Disney Royalty Aren’t Very Nice to their Subjects!

So you’re living in a Disney fairy tale. Good for you! Actually, not good for you. For living in a Disney fairy tale is only good for a few main characters while for everyone else it’s just plain horrible.

How is that possible, you ask? Let’s look at a few examples:


So you’re living your humdrum peasant existence, minding your own business, when the King of your land decides his son needs a woman. So if you’re female and breathing you have no choice but to show up at the castle and strut your stuff… or else! What if you have already found your one true love? Irrelevant. Show up and suck it up, buttercup.

At least they’re happy!

Now you may think that living in a palace is better than living in poverty and filth, even if it means being married to an idiot, but shouldn’t it still be your choice? Granted, the Prince in this story was good-looking and a great guy, but again: choice!

Let’s move on to our next example:

She sleeps – You sleep!

This example is even worse, on so many levels. So an evil Fairy shows up just after the birth of the Royal baby and puts a curse on it: She will prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel on the eve of her sixteenth birthday and fall into a death-like sleep. Solution? Destroy all the spinning wheels in the Kingdom!

This qualifies as a knee-jerk reaction of epic proportions. First, why destroy all the spinning wheels right away? Why not wait until she’s 15 1/2 years old, and then destroy them? Second, many of the peasants use these spinning wheels to make their clothes, but no sweat really, because peasants don’t need dignity and can walk around in rags or naked. Third, how about the merchants? I guess if you had a business making garments you could always have a big closing sale before switching your occupation to street beggar!

But this Royal Family wasn’t through with the rank and file yet! After their darling daughter pricked her finger and took a snooze anyway, three good Fairies decided that the pain two parents were feeling over just one child was way too much grief for the entire Kingdom to bear. So they put every living thing into a deep sleep until the Royal daughter could be saved from the sleeping curse. Um, don’t I, as a lowly peasant, get a vote in this? I think I could live with that pain! Goodnight, Royals! I’m staying up for a while.

Now the Royals didn’t order the Fairies to do this, but it was done on behalf of them, so I still call it their bad! One guard even got put to sleep while leaning on a spear. Imagine how messed up this palace grunt will be after years of standing outside in all kinds of weather! And what about those poor merchants again? If their businesses relied on out-of-Kingdom trade, bankruptcy is inevitable when every business contact they had moves on after not hearing from them… for years!

Beauty and the Beast

We all know that the sins of the Father can be visited on the Son. Also, if the captain of a ship decides to steer the ship into an iceberg, everyone is going down! But no one can mess with the future of others quite like a Disney Royal.

So the Prince in the Beauty and the Beast story is a raging idiot. Insensitive. Boorish. Just not a nice guy all around. So when an Enchantress stops by his castle one night to ask for a small act of kindness, he callously blows her off. And does this Enchantress just punish him? Of course not! Why not cast a curse on every living thing in the castle while she’s at it?

Yay! I’m a Candlestick! No, wait…

So the Prince’s dedicated staff, a group of top-notch professionals who only live to serve, are also cursed. So to sum up: Master is a Jerk. I get to be a feather duster… perhaps for eternity. Thanks!


So do you think you’d like to live in a Disney fairy tale? If so, and by that I mean you’re insane, be sure to be one of these two characters: A Royal Parent, or the Royal Child that the whole world revolves around. You’ll be a bit upset, briefly, but not as screwed as the rabble you rule over!

Sure, you’re dancing now, but just wait!

If you’re just determined to be in a Disney fairy tale, but don’t want the responsibility of ruining millions of lives, you will have to accept being this supporting character: Hapless Victim. As such, be prepared to be treated like you don’t matter. Be ready to enjoy long naps. And as a worse-case scenario, enjoy finding out what it’s like to be a mop.

Yes, Disney Royals are harsh!

Magical Blogorail: Flower and Garden Festival

A Look Beyond the Flowers and Seminars

And beyond the awesome topiaries too!

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Red. Today we are discussing the Flower and Garden Festival held each year in Epcot at Walt Disney World.

My wife and I have only attended this event once, back in 2010. Karen had always wanted to see the flower displays and topiaries but I was unsure if the extra trip was necessary, being as Epcot always had such beautiful floral displays anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much more beautiful the park was, and had to agree that it was indeed worth visiting during the festival. But I’m not here to highlight the flowers, topiaries, seminars, or exclusive merchandise. I always like to see what’s off the beaten path! And when we wandered off that path, here is what we found:

Butterfly Tent

Each year, just beside and slightly behind the Canada Pavilion, Disney sets up a butterfly tent where you can enjoy interacting with many different species, including the Floral Gigantes pictured above!

Disney also likes to use these special events, such as the FGF, to promote the latest movie or franchise offering. This particular year, the festival featured the new Fairy series based on Tinker Bell’s early life and adventures:

Welcome to the Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden

This garden area featured many little fairy houses and sitting and play areas. There had been a contest to design a fairy house, and the winner had her entry featured for all to see at the festival. There was also a small area to promote The Princess and the Frog movie, but it wasn’t very impressive:

Simple flat cut-outs of some of the characters

The theme of the 2010 Flower and Garden Festival was Celebrate the Great Outdoors, and I thought I’d finish my post with an aerial view, taken from the Monorail, of the topiaries just inside the main entrance. These change every year to reflect that year’s theme:

So if you’re intending to visit the 2015 Flower and Garden Festival, be sure to veer off the beaten path and see what else you can discover!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is DISTherapy.

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Beauty and the Beast

39 Days: Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage is our selection for #Day39.

Welcome to our #DisneyWorldCountdown, thank you for stopping by!  Today we are taking a look at Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage, our selection for #Day39 in our countdown!  This is a great stage show located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It’s full of drama, intrigue, romance, violence, and in the end, a true Disney happy ending!  If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you make time to do so on your next visit!

Beauty and the Beast

Disney does a great job at telling the story on stage.

Disney did a great job of incorporating the fight scene between Beast and Gaston, with the fight going back and forth.  For a while, I wasn’t sure who would win!

As you can see here at the end, Disney does a good job of transforming the Beast into the Man, and all of the other characters into their human forms.

Beauty and the Beast

Belle and the Prince join the dance at the end!

Do you take time to watch Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage?  Do you like it, or do you skip it?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!

Enchanted Tales

71 Days: Enchanted Tales with Belle

Enchanted Tales

Enchanted Tales with Belle – our choice for #Day71 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown! Image ©Disney Parks

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s #DisneyWorldCountdown post!  This is #Day71 in our countdown, and for this day, we are looking at an attraction that is not only an attraction, but also a meet and greet location!  Of course I’m talking about Enchanted Tales with Belle!

Located in the New Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom, Enchanted Tales is something that we haven’t done before, but I suspect that the girls in our group will want to do it this trip.  By itself, it feels like this is “just” a meet and greet, but to me, what makes this more than that is the setting that it is laid out in.  The building is great, it’s like you are winding your way right into the story of Beauty and the Beast!

Enchanted Tales

The building where Enchanted Tales with Belle is housed. Image ©Disney Parks

Of course, this isn’t just a meet and greet, despite what I said earlier.  This is also a story time session, where you get to sit and listen to Belle tell a story, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you may even be selected to help fill one of the roles!

I’m not sure if this is an attraction that the girls will want to experience or not; after all, they are 12 (almost 13), 12 and 11, so they may feel like this is more for the 6 or 7 year old princesses, but who knows?  What do you think?  Will older kids like this as much as younger, or do you think it is more geared towards the younger audience?  Please let me know in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by!

Great Movie Ride

87 Days: The Great Movie Ride

Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride is our choice for Day 87 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown

Hello everyone!  Today is Day 87 in our #DisneyWorldCountdown, and for today, we’re heading over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to take a look at the Great Movie Ride!  This attraction is one that, I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that crazy about when I first rode it, but it has definitely grown on me over the years.  The Great Movie Ride takes a look at some of the great movies from the history of filmmaking, all from your vantage point riding in one of the vehicles you would find on a movie set.  It makes for a great experience as you travel through multiple genres of movies, everything from musicals to gangster movies to westerns and on and on.

The Great Movie Ride may be a little dated since it hasn’t changed much over the years, but I still like it.  I often wonder, though, how cool it might become if they were to redo the attraction and turn it into a showcase featuring great Disney and Pixar movies from over the years.  Can you imagine riding in your ride vehicle and going from the Bayou of Louisiana in Princess and the Frog into the woods scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and from there over to the woods scene from Beauty and the Beast and ending up over at Rapunzel’s tower in Tangled?  I think that there is so much potential there that it could really explode the popularity of the attraction, but what do you think?  Let me know in the comments, please, and thanks for stopping by today!  I’ll close today by sharing a picture from one famous movie that you might recognize…

Great Movie Ride

What movie is this scene from in the Great Movie Ride?