group that is known as the Magical Blogorail, and in this small way, I hope to be able to say thanks to those bloggers that have helped to make me the blogger that I am. Next on our list is my friend Beth’s blog, A Disney Mom’s Thoughts

A Disney Moms Thoughts

{Editor’s Note: This post originally ran September 21, 2011.  This is a special Saturday Flashback!  Enjoy!}

My friend Beth is the creator of “A Disney Mom’s Thoughts”, and a member of the Magical Blogorail Green line, which is quite ironic, given that her last name is Green!  Almost makes me think that it is her line (just kidding!)

Beth’s site is full of energy, starting with her background, and continuing into her writing — she is a Mom, and as such, is full of great ideas on how to go about planning for your Disney trip (and ensuring that your house is safe in the process!)  One of the things that I like about her blog is her spotlight series, “Stars Fell on Alabama”, in which she gives interviews of various Disney people that are located in her home state.  If you want to read more about this series, click on the button below!

A Disney Mom’s Thoughts

Beth’s site is a great Disney site, and if you are interested in reading more, go check it out!  I don’t think you will be disappointed! registered & protected