Flights of Wonder

36 Days: Flights of Wonder

Flights of Wonder

Flights of Wonder, featuring several species of Birds of Prey, is our choice for #Day36. Image ©Disney Parks

Hello everyone, and welcome to our look at the Flights of Wonder show, located over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.  This is a special bird show, featuring several different birds of prey that perform for you in an auditorium type setting.  This is our choice for #Day36 of our #DisneyWorldCountdown, and it’s one that I have seen only the one time, back in 2007, our first trip staying on property.  It’s so long ago that I don’t even remember.  Because of that, this year I plan on checking out the show again to see what I’ve been missing.

While you may not see all of these birds, the show regularly shows off these species of birds:

  • Blue and Gold Macaws
  • Trumpeter Hornbill
  • Amazon Grey Parrot
  • Rose-Breasted Cockatoo
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Red-Legged Seriema
  • Harris Hawk
  • East African Crowned Crane

However, seeing bird tricks isn’t the only reason for this show.  Like all of Animal Kingdom, the park is based on conservation — and Flights of Wonder is no exception.  During the show, you learn why some of these species are disappearing off the planet, but you’ll also learn how conservation efforts helped save the American Bald Eagle from extinction!

Special thanks to my friend Melissa for sharing her picture of the incredible American Bald Eagle!  You can check out her photos on her Flickr page!

In many ways, this reminds me of the bird shows that I used to watch down at Cypress Gardens.  Those were such incredible shows to watch, that I’m kind of surprised that I have fallen off watching the show at Disney.  Do you like this show?  Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by!

Pangani Forest Exploration

61 Days: Pangani Forest Exploration

Pangani Forest Exploration

The Okapi are part of the animals you can find and learn about at the Pangani Forest Exploration.

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom!  It is #Day61 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown, and for this day, we are taking a look at the Pangani Forest Exploration, a walking path right over by Kilimanjaro Safaris!  This 3/8th of a mile walking trail has areas to show you more about the gorillas, hippos, and birds that you will encounter here, as well as other animals such as our friend the Okapi.  To be honest with you, this isn’t really an attraction that we do very often.  I think so often we are so focused on the Safari ride that we don’t think about this until we have gotten off and are already over in Asia.  However, it’s attractions such as this that could cause you, should you decide to embark on them, to extend your day at Animal Kingdom from being a half day park like it has the reputation for being and turning it into a full day park.

Pangani Forest Exploration

This bird is the Snowy-crowned Robin-chat.

I had to do some serious cropping to get to a point where you could see the Snowy-crowned Robin-chat bird. It’s funny, because I had no idea what these creatures were, but over on Wikipedia I found an article about the Pangani Forest Exploration and it had links to some of the animals you would find here.  So here I am, clicking on each link to see if it matched my photo — this one did, and that’s why I think it is the Snowy-crowned Robin-chat.

Pangani Forest Exploration

While I think I knew the name of the previous bird, this one has me stumped!

So, I have no idea what this creature is called.  Do you?  If you do, please let me know in the comments, and thanks!  I’m guessing that it is some kind of duck, but I don’t know for certain…

Thank you for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed your look at the Pangani Forest Exploration!